Loan Calculator

Use our loan calculator tool to estimate your monthly payment amount using different rates and loan terms.

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Car Loan Calculator

Use our car loan calculator tool to estimate monthly car payments using different rates and variables.

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Mortgage Calculator

Interested in buying a new home? Use our mortgage loan calculator tool to estimate monthly payments using different rates and loan terms.

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Rent vs. Own Calculator

Don't know whether you should buy or rent your next home? Check out this calculator to help make your decision easier.

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Rewards Calculators

Use our rewards calculator to see how much your credit card reward points are worth, and maximize the value of your credit cards.

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Personal Loan

Looking for a personal loan? This guide will explain everything you need to know to qualify for a loan and get the best possible rate.

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Credit Building

Want to build a better credit score? This is the best place to start. Learn how your credit score is calclated and how to improve it here.

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Debt Relief

Overwhelmed by your debt? You have options. Learn what they are and which is best for you using Canada's most extensive debt relief guide.

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Auto Financing

Want to purchase a new or used card p-4? Where do you start? What are the rates? What about your credit? This guide has the answers to these questions and more.

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Business Funding

Need funds to grow your business? Whether it's seasonality, inventory, expansion or payroll, we have solutions that can help your business grow.

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Morgages don't need to be complicated. New purchases, renewals or refinancing - learn how you can get the financing you need to meet your needs with this guide.

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Insurance is a policy between an insurance company and an individual or business that provides financial compensation in the event of damage or loss.

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Minimum Wage

In Canada, most employees must be paid a minimum amount per hour for their work, although there are exceptions. This amount is known as the minimum wage.

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International Money Transfer

Need to send money overseas? Check out our post on money transfer and learn about sending money from Canada to other international countries.

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Newcomers To Canada

While moving to Canada has its opportunities, it also takes a lot of time and planning. Check out our guide to find everything you need when moving to Canada.

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Government Benefits

Looking for extra financial help? Check out our guide on all the government programs available to Canadians.

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Renting In Canada

Planning on renting? Learn everything you need to know about renting in Canada. From your rights to your responsibilities as a renter.

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Having A Baby

Raising a child in Canada is expensive. To help you budget, check out our guide on all the costs you can expect when you have a baby.

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Investing In Canada

Want to start investing but don't know how or where to start? We have all the information and product reviews you need.

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Best Banks In Canada

From traditional brick and mortar to online only, these are the best banks that Canadian consumers have to choose from.

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Unit Conversion Tools

Grams To Ounces

Convert grams to ounces with our calculator tool.

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Kilograms To Pounds

Use our calculator tool to convert kilograms to pounds.

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Kilometers to Miles

Use our calculator tool for converting kilometers into miles.

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Meters To Feet

Calculate meters into feet using our conversion calculator.

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Centimeters to Inches

Convert centimeters into inches with our calculator tool.

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