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Owned and operated by PayPal, this service is designed to add ease to sending money internationally and domestically. Xoom partners with financial institutions across the world to provide easy access to cash transfers. Locations range from North America to Asia, South America to Africa. Xoom started as a simple cash management application in 2001 and had continued to add options for those looking to send and receive money.  

How Do You Send Money Through Xoom

According to the Xoom website, there are three main ways to send money. The method depends on which approach you are taking. It also depends on the technology and resources to which the sender and recipient have access. The options include:

  • Bank Deposit: This method lets you use your PayPal account to transfer funds into just about any bank account, both domestic and international. 
  • Cash for Pick-up: Working similarly to cash transfer methods of the past, this method sends the funds for pick-up to a partner location. The recipient goes to the bank, credit union, or other location, proves their identity and gathers the funds. 
  • Cash Delivery: A fairly unique method, this is a way to send actual cash via delivery to the home of the recipient. 
  • Online: You can use PayPal services via the online website. It is directly connected to Xoom. 
  • Application: There is also a PayPal app that you can use in a similar way to the website. It is available for all major mobile device operating systems. 
  • In-Person: So long as there is a location available near you and near the recipient, in-person services are completely viable. 

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What Type of Transfers Are Available? 

One of the reasons for Xoom’s popularity is the different methods of transfers available. While PayPal is not available in all countries, Xoom extends that reach. You can approach transfers in several ways. 

Bank Deposit

You can use Xoom to transfer funds directly into a recipient’s bank account, provided you have the necessary information relating to their banking credentials. The company uses several security measures to protect financial information.

App Transfer

By using the PayPal application, you can send a Xoom transfer to anyone who also has the PayPal app. In many ways, this works just like a bank transfer where the funds get transferred from one account to another. Once the funds show up on the app, the recipient can then transfer them to a bank account or use the money via their PayPal account. 

Cash Pick-up and Delivery

A unique approach, Xoom partners with financial institutions across the world. You can send a transfer from one country and have it either picked up or delivered to the doorstep of the recipient. This relies on their country (and region) having access to Xoom services. 

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How do The Xoom Transfers Work?

Banks Deposit 

You must have a PayPal account to complete the process. To set one up, and have it eligible for bank transfers, you need proof of identity and your banking information. For those receiving money, the same standards apply. 

The process is fairly straightforward. Provided your region can use Xoom, you simply create an online account. It can take a couple of days for the verification process to complete. If you are using in-person methods, you will need to prove your identity. You will receive paperwork to complete where you detail the information on the recipient. From there, you can track the sent money up until it is received. Xoom insures the transfer; and, if it isn’t received, offers full refunds. 

App Transfer

This is the most straightforward way to send money. It requires both parties to have a PayPal acc. Once in the app, you choose how much to send and the PayPal address where Xoom can send the money. It is the most efficient method since the site relies on its own infrastructure to work. 

Cash Pick-up

In the same way as a bank deposit, you must provide information on the recipient, including the location for pick-up (or delivery). Because this transfer type deals with cash-handling, it takes more time than the strictly digital approaches. 

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What Kind of Payments Options Are Available With Xoom

You can pay in one of three ways:

  • Bank Account: This uses the funds in your bank account to digitally transfer funds.
  • Debit Card: When you are doing the transfer in-person, you can pay via debit card. 
  • Credit Card: This method works both online and in-person, giving you the chance to use your credit card to access funds. 

Xoom Key Features

The specifics depend on the country in which you live. For Canada, the details are as follows:

Transferable AmountsTransfer Limit: $10,000 
Transfer Channels – Application- Website- In-Person Transfer
Types of Transfers– Bank deposit- Cash pick-up
Payment Options– Visa- Debit- Bank Account
Service Coverage130 countries

How Fast Can You Send Money Through Xoom

Bank deposit2 – 3 business days (if sent before 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time)
App2 – 3 business days (if sent before 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time)
Cash pick-upAlmost immediately, though speed depends on the recipient being present.

How Much Does it Cost to Send Money? 

The fee to send money depends on several factors. These include your method of payment, currency type, and the size of the transaction. It also depends on the country the recipient lives in. There is a well-established Fee Calculator to ensure that there are no surprises. 

  • Transfer fee: When you complete a reload or a bill payment transaction fee, regardless of the country, the fee is $2.99 CAD. 
  • Exchange rate: Set up to include a currency conversion spread, the rate is time-stamped when the transaction occurs. It depends on the state of the international market. 
  • Taxes: Though Xoom does not charge a tax fee, the money will still need to be declared on your annual tax return, and that of the recipient.  
  • Credit card: Though Xoom doesn’t add fees for credit card usage, the card provider may add a fee for cash advances when using Xoom. To avoid this, you can use your debit card instead.  

Is Xoom Safe? 

This company is highly credible, especially considering that they are backed by the repute of PayPal. It is well-reviewed and uses a detailed verification process to limit risk. The site is thoroughly encrypted and offers a safe way to make transfers. Additionally, Xoom offers a refund on transfers if they are not received (a situation which is uncommon). Since Xoom deals with trusted financial institutions across the world, the business adds another level of security. Plus, as a financial company, its practices are regulated by government bodies to prevent the risk of fraud.

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Is Xoom the Right Transfer Service For You? 

When choosing a money transfer service, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and make your decision based on your unique needs.


  • With many methods of use including a website and application, Xoom is very convenient.
  • You can send money in many different ways, both in-person and online. 
  • Xoom partners with countries across the globe to expand your transfer reach. 
  • Xoom is a highly secure way to send your money, using advanced encryption technology. 
  • If your transfer isn’t received, you are guaranteed your money back. 


  • Xoom is one of the more expensive platforms since it has such far-reaching services. 
  • While Xoom works in a lot of places, not all countries have access. 

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Xoom Money Transfer FAQs

Can I track my transfer? 

Yes, you can track your transfer both online and via SMS text message. The system is designed to keep you apprised of the flow of funds and ensure you are notified as soon as the money is received. 

Does Xoom have a reward system? 

Though Xoom offers a lot of incentives to deal with the company, particularly in terms of access and efficiency, it does not offer any actual reward systems.

Which countries don’t accept Xoom payments?

Though this company has a substantial international reach, there are still some locations that don’t accept transfers. These include, but aren’t limited to, Libya, Pakistan, Myanmar, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Bangladesh. 

Does Xoom have Canadian branches?

This company has over 1,000 locations throughout Canada. By partnering with financial institutions across the nation (and the globe), users can more easily use the service. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits to using Xoom for both domestic and international transfers. It makes sending money between your bank accounts, to family, and to those with whom you do business very simple. By including multiple security features and high-level encryptions, your funds and information stay safe. 

The company enables you to send both small and large payments in a reasonably cost-effective way. Plus, with a money-back guarantee and a well-reputed company backing their interests, it is one of the most trusted money transfer approaches currently on the market. 

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