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The Triangle Mastercard is Canadian Tire’s loyalty credit card. It allows you to earn Canadian Tire Money, which can be used to make purchases from Canadian Tire and its other brands. Canadian Tire Money can be earned whenever you make a purchase with your Triangle Mastercard, but you’ll have a higher Canadian Tire Money earn rate if you use your Triangle Mastercard at a Canadian Tire store or another store in the Canadian Tire family. Read on to see if this credit card is for you.

Triangle Mastercard Earning and Redeeming Points

Every $1 in Canadian Tire Money earned by the Triangle Mastercard is worth $1 at the brick-and-mortar and online stores of Canadian Tire and its other brands, including Sport Chek, Mark’s/L’Équipeur, Atmosphere, Party City, Sports Rousseau, Hockey Experts, L’Entrepôt du Hockey, and participating Sports Experts stores. Your Canadian Tire Money may expire if your card has been inactive for 18 months or more, so make sure you use your Triangle Mastercard at least once within that time so you don’t lose your hard-earned rewards.

The rate at which you can earn Canadian Tire Money depends on where you’re shopping. Note that your earnings depend on the pre-tax amount of your purchase,

  • 1.5% – On the first $12,000 of grocery purchases per year, excluding Costco and Walmart
  • 4% – At Canadian Tire and its other brands
  • 5 cents/litre – At Canadian Tire Gas+ and participating Husky stations
  • 0.5% – Everywhere else

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You can redeem the Canadian Tire Money points on your Triangle Mastercard by presenting your card anywhere Canadian Tire Money is accepted and ask that it be used toward your purchase. Canadian Tire Money is not automatically applied toward the cost of your transaction.

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Benefits of The Triangle Mastercard

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the Triangle Mastercard now that you know the basics:

  • No-receipt returns – The Triangle Mastercard allows you to make returns without a receipt, which is useful when you’ve lost your receipt or left it at home.
  • Access to member-only events – As a Triangle Mastercard cardholder, you have access to exclusive member-only events that will save you money by discounting your purchases. 

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  • Personalized offers – You get weekly personalized offers from Canadian Tire, Mark’s, and Sport Chek. These offers can be viewed in the Triangle app.
  • 24/7 customer service – You have access to the 24/7 Triangle Mastercard customer service line as a Triangle Mastercard cardholder.
  • No income requirement – You don’t need to earn a certain annual income to get the Triangle Mastercard, making a requirement for many credit cards a non-issue.
  • No annual fee – The Triangle Mastercard has no annual fee, meaning that you have more money to spend elsewhere.

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  • Earn rewards everywhere – You can earn Canadian Tire Money with your Triangle Mastercard no matter where you shop.
  • Purchase financing – At participating stores, your Triangle Mastercard allows no fee, no interest financing on certain purchases of $150 or more. You can pay for your purchases with 24 monthly payments.

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Drawbacks of The Triangle Mastercard

The Triangle Mastercard has some drawbacks that you should consider before applying for it:

  • No insurance coverage – The Triangle Mastercard doesn’t offer any insurance coverage.
  • Low rewards earn rate – The earn rate for purchases not made at Canadian Tire or its other brands is low (0.5% Canadian Tire Money for everyday purchases).
  • Rewards are earned only on pre-tax amounts – The 4% rewards rate earned at Canadian Tire stores and those of its other brands is calculated only on the pre-tax amount. For a $100 purchase with 13% tax, you would earn 4 Canadian Tire dollars, not 4.52 Canadian Tire dollars. Other rewards credit cards calculate their rewards based on after-tax amounts,
  • Rewards have limited usage – While you can earn Canadian Tire Money at Canadian Tire Gas+ and participating Husky stations, it cannot be redeemed for fuel. It also cannot be redeemed as cash or used to pay off the balance for your Triangle Mastercard.

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Triangle Mastercard Overview

Earn rate– 4% – certain stores
– 1.5% – grocery
– 5 cents/litre – gas
– 0.5% – everywhere else
FeesMandatory Fees
-Annual fee: $0
Possible Fees
Cash advance fee: $4
– Foreign currency conversion: 2.5% of transaction
NSF/Dishonoured payment fee: $25
APRFor those approved for lower rates:
– Regular charges to your account: 19.99%
– Cash transactions and related fees: 22.99%
For those not approved for the above rates:
– Regular charges to your account: 25.99%
– Cash transactions and related fees: 27.99%
Benefits– 0% interest financing on eligible purchases
– Returns without a receipt
– Member-only events

Who’s Eligible For The Triangle Mastercard?

To be eligible for the Triangle Mastercard, you must be:

  • A Canadian resident
  • At least the age of majority in the province or territory where you live
  • Currently employed or retired

There is also no income requirement for the Triangle Mastercard. Because of these relatively low barriers to entry, it’s easy for most people to get this card should they choose to do so.

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How to Apply For The Triangle Mastercard

You can apply for the Triangle Mastercard on the Canadian Tire Triangle website. You must agree to their terms and provide your contact, personal, residential, and financial information on the website so that you can be considered for the credit card. It takes about one business day for your application to be processed.

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Is The Triangle Mastercard Worth it?

Because of the low rewards rate for purchases not made at Canadian Tire, its other brands, grocery stores, or gas stations, the Triangle Mastercard is worth it only if you’re making regular purchases at these locations so that you can redeem your Canadian Tire Money. Other loyalty cards have higher rewards rates for everyday purchases. You would be better off finding cards with higher rewards rates or with cards with rewards that can be used in more places.

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