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📅 Last Updated: June 10, 2024
✏️ Written By Priyanka Correia, BComm
🕵️ Fact-Checked by Caitlin Wood

Sending money internationally has never been easier. Through the rise in technology, many developments have been made in terms of online banking, including money transfer services. As a result, the number of channels through which you can send money from Canada to other international countries has grown substantially. While in the past you could only send money through cheques or money orders, now you can wire money electronically

Whether you’re an immigrant or a Canadian-born citizen, there are several reasons you may need to send money internationally, from helping a loved one living overseas to managing your investments abroad. Depending on the situation one financial service may work better for you than another. 

Transferring Money From Canada To Another Country

When you transfer money to another person who resides outside of Canada it’s known as sending a remittance. Depending on the money transfer service channel you choose, you will be able to set up a money transfer in person, online, by email, or by phone. In general, you’ll need the recipient’s details such as their whole name, address, and contact information. 

Available Money Transfer Services 

There are a number of channels you can send money overseas.

Money Transfer Businesses

Money transfer businesses have been growing in popularity due to their low fees and competitive exchange rates. Moreover, like a bank, they offer their services online and through physical outlets which are secure, convenient, and fast. Depending on how you’d like your recipient to receive the funds, you’ll have to provide certain information such as the recipient’s name, address, bank account details and more. If you send money through their website, you’ll have to create an account, where you may have to provide ID to verify your identity. 

Banks – Traditional Financial Institution 

Transferring money overseas through your bank works about the same way as sending money through a money transfer business. It’s a safe and convenient way of sending money as you just have to log into your bank account and go to the money transfer section to start the process. All you’ll have to do from there is enter the information regarding the amount you want to send along with details regarding the recipient. The main drawback to banks is the high fees and high exchange rate markups. 

Online Payment Sites

Online payment sites like Paypal offer money transfer services. Through Paypal, you can send money to any Paypal account around the world. You can also opt for a cash pick-up or send money directly to someone’s bank account through Paypal’s partnership with Xoom. Fees are based on your method of payment, the country you’re sending money to and how much you’re sending.  

Best Money Transfer Providers

Transfer FeeAmount LimitsTransfer Time
Simplii FinancialNone$100 – $70,0001 – 3 daysLearn More
World RemitDepends on type of transfer and country.Up to $40,0000 – 7 daysLearn More
Western UnionDepends on type of transfer, transfer method, amount, and country.Up to $7,5000 – 4 dayLearn More
MoneyGramDepends on type of transfer, transfer method, amount, and country.Up to $990
0 – 1 dayLearn More
WiseVaries by currency and transfer amount (from 0.43%).Up to $1,500,0001 – 5 daysLearn More
OFX- $15 CAD for transfers less than $10,000 CAD
- Free for transfers more than $10,000 CAD
$150+1 – 5 daysLearn More
XE Money TransferDepends on type of transfer, transfer method, amount, and country.Varies
1 – 3 daysLearn More
Currency Solutions- Free for transfers over £3,000
- £10 for transfers under £3,000
Up to £20,000Varies Learn More
xoomDepends on type of transfer, transfer method, amount, and country.Up to $75,001 – 3 daysLearn More
RemitlyVaries by transfer amount, payment method, and delivery option.VariesVariesLearn More
riaDepends on type of transfer, transfer method, amount, and country.Varies0 – 4 daysLearn More
n2xpressDepends on type of transfer, transfer method, amount, and country.$10 – $2,999VariesLearn More
Remitbee$0 – $29.99 (depends on transfer method)Up to $9,0000 - 2 daysLearn More

*certain conditions may apply

Post Popular Ways To Send And Receive Money

Depending on your money transfer service provider, you’ll not only be able to select the form you’d send the money, but you’ll also be able to pick how your recipient will receive the money.  

Sending Options

Receiving Options

Interested in other forms of payment? Check Google Pay

What Information Do You Need to Set Up An Online Money Transfer?

When sending money internationally through an online payment site, a bank or a money transfer company, the information required will usually be the same. In most cases, you will need to provide: 

  • The amount you’d like to transfer and in which currency
  • Which country you’re sending the money to
  • For what purpose you’re sending the money
  • Details regarding the receiver including name, address, account name and account number.

Moreover, you’ll need to provide any of the following depending on where you’re sending the money.  For example, if you’d like to send money anywhere in Europe, you’ll likely need to provide your receiver’s IBAN and/or SWIFT. 

  • Bank and branch number
  • American Bankers Association (ABA) routing number
  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)
  • International bank account number (IBAN)
  • Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) 

Costs Involved With Money Transfers

Fees are usually charged to continue operations, pay employees, grow products, and maintain bank relations to offer you money transfer services. The fees involved with money transfers can make them expensive. 

Fees To Send Money

Depending on your situation one fee structure may be better than the other. While some financial institutions or money transfer companies charge a flat fee, others may charge based on how much you send or your method of payment. Be sure to evaluate your options before making a choice.  

Tip: If you’re sending money to a financial institution that exists both in Canada and the country of interest, they may offer lower fees. 

Fees To Receive Money

When sending money you should also be aware of the cost to receive money. When your recipient goes to retrieve the money, they may have to pay a fee or tax as well, which will reduce the amount of money they receive. 

Exchange Rate

In addition to the fees charged, you also need to consider the exchange rate. Many businesses will charge an exchange rate that is higher than what it currently is, in order to make a profit. Moreover, money transfer companies often display mid-market exchange rates which are different from what they actually charge.

How do You Get the Best Exchange Rate

In order to ensure you get the best exchange rate, you can: 

  • Ask your provider for a free quote – With a quote in hand, you can take your time to compare the rates between providers and choose a deal that is best for you.
  • Secure a forward contract – A forward contract allows you to lock in a rate today for a future transfer (usually valid for 12 months). 
  • Find price matching companies – Some money service providers offer price matching services. This will guarantee you control over who you want your services with and at what cost. 

Benefits Of Online Money Transfer Companies

Money transfer companies are extremely popular compared to banks due to the benefits it provides. 

  • Better Value – Unlike banks, online money transfer companies have much lower fees and competitive exchange rates which leads to your recipient collecting more money.
  • Security – Online money transfer companies also provide the same security as a bank. 
  • Electronic – Many money transfer companies provide accounts that you can access and manage your transfers online or through an app. Moreover, if you have family or friends you send money to regularly, you can automate your transfers for extra convenience.
  • Fast – Money transfer companies are often preferred over banks as they are able to process and send money within a couple of hours to a few business days.
  • Tons of Options – No matter what currency or country you need to send money too, there’s often many money transfer service providers who’d be available.   

Features To Compare

No matter which money transfer provider you choose, there are a number of features to compare when deciding who to go with. Depending on your needs some features will be more important than others. For example, If you’d like to send a big sum of money abroad, a provider with a flat fee would be much better than a provider who charges based on how much you send. Or if your recipient needs money immediately, a provider who can have your money sent in a day would be more preferable than another who takes 3- 5 business days. 

In addition to speed and fees, there are a number of other factors to consider when choosing a provider. 

  • How much can you send – Some money transfer providers have limits on how much money you can send at a time. 
  • Processing time – While some money transfer providers are able to send money the same day, others may take 3 – 5 business days. Depending on the urgency of your situation, this may play a factor in your decision. 
  • In-person collection – If your recipient will be collecting the money in person, you should check to see if your provider has available locations near your recipient. 
  • Fees – As mentioned above, fees can be a flat price or be based on the amount you send or the payment method you choose. Be sure to compare your options to get the best value.
  • Exchange Rate – All money transfer providers use an exchange rate that is marked up by some amount. Do a little digging to see how much it will affect the amount you send. 

What To Watch Out For When Sending Money Internationally

Fee-Free Transfer → While some providers may not charge a fee, they often have a larger margin added to the exchange rate to compensate for the no-fee. You can ask your provider for a quote to compare costs. 

Mid-market rates → As mentioned, many money transfers companies will display the mid-market exchange rates rather than the actual rate they charge.

Recipient Fees → Each country has its own laws and regulations when it comes to money transfers. It’s important to do your research and see if there are any taxes or fees the recipient will have to pay, as it can affect the amount of money they receive.

Which Money Transfer Company Is Right For You?

Simplii Financial

Simplii Financial™ is an online-only bank and digital banking division of CIBC. They offer a number of personal banking solutions including bank accounts, investment accounts, and borrowing products. They’ve also introduced international money transfers to their suite of services. The Simplii Financial Global Money Transfer (GMT) offers international transfers without any transfer fees or deductions. Users can send money to over 130 countries, including Australia, China, India, France, the U.S, and Germany. 

With Simplii Financial Global Money Transfer (GMT), users can send up to $50,000 a day and funds are generally transferred within 1 to 3 business days. Users can also use their Simplii™ No Fee Chequing Account, Personal Line of Credit, Secured Line of Credit or Cash Back Visa Card to fund their transfer. 

  • No transfer fees ($0)
  • Fast delivery in 1-3 business days
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Safe and secure transfer
  • Can send in USD to 60+ countries
  • Online tracking using the Simplii mobile app

Moreover, if users use the promo code: GMTEVENT users can also get up to $300 when they send their first Global Money Transfer using Simplii. 

  • $50 CAD bonus: Transfers under $5,000 CAD
  • $100 CAD bonus: Transfers from $5,000 CAD to $14,999.99 CAD
  • $175 CAD bonus: Transfers from $15,000 CAD to $24,999.99 CAD
  • $300 CAD bonus: Transfers of $25,000 CAD+

Cash Pickup Service

Simplli’s Cash Pickup service allows recipients of a Simplii GMT to pick up the money in cash at a MoneyGram location (currently supports over 40 countries). Simplii is the only bank in Canada that provides this service for a $0 transfer fee. The maximum daily transfer is $2999.99 ($2000 per transaction). Users can choose to pay with their Simplii credit card for no fees. The GMT will be considered a cash purchase which can be paid off within the following pay cycle.



OFX is an international money transfer company that was founded in 1998. Since their establishment, they’ve managed over 1 million transfers and exchanged around $119 billion. Their services support 55 different currencies and transfer funds in as little as 1 day. 

OFX International is a great choice for those who want to send a large amount. OFX does not charge any fees and has no maximum transfer limits. You can send money online, by phone or via bank account to bank account transfer. Overall, OFX  is a fast and safe money transfer company with a variety of options that are sure to meet your needs.

World Remit

World Remit

World Remit is an international money transfer company that was founded in 2008. You can send money to over 150 countries as a bank transfer, cash pick-up and mobile wallet. If needed you can also use World Remit’s Airtime top-up service to use your funds to pay a phone service provider for phone bills

World Remit has a range of payment methods including credit cards, debit, prepaid cards, Apple Pay and more. However, depending on the country you’d like to send money to, options may differ. The cost for an online money transfer with World Remit starts with a base cost of $3.99 plus other fees and an exchange rate markup of up to 4%. 



MoneyGram is one of the biggest money transfer companies in the world. You can send or receive money in over 200 different countries via bank accounts, mobile wallets, at MoneyGram locations or through its online services.

MoneyGram offers a wide variety of funding options that provide flexibility. Depending on which payment method you choose and how much you send, the amount charged will vary. In general, it costs around $4.99 plus the exchange rate which can have a markup of 3% or more. 


Western Union

Western Union is a money transfer organization that allows you to send and receive money through Western Union. They offer their services in over 500,000 locations in 200 different countries. Through Western Union, you can send money to a bank account, cash pick up location or even a mobile wallet. Some locations even offer cash pick-up delivery, where they’ll send the funds to your recipient’s address. The cost of using Western Union will depend on where you send your money, how much you want to send and your method of payment. 

currency solutions

Currency Solutions

Currency Solutions is an international payments company that was first established in 2003. They are a highly trusted brand with over 150,000 clients. Currently, their services are available in 35 different countries and transfers are typically received in a day. You can send up to $5,000 online or up to $10,000 by calling Currency Solutions without fear of commission or hidden fees.

Currency Solutions is unique as it does not only offer personal international money transfers but international business money transfers. You can use Currency Solutions to manage your international finances by paying your suppliers and clients abroad. Overall, Currency Solutions is a better option than banks as it can save you a few percent on the exchange rates. 



TransferWise is a financial transfer service company that was first established in 2011 in London, England. They offer their clients the ability to transfer money to a bank account both domestically and internationally. You can transfer funds up to $20,000 to 43 different countries by creating an account on their website or app.

In-person service is quite limited as they only have 14 offices worldwide, of which only one is in North America. Despite its limited physical presence, they have a very user-friendly interface which makes the whole money transfer process easy. Moreover, they offer low transfer fees and good exchange rates.


XE Money

XE Money is a well-established money transfer company that offers you the ability to transfer money from Canada to over 130 countries in 65 different currencies. You can send money up to $500,000 by creating an account on their website or app.

One of the main benefits of XE Money is that it charges no account fees or transfer fees. As such, if you need to send a large sum of money, XE Money can save you a lot of money. With XE Money you can save even more by locking in a rate today for a future transfer. Overall, XE Money is a safe and cheap option for individuals and businesses looking to transfer large sums of money.



Remitly is a money transfer service provider that has served millions of customers. With Remitly, you can send money from 28+ countries to over 170 different countries worldwide. Recipients can then accept the funds via bank deposit, cash pickup, home delivery or mobile money app. 

Remitly is an affordable international money transfer service with competitive exchange rates and no hidden fees. They also offer their product in 15 different languages, so you can send money in the language you’re most comfortable with. Overall, Remitly is a safe and great choice for anyone looking to send money quickly with affordable rates.



Ria is one of the largest and most well-established money transfer providers in the world, with its history dating back to 1987.  Users can send money to over 160 countries using Ria, which is about 35 countries away from the whole world. With Ria, you can send amounts up to $3,000 through their online account, their app or by visiting a Ria location. 

Depending on where you send your money, the amount you’ll be charged will vary. However, transfer fees start around $3 and exchange rates range between 0.25% – 3.5% higher than the mid-market rate. With more than 435,000 locations, Ria is a great option for those looking to send a cash pick up. 



Xoom is an international money transfer service that is owned and operated by Paypal. They currently allow users to send money to 130 different locations ranging from North America to Asia and South America to Africa. Unlike other money transfer services, Xoom is able to offer a unique money transfer service where you can send a transfer from one country and have it either picked up or delivered to the doorstep of the recipient. 

With Xoom, you can send up to $10,000 dollars via bank deposit, app transfer or cash pick up. Recipients of a bank deposit or app transfer can expect their funds within 2- 3 business days, while cash pickups can be collected immediately.



Remit2India is an international money transfer service provider that was established in 1970. It allows users to send money to India from any country that supports the following currencies: U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, pound sterling, Irish euro, and the Australian dollar. This means Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and England are the main countries you can send money to India from.

With Remit2India, you can send anywhere between $50 – $200,000 dollars via a bank transfer, e-transfer or as a bill payment. The cost of transferring varies according to how much you send, but amounts between $50 – $999 has a steady fee of $2.99.



Payoneer is an online payment platform that allows businesses to send and receive funds in over 200 countries. Businesses can use Payoneer to accept payments in different currencies and to make payments to vendors, contractors and other employees globally. Moreover, independent business owners that use online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy or Wish can use Payoneer to receive their funds quickly.

Payoneer is popular among businesses due to the ease and speed of the platform. Bank deposits and transactions performed through the Payoneer app can take as little as 2-3 business days to process. Moreover, it has a variety of payment options including credit card, ATC bank debit, and local bank transfer.  If you’re a business, check out Payoneer to process your next invoice.



N2Xpress is an online money service provider that was founded in 2017. Currently, you can send money to seven different countries (India, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, West Africa, South Africa, and the Philippines) from Canada and three countries ( India, Nigeria, Kenya) from America.

While their number of countries is quite limited in comparison to other money service providers, it does have an extensive list of countries for overseas bill payments. You can use N2Xpress to pay your family or friend’s utility bill, tuition, taxes, groceries and more. Overall, N2Xpress provides a safe, affordable and efficient way of sending money and paying bills internationally. 



Remitbee is an international money transfer company that was founded in Canada in 2015. Unlike many other money transfer companies, this one was founded by Canadian immigrants who understand the importance and struggles of needing to send money overseas. You can send money to over 45 countries as a cash pick-up, doorstep delivery, bank transfer, or mobile wallet transfer. The cost of sending money through Remitbee varies based on the amount you send and the method of payment.  But generally, it costs $0 – $2.99 when you use Interac or your mobile wallet and $2.99 – $29.99 when you use a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find a money transfer service?

Today, many money transfer companies can be found online, at your local grocery store, pharmacies, and even convenience stores. Some may even have their own outlet. 

How do I get the best deal? 

There are a few tricks and tips you can use to try and get the provider with the best deal. For one, you can check if any of them offer a free transfer for first-time users or no transfer fees, in general. However, be sure to compare the exchange rates as some companies will jack up the exchange rate to compensate for the “no transfer fees”. Lastly, you can keep an eye out for money transfer companies that offer price matching. 

Are there any international money transfer apps?

Yes, there are multiple international money transfer apps available in Canada such a Simplii, WorldRemit, Remitly and Wise. Each money transfer app comes with unique features, so be sure to research each to see which one is best suited for you.
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