All About Debt

Learn about debt, bankruptcy and other related topics.

A common reason why people seek different financing options is to consolidate their debt and lower their debt burden. This section discusses various different debt management strategies, as well as various other topics that full under the umbrella of debt relief.

Debt Management

Learn how to manage your debt better and learn about different services that can help you get out of debt. Check out the resources below to get started.

Budgeting & Your Debt

Learning to budget is an important aspect of debt management, and crucial to getting out of debt.


Usually seen as an option of last resort, bankruptcy is still the reality for many Canadians. Learn more about bankruptcy in Canada by following the links below, and see how this option compares to consumer proposals.


Collections is a necessary but usually uglier aspect of the lending industry. Nevertheless, many debt collectors bend the rules. Learn how to protect yourself and deal with debt collectors or collection agencies if you’re currently under pressure from them.


Take a look at some of these other resources for more information.