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Kilometers to Miles

Either multiply by 0.62 or divide by 1.6 to convert kilometers to miles..

Miles to Kilometers

There are approximately 1.6 kilometers in every mile. Multiply the distance in miles by 1.6 to get the result in kilometers.

Most places across the globe use kilometres to express distance and length, but other nations use miles instead. And when it comes to expressing speed — especially on roadways — kilometres per hour or miles per hour may be used, though you’ll typically see one favoured over the other, depending on where you are in the world. 

In many cases, you may need to convert kilometres to miles, or vice versa. Read on to find out how to convert these different units of length.

What Is A Kilometre?

A kilometre is a unit of length in the metric system and is symbolized by ‘km’. One kilometre is equivalent to 1,000 metres or 0.621371 of a mile. 

This unit of measurement is used across the world to express distances between places on land, except in countries like the US and the UK, where the mile is used instead.

Importance Of km/h

Kilometres per hour (km/h) is a unit of speed that expresses how many kilometres are travelled in one hour. This unit is most often used to express road traffic speeds. 

What Is A Mile?

The mile is a unit of length in the imperial system and is symbolized by ‘mi’. One mile is equivalent to 1609.34 or 1.60934 km. 

This unit of measurement is typically used in the US and the UK. The statute mile was standardized between the US and the British Commonwealth in 1959 by an international agreement.

Importance Of mph 

Like km/h, mph is a unit of speed that expresses the number of miles that are travelled in one hour and is most often used to express road traffic speeds.

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How To Convert Km/h To Mph

If you’re travelling to a country that uses a different unit of measure to express traffic speeds, you might want to convert km/h to mph for easier reference. 

The formula for this conversion is as follows:

In other words, the speed in mph is equal to the speed in km/h divided by 1.609. For example, 100 km/h (a standard speed for highways in Canada) is equal to 62.14 mph.

Km/h To Mph Conversion Table

The following chart details several km/h-mph conversions for easy reference:

25 km/h15.53 mph
30 km/h18.64 mph
35 km/h21.75 mph
40 km/h24.85 mph
50 km/h31.07 mph
60 km/h37.28 mph
75 km/h46.6 mph
85 km/h52.82 mph
100 km/h62.14 mph
110 km/h68.35 mph
115 km/h71.46 mph
120 km/h74.56 mph
130 km/h80.78 mph
140 km/h86.99 mph

How To Convert Mph To Km/h

If you’re an American on a road trip to Canada, you’ll want to know how to convert a speed in km/h to mph. 

The formula for this conversion is as follows:

For example, 55 mph is equal to 88.5 km/h (55×1.609)

Mph To Km/h Conversion Table

The following chart details various mph-km/h conversions for easy reference:

15 mph24.14 km/h
20 mph32.19 km/h
25 mph40.23 km/h
30 mph48.28 km/h
35 mph56.33 km/h
40 mph64.37 km/h
45 mph72.42 km/h
50 mph80.47 km/h
55 mph88.51 km/h
60 mph96.56 km/h
70 mph112.65 km/h
80 mph128.75 km/h
90 mph144.84 km/h

Kilometres To Miles FAQs

How many mph is 100 km/h?

100 km/h is equivalent to 62.1371 mph.

What does mph stand for?

“Mph” stands for “miles per hour.”

How many km is 1 mile?

1 mile is equivalent to 1.60934 km.

Final Thoughts

In Canada, we typically use km or km/h to express length or speed, respectively. But if you travel to the US or the UK, you’ll find that miles or mph are used instead. Knowing how to convert between these two units can help.

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