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Kilograms to Pounds

Multiply the weight in kg by 2.2 to get an approximation of weight in pounds.

Pounds to Kilograms

We just need to divide a kilogram by 2.2 to get its weight in pounds.

Depending on what you’re weighing, you can use either the metric or imperial system for weight in Canada, though one is used more frequently than the other for different reasons. You’ll also want to know how to convert each unit to the other in cases where only one unit type is provided.

Read on to find out how to convert kilograms to pounds, and vice versa.

What Is A Kilogram?

A kilogram is a unit of mass in the metric system and is symbolized by ‘kg’. One kilogram is equivalent to approximately 2.205 pounds. 

The kilogram was originally represented in the 18th century by a solid cylinder of platinum after measurements of the mass of one volume of water were not entirely accurate. From then on, the platinum artifact became widely used. By 1889, the standard kilogram superseded this mass measurement, which is also a solid cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy with its height equal to its diameter.

The kilogram is used almost everywhere. However, in the US, this unit of mass is not used in everyday applications, though it may be used in certain areas.

What Is A Pound?

A pound is a unit of mass in the imperial system and is symbolized by ‘lb’. This abbreviation stems from the ‘libra’, which is the Roman ancestor of the modern pound. The international avoirdupois pound is the modern pound used today and is equivalent to 0.3732417216 kg.

The avoirdupois system was widely used in the 13th century but was eventually updated to today’s form in 1959. This system was based on a physical standardized pound using a prototype weight that could be split up into 16 ounces.

The pound is predominantly used in the US, often to measure body weight, though it may also sometimes be used in the UK, often on food labels. 

How To Convert A Kilogram To A Pound

1 kilogram is equal to 2.204 pounds.

If you need to convert a weight — such as your body weight — from kilograms to pounds, you would multiply the mass by 2.205. For example, 5 kg is equivalent to 11.025 pounds (5 kg x 2.205). 

Kilogram To Pound Conversion Table 

The following chart details several kg-to-lb conversions for easy reference:

1 kg2.205 lb
2 kg4.409 lb
3 kg6.614 lb
4 kg8.818 lb
5 kg11.023 lb
10 kg22.046 lb
20 kg44.092 lb
30 kg66.139 lb
50 kg110.231 lb
100 kg2204.623 lb

How To Convert a Pound To a Kilogram

1 pound is equal to 0.454 kilograms.

If you need to convert weight from pounds to kilograms, you would divide the mass by 2.205. For instance, 5 pounds is equivalent to 2.267 kilograms (5 / 2.205).

Pound To Kilogram Conversion Table

The following chart provides multiple lb-to-kg conversions for easy reference:

1 lb0.454 kg
2 lb0.907 kg
3 lb1.361 kg
4 lb1.814 kg
5 lb2.268 kg
10 lb4.536 kg
20 lb9.072 kg
30 lb13.608 kg
50 lb22.680 kg
100 kg45.359 kg
200 lb90.718 kg
500 lb453.59 kg

What’s The Difference Between The Metric And Imperial Systems?

Both the metric and imperial systems involve units of measurement, weight, and distance, but different countries favour one over the other. For instance, most countries use the metric system, also known as the international system of units (SI). However, the US uses the imperial system of pounds (and ounces). 

In terms of units used to measure weight, the metric system uses the kilogram and the imperial system uses the pound. 

There may be times when you’ll need to convert kilograms to pounds, or vice versa. It’s also helpful to be familiar with some commonly-used conversions without having to take out your calculator. Here are a few conversions that may come up often:

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Does Canada Use the Metric Or Imperial System?

Canada uses a mix of both the metric and imperial systems, depending on what is being measured. For instance, bodyweight is usually measured in pounds (imperial system) while the weight of food is usually measured in grams (metric system).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1 kg in pounds and ounces?

1 kg = 2 lbs and 3.274 oz

What is 1 kg equal to in pounds?

1 kg = 2.20462 lbs

What is a ‘stone’ (st)?

A ‘stone’ or ‘stone weight’ is an imperial unit of mass used in the UK to measure body weight. One stone is equal to 14 pounds.

Final Thoughts

In Canada, if you’re measuring body weight, it’s standard to use pounds, which falls under the imperial system. But many times you’ll find food weight measured in either the metric or imperial system, which is why it’s helpful to know how to convert one unit to the other.

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