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Business Loans for Transportation Companies

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Business Loans for Transportation Companies

Are you in the personal transportation business? Are you looking to expand and grow your company? Or maybe you’re in need of some extra money to cover an unexpected expense. Whatever it is you need financing for, finding the right business loan can sometimes seem like an endless task, but it doesn’t need to. Here at Loans Canada, we will use our years of experience to match you with the best business lender for your business’ unique needs.

Transport Your Business to Success With a Loan

No matter what type of transportation you supply, the costs of running any business, let alone a vehicle-based one, can be extremely high. All cars, vans and shuttles, particularly luxury models, require plenty of maintenance, repairs, fuel and storage fees. As the owner of the company, you’ll likely also have to update your inventory on a regular basis. So, for all vehicle and business-related expenses, getting the right amount of financing should be one of your top priorities.

How Loans Canada Can Help Your Business Succeed

When you’re trying to focus on the happiness of your clients and the condition of your vehicles, chances are you won’t have time for much else. Don’t worry, Loans Canada is here to help you. We won’t just get you connected with the best business loans possible, we’ll also offer you plenty of other comforts, like:

  • Time-sensitive and orderly business financing that’s better than any bank’s.
  • Generally, funds can be collected in as little as 2 business days
  • Low payment and interest rates
  • Payment plans that respect the needs of your business
  • Applications that are easily completed and processed quickly from any computer, laptop, or wireless device

Other Areas of Your Business That Can Benefit From a Loan

As we said above, running any business, especially one that involves multiple vehicles, can definitely be expensive. Nonetheless, as the owner, you’re well aware of this. So, you can use your business loan for the benefit of any of the following areas:

  • Buying/leasing and maintaining any type of vehicles you wish to specialize in (regular/stretched limousines, town cars, shuttle buses, oversized vans, etc.)
  • Hiring a company to clean and detail your vehicles, inside and out
  • Hiring a team of qualified, in-house mechanics, or taking your vehicles to a professional garage when they need attention
  • Hiring trained chauffeurs with specialty licenses, specific to the province where your company is based
  • Leasing or building a sizeable storage lot, warehouse or garage with a proper security fence/wall and rolling gate
  • Filling your vehicles with basic fluids (wiper, brake, transmission, and power-steering, etc.)
  • Fueling your vehicles with high-quality gas and engine oil
  • Updating your vehicles to the latest models whenever necessary
  • Building a reception area and hiring customer service personnel
  • Installing the right technology in your vehicles
  • Purchasing the necessary, province-specific insurance policies (comprehensive automobile insurance, business liability, blanket fleet coverage, etc.)
  • Paying for advertising costs (business cards, airport/hotel brochures, online presence, signs/posters/billboards, etc.)
  • Registering your business and establishing a 1-800/vanity number
  • Supplying your vehicles with all roadside emergency supplies (road flares, first-aid kits, traffic cones, etc.)

Put Your Wheels in Motion!

No matter what type of transportation business you own or what kind of vehicles you’re trying to finance, Loans Canada can help by finding you the right lender. Simply fill out one of our easy applications and you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

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