Wix Review | Is It The Right Website Builder For You?

Wix Review | Is It The Right Website Builder For You?

Written by Bryan Daly
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood
Last Updated January 5, 2022

Wix is a professional website building platform that was founded in 2006. Today, they have over 200 million users globally and offices in 12 countries, including Canada. Their network reaches 190 countries and their platform offers more than 1000 different features for businesses and individuals to design their websites.

All this had made Wix one of the largest website technology firms in the world. So, whether you’re looking to build your work portfolio, start a blog, or manage the online portion of your business, Wix probably has something you’ll find useful.       

What Features Does Wix Offer?

As mentioned, the Wix platform has hundreds of creative features, including: 

Wix Editor

Building your website from scratch can take time but Wix can at least make it easier with their editor technology, which gives you complete control over your online content, access to more than 500 stunning designer templates, as well as:

  • Total Design Freedom – Using the innovative Drag and Drop feature, you can design the website of your dreams with no frustration and less time wasted. 
  • Advanced Design Features – If you want to make your website more visually appealing, Wix lets you add in animation, scroll effects, and video backgrounds. 
  • Scroll Effects – This other helpful feature allows you to set the dimensions of your website with effects like parallax, zoom-in, reveal, and fade-in scrolling.    


If you’ve never made a website, it can take a while to figure everything out. So, if you need assistance bringing your vision to life, Wix ADI is a program that asks you simple questions and designs a personalized website for you, using features like:

  • Tailor-Made Content – Wix ADI comes with a large collection of great pictures and text that you can choose from or add automatically to your site.  
  • Smart Tips – Still not sure of the best way to build your website? Don’t worry, because Wix ADI can also guide you through the process with helpful tips. 
  • Customize Colors & Fonts – If necessary, Wix ADI can use a combination of AI and advanced editing tools to design your favourite palette, theme and colour. 

Velo By Wix

Velo is an open development platform that lets you create advanced web applications with hassle-free coding, serverless computing, and complete freedom over your website’s design and project management. Here are some features you’ll receive:

  • Production-Grade Runtime – Run your application on the secure Wix Cloud with serverless Node.js., install npm packages, and perform scheduled jobs.  
  • Rapid Visual Front-End Design – With Wix’s visual builder, you can speed up front-end development and access UI functions without sacrificing code flexibility.     
  • Business and Marketing Tools – Velo also comes with APIs and plenty of advertising features, so you can monitor your visitors’ behaviour.  

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Professional Website Features

As you can see, Wix ADI is often helpful when you have limited experience building websites. That said, Wix also lets you to create and manage a website on your own, using tons of other innovative features, such as:

  • Custom Domain Name – The Wix Website Editor allows you to make a custom domain name or insert one that you already own onto your webpage. 
  • Social Tools – Not only can you connect all your social media accounts to your website, but you can also use Wix to make customizable icons for them. 
  • Wix Chat – If you’d like your online business to have a live web chat for your visitors’ questions and inquiries, Wix can accommodate your needs.       

Wix Stores

Trying to build an online store? Wix Stores offers numerous templates so you can display and sell products online. For example, Store Manager helps you track orders and manage inventory from any desktop or mobile device. Other features include: 

  • Multiple Payment Methods – Adjust your website to accept all types of payment products, like credit cards and Paypal, all with zero commissions. 
  • Coupons and Discounts – If you’re trying to increase productivity and sales, Wix lets you offer discounts and promotions, like free shipping on orders. 
  • Worldwide Shipping & Tax – You can also use the Wix Editor to establish your own tax and shipping regulations for each destination your website serves.    

Wix Bookings

Use Wix to set up bookings for the services you’re offering, such as online classes, appointments, and workshops. There are no commission fees to accept secure online payments or deposits. You get these other benefits too: 

  • Wix Mobile App – Download Wix on your mobile device to accept bookings and manage your business with extra convenience. 
  • Google Calendar Sync – If you have Google Calendar on your desktop or mobile device, it’s easy to sync it with Wix Bookings and remain on target.  
  • Auto-Email Reminders – When a business is online, clients often forget about their appointments but Wix allows you to send them automatic reminders.  

Wix Blog

Since blogging is a hugely popular way of creating a small online business, Wix offers plenty of features specifically for that purpose, such as:

  • Great Mobile Experience – If you have the Wix Mobile App, you can easily check comments and manage your blog from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Manage Your Blog – There’s no shortage of great Wix features you can use to create or edit your blog, see comments and share your blog on social media. 
  • Add Multiple Writers – If you wish to make your blog more successful, Wix lets you add more writers to it for added post creation and management.    

Wix Music

If you’re an aspiring singer, professional instrumentalist or DJ, the Wix platform is also a great place to upload, market and sell your music because of these features: 

  • Customizable Music Player – This flexible player lets you market any albums, tracks or playlists in your musical repertoire. 
  • Sell Your Music – Customers can purchase, share and listen to your music right off your website. Once again, there are no commission fees for this service. 
  • Get Advanced Stats – Another way to grow your online music business is to keep track of the songs that get bought, shared and played the most. 

Wix Photography

Photography is a profession that can be difficult to break into but Wix can help you succeed at it and create the best portfolio possible using these tools:

  • Media Galleries – With Wix Photography, you can add over 30 galleries to your webpage, where you can display images and autoplay videos or text.
  • Image Quality Tools – Want your consumers to get the full effect of your photos? Wix lets you adjust the quality and sharpness of your images sitewide.
  • Secure Images – Wix Photography also makes it easier to protect your photos from copyright issues with built-in watermarks and passwords. 

Wix Video

Video is another industry that can be hard to succeed in, especially if you don’t have the right marketing plan. Luckily, Wix also has video editing and production features, like:

  • Stunning Showcase – Wix is fantastic because it allows you to design, manage and modify your branded video content.   
  • Easy Upload – Use your desktop, laptop or mobile device to upload videos from anywhere, even other media platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.).  
  • Promote & Sell – Another commission-free service that Wix offers is the ability to sell, rent, or offer monthly subscriptions to your video channel.     

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Wix Events

If your talent lies in painting, sculpture, or another form of art, Wix gives you the ability to advertise your events and sell tickets. Key features of Wix Events include:

  • Stunning Invitations – Your email invitations won’t be plain when you create, customize, and share them using Wix Events. 
  • Guest List – Additionally, Wix Events can help you keep better track of your RSVPs by editing details, adding new customers, and monitoring replies. 
  • Ticket Sales – Wix Events also allows you to set your own prices, connect multiple payment methods and sell tickets directly on your website.      

Wix Restaurants

In Canada, food and beverage services often have a low success rate unless they’re marketed properly and willing to adapt, which is why Wix Restaurants offers:

  • Beautiful Menus – Whether you’re looking to post pictures of your dishes, adjust prices, or customize your menu, Wix Restaurants has features for you.  
  • Online Ordering – You can even use Wix Restaurants to take your customers’ orders for delivery or pickup, commission-free.   
  • Reservations – Depending on what kind of website you’re running, your clients may also be able to book tables online and sign up for auto-confirmation emails. 

SEO Features

If you need help promoting your business, Wix offers many SEO tools so you can bring traffic to your website, increase client engagement and monitor visitor activity: 

  • Personalized SEO Plan – Wix offers a variety of SEO setup plans so you can index your website on Google and begin the search optimization process.  
  • Advanced SEO Tools – There are many other features available too, including meta tags, robots.txt files, structured data, and more.   
  • Get Subscribers – To keep your visitors interested and gain more subscribers, you can also use Wix to add a mailing list to your website.  

Pros And Cons Of Choosing Wix To Create Your Website

Wix comes with lots of features, making it a steller website building service. Then again, it might not be the best platform for you, so don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons.


  • Huge Selection of Templates – One of the best things about Wix is that they offer hundreds of pre-built and customizable layouts for all kinds of websites.
  • Animation Options – Some website building platforms don’t allow you to animate texts or other items but that’s not the case with Wix.
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) – Wix has a smart assistant that can automatically generate images, content, and other designs for certain projects.    
  • Versatile Features – Obviously, while Wix’s pre-built templates are appealing, half the fun is getting to create your own website exactly the way you imagined it. 
  • Large App Store – Using the Wix App Market, you can integrate hundreds of applications into your website, like newsletters and live chat software.
  • Automatic Website Backup – If you’re worried about losing web content, Wix automatically creates backup points, so you can restore your site at any time.          


  • Some High Fees – Wix isn’t the cheapest web creation platform. Combo is their most basic ad-free plan, which starts at $12.50 CAD monthly.
  • Complicated – Inexperienced users may have trouble figuring out Wix. Plus, after you choose a template, you can change its design but can’t pick a new one. 
  • Slow Loading Times – Despite all the templates, graphics, and media you can access through Wix, some clients have to wait a long time for uploads. 
  • Plugins Might Cost Extra – Wix offers third-party plugins from other website building services and you may have to pay additional fees to use them.     

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How Much Does A Wix Website Cost?

When you build a website with Wix, you can purchase several online plans, each of which has a different monthly fee and selection of features:

Website Plans

PriceStorageBandwithExtra Features
VIP$36.50 monthly35 GBUnlimited– Custom domain
– Free domain for 1 year
– No Wix ads
– 5 video hours
Unlimited$17.50 monthly10 GBUnlimited– Custom domain
– Free domain for 1 year
– No Wix ads
-1 video hour
Combo$12.50 monthly3 GB2 GB– Custom domain
– Free domain for 1 year
– No Wix ads
– 30 video minutes
Connect Domain$6.50 monthly500 MB1 GB– Custom domain

Business And eCommerce Plans

Business VIP$44 monthly50 GBUnlimited
Business Unlimited$32 monthly30 GBUnlimited
Business Basic$25 monthly25 GBUnlimited

Wix Business and eCommerce plans come with a wide variety of extra features, check them out here.

Who Is Wix Best For?

Remember, while Wix has plenty of notable features and options that can make it appealing to website creators, it might not be the right platform for your preferences or industry. In the end, Wix is more recommended for:


If you want to become a professional blogger, Wix is great because you can create posts and move them into categories, as well as add a search bar and a comments section. However, there are better blogging platforms available.


Wix is definitely a good choice if you’re building your own online enterprise. Templates and tools are designed for lots of industries. They even have useful features like subscription forms and appointment bookings. 

Personal Users

You don’t have to use Wix to create a business either. Whether you’re planning a wedding, creating your online work portfolio or uploading your CV, Wix offers templates and features for almost anything.

Small To Medium Enterprises

Although Wix has many notable features, it may not be the best platform for major businesses or complicated websites. Their tools are geared more toward users who are just getting started.  

Wix FAQs

Is Wix free?

It depends on your plan. Wix offers a free package that allows you to create a website with the Wix Banner displayed. It also gives you full access to the Wix Website Builder, Editor and App Market, a free template, Wix support and 500 MB of storage.  The Wix free plan comes with a few limitations, like:
  • You only get 1 GB of bandwidth a month (rather than unlimited)
  • You’re required to display Wix advertisements on your website 
  • You can’t add a custom domain name (username.wixsite.com/siteaddress is the only option until you pay for a premium plan)

Is Wix safe?

Wix is safe for businesses and individuals. They’re a publicly-traded company with good security and global recognition. They also abide by all regulations pertaining to Canada’s privacy, legal, product, or payment laws.

Can multiple people use one Wix account?

Wix lets you add multiple editors with varying levels of authority, making it pretty useful if you need a team to help create and manage your website. You can even set limits that restrict the content other editors can access.   

What does Wix’s professional plan offer?

The professional version of the Wix Editor comes with everything you need to build your online business, like a custom domain name, free hosting, mailbox, SEO features, contact management, chat tools, and much more.

Looking For the Best Way To Build Your Professional Website?

If that’s your goal, it doesn’t get much better than Wix. Their platform has almost every type of web creation technology imaginable and is suited for all kinds of Canadians, businesses and entrepreneurs. Contact Wix customer service or visit their webpage for more information about the options, payment plans, and features they offer.

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