Does Canadian Tire Price Match?

Does Canadian Tire Price Match?

Written by Corrina Murdoch
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood
Last Updated November 4, 2021

Even when budgeting carefully, there are unplanned expenses that can pop up out of nowhere. From air conditioners to tackle summer heat to gardening supplies, these costs add up quickly. Naturally, the goal is to spend the least amount possible while still optimizing convenience. Some save money by shopping online, others focus on discount items or buying in bulk. Another popular way to keep your bank account in balance is to consider price-matching. 

Price matching is when one store advertises a product at a specific price point and competitors will match that price at checkout. Though not all stores observe this policy, it’s a great approach if you want the quality and versatility of stores like Canadian Tire, while still sticking to a budget. You can consult both online resources and mailers to see prices. Then when you find an item you want, you can hold Canadian Tire to its price-matching model and save a few bucks all while putting in minimal effort. 

Canadian Tire

Now a massive retail chain, Canadian Tire has humble Toronto roots, with founders purchasing Hamilton Tire and Garage in 1922. Incorporated in 1927, it commenced operations as the Canadian Tire Corporation. While it remains headquartered in Toronto, it now features 1,700 locations across Canada. It also acts as an umbrella corporation for big names like Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Sport Chek, and Helly Hanson. Traded under the ticker symbol CTC, it has a reasonably steady history on the Toronto Stock Exchange. 

Canadian Tire may have originated as a supplier of automotive equipment, tires, and fluids, it has substantially expanded its repertoire since the mid-20th century. Now offering everything from decor to outdoor supplies, sports equipment, to cleaning products and kitchen supplies, it is popular largely due to its product diversity. 

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Canadian Tire’s Price Matching Policy

For something that can save you a good amount of money, price matching is surprisingly easy to do. When you go to make a purchase at Canadian Tire, simply show them the competitor’s advertisement either digitally or with a paper flyer. If the ad is in effect, and the item qualifies by matching the ad exactly, then the associate will lower the price to match it. 

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If you’ve already purchased a Canadian Tire product and learned that a local competitor is currently retailing it at a lower price, there is a grace period. Products bought from different chains are granted a period of 30 days, while price-matching against other Canadian Tire locations has only a 14-day grace period. 

During this time, you can provide proof of purchase via your receipt. You must also show the local competitor’s advertised rate for the exact same item. Both digital and flyer ads are accepted. Provided that the price-match lines up, you will be refunded the equivalent amount for the purchase. 

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Canadian Tire Price Matching Policy Rules

In order to offer price-matching at its 1,700 locations across Canada, this business has strict rules on what applies to its price matching policy. There are two key measures it keeps in force to make sure all price-matching is done ethically. 

Identical Items

The first necessary box to check when using price match is ensuring that the items themselves are the same in every way. This extends from the model number, any warranties, the manufacturer, and any features. The product must be in its original packaging. If you are using price-matching from e-shopping, the price must also include the cost to ship the item to the Canadian Tire location at which the request is being made. The price-match calculation also includes any relevant exchange rates and taxes. 

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Local Competitors

Because Canada is so vast, there is a location limit on where you can apply price matching. The first requirement is that it be a retail store in Canada, no further than a 200-kilometre radius from the Canadian Tire location. You can apply price-matching to products from any Canadian Tire store across the country. Conveniently, the local competitor list applies to any online retailer with a website ending in “.ca”. When it comes to tires and wheels, the local criteria extends to retailers ending with “.com”. 

Provided you are confident that the product in question meets the above two necessary criteria, you can be fairly confident the price match will apply. So long as it isn’t classified as an exclusion, you can take advantage of the price-match feature. 

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Canadian Tire Price Matching Policy Exclusions

While the vast majority of items are compatible with the price-match policy, there are some exclusions. By familiarizing yourself with these different exclusions, you can be certain whether or not your item qualifies. Exemptions to the policy include:

  • Any ad that has a typo, advertising error, or misprinted information
  • Prices on bulk propene
  • Exclusive products on the Canadian Tire website
  • Damaged, used, or open-box items
  • Any display merchandise

Basically, as long as the advertisement is correct, the product’s intact, and you aren’t stocking up on propane, the price matching will most likely apply. 

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Similar Canadian Stores That Offer Price Match

Though Canadian Tire is a popular store with price-matching, it is far from the only retailer with this incentive. Among the several Canadian stores that feature price-matching are:

The Brick

One of the best-known furniture retailers in Canada, this company offers a guaranteed refund for the price matched differential within 30 days. On large appliances, they pay 20 percent of the difference. On mattresses, the company pays out ten percent of the difference. Partnered with the Desjardin Brick Visa Card, if you enrol in the payment protection plan, the price match benefits extend for a full 100 days. 

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Best Buy

A consumer electronics store, Best Buy offers price-matching up to 30 days after your purchase. If you find a lower price through either a retailer or authorized online dealer, show customer service the proof of advertised price and your receipt (if you’re noticing the difference after your purchase). You will be refunded the difference. 

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The Home Depot

Home Depot beats the competitor’s price by an impressive ten percent, but only at the point of sale. If you’re comparing an online retailer, they will match but not beat the competing price. 


A consumer electronics and office supply store, Staples offers price-matching for a period of 14 days after the point of purchase, whether it was made online or in-person. Staples stands out in its reaction to competitor bonuses. It will match any perk-with-purchase from the competitor ad with offers for gift cards


A popular store for home renovations and construction supplies, this company deals with expensive items. As such, their price matching policy is adjusted proportionately. If you’re getting a match on a large appliance, Rona will beat the cost by ten percent of the difference. Available both online and in-store, you can apply this feature to a maximum of 15 items. 

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy FAQs

What is Canadian Tire’s return policy?

Canadian Tire has a simple return policy. You must return the item in its original packaging with your receipt. The window to return your purchase is a full 90 days. Canadian Tire issues refunds to the original method of payment. In certain situations, particularly with credit card payments, you will need to have an ID. In addition to returns, you can opt to get an exchange item. If your item is opened, incurred damage, or is not otherwise eligible for resale, then you won’t be able to return it. 

Are Canadian Tire online prices the same in-store?

Canadian Tire online prices vary based on your location, for shipping reasons. While the stores aim to meet the prices online, there can be significant differences depending on the supply chain. Keep in mind that the price-matching guarantee for Canadian Tire has specific underwriting. It factors in the expense of shipping the product to the in-store location, on top of taxes and exchange rate fees across the supply chain. 

Who is considered a local competitor for Canadian Tire’s price match? 

To qualify as local, the competitor must be physically located in Canada within a radius of 200 kilometres from the point at which you are making the request. If you are comparing advertisements against an online retailer, with a ‘ca’ domain, it counts. For tires and wheels, that privilege extends to the ‘com’ domain. 

Will  Canadian Tire price match items that I’ve already purchased? 

Yes, Canadian Tire price-matches purchases you already made. If you bought the item at another Canadian Tire location, you have 14 days to access the difference. Provided you’re pursuing the price match at the same store at which you purchased the item, you get a full 30 days to get a refund against the price-matched value. 

Does Canadian Tire price match Amazon?

If you want to price match your Canadian Tire purchase with Amazon, be sure that you are using the Canadian website, since their policy only applies to Canadian online retailers ending in “.ca”. However, some Amazon products may not apply, since the Canadian Tire policy excludes sales available only to those with a membership, such as Amazon Prime. Their policy also excludes items with wholesale pricing, which Amazon sometimes offers. As with most price matching policies, Canadian Tire employees ultimately hold the final say on what qualifies.

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Final Thoughts

Given the wide window of opportunity, there is no downside to price matching at Canadian Tire. This saving technique is useful whether you’re considering a new purchase or have already invested in something. When making large purchases especially, checking the competition is a critical part of the research process. The gift of the Canadian Tire price match is that it gives you a 30-day second chance at savings. 

If you’re looking for discounts where price-matching is most useful, think seasonally. During spring, it’s gardening, landscaping and construction while air conditioner and cooling units take the cake in the summer. As long as you plan ahead and keep your eyes peeled for deals (both online and on paper flyers), you can drastically reduce the cost of major purchases.  

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