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A little extra cash in today’s economy can go a long way. With rising costs due to inflation, a second source of income can help pay off debts and other daily expenses. If you’re looking to make extra cash or find a freelance job that suits your schedule, there are easier ways to do that than you might think. One way to earn quick and easy money based on your skill set and schedule, all while building interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills is through TaskRabbit Canada. 

What Is TaskRabbit In Canada?

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that matches freelancers with local demand to complete common and everyday tasks. This covers a wide variety of potential jobs such as food delivery, moving and even furniture assembly.

Formerly known as RunMyErrand, TaskRabbit was founded in 2008 and has grown from its initial neighbour-helping-neighbour business plan. However, it still embodies that type of mindset amongst its users. 

Since being purchased by IKEA in 2017, it has grown its furniture assembly area of employment and further enhanced the overall popularity of the company. 

What Type Of Jobs Can You Do On TaskRabbit In Canada? 

There are a wide variety of different types of jobs available to you on TaskRabbit. From furniture assembly mentioned above, to moving and plumbing. There are a variety of over 200 different tasks and jobs you can choose from. Many of these jobs do however require in-person and on-location services which play an important role for taskers. 

Here’s a list of jobs you could do on TaskRabbit: 

  • Blue-Collar Jobs – If you have the strength and skills to take on manual labour jobs, then you could offer a number of jobs as part of your services. Here are some blue-collar jobs:
    • Plumbing, light carpentry, indoor painting and other home repair or home renovation tasks.
    • IKEA and other furniture assembly
    • Moving help. There are a variety of options for work in this category. Full-scale moves and simple moving help are both available.
    • Waiting in line: Even if you don’t have any special skills, simply having some free time to stand in line can earn you money. Some people are willing to pay you on average $20 per hour you wait in line (ex: for service Canada passport line).
  • White-Collar Jobs: If you are searching for less labour conducive jobs, you can instead choose to do a different form of employment such as interior design, rental unit management, office administration or event staffing.
  • Virtual Jobs – Despite the likelihood of in-person interaction, virtual jobs are still possible through Taskrabbit. Some of the white-collar jobs listed above could be done virtually.

How Much Money Can You Make Through TaskRabbit? 

According to Statistics Canada, the average income of a gig worker in Canada in 2016 was $4,303. However, the amount of money you can make through TaskRabbit is based on the type of job you do and how many hours you work. That’s what makes TaskRabbit unique, you have full control over the amount of hours you work and the jobs you do. 

Here is a table listing a few TaskRabbit jobs and the associated, recommended hourly rate. 

JobRecommended Hourly Rate
Personal Assistant$23 per hour
Furniture Assembly $37 per hour
Car Washing $20 per hour
Moving Help$45 per hour
Indoor Painting$42 per hour
Interior Design$20 per hour
Launtry and Ironing$20 per hour
Minor Home Repairs$41 per hour
Waiting in line$20 per hour

Other Factors That Can Affect How Much Money You Can Make As A Tasker

The amount of money you can make also depends on the demand for the service you are providing. If there’s a high demand but a low supply for the service, you can charge more for your services. However, if there’s a low demand for the service you’re providing, you may need to charge less. Charging less than the average can give you the edge you need to secure more clients and build strong relationships through the website and app, then more opportunities could arise. 

With this in mind, the amount you make as a tasker on TaskRabbit will vary based on the services you provide, the number of hours worked and the demand for the service. 

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

TaskRabbit connects taskers or those who will be completing the task (workers), with customers looking for a task to be completed. It works in a similar manner to a delivery service such as Uber or Lyft. When a task becomes available in your area that you are eligible to complete, you will receive a notification.  Then you’ll have the ability to accept the request and chat with the customer about the details of completing the task. 

When And How you will be paid?

Payments from TaskRabbit come directly to your chequing account through direct deposit and should be sent to your account within 24 hours of completing the task. However the payment process could take up to 5 business days according to TaskRabbit. 

How To Become A TaskRabbit Tasker? 

Here is a guide on how to register to become a Tasker:

  • Step 1. Create An Account – You can do so by visiting the TaskRabbit website and clicking on “Become a Tasker” or by downloading the TaskRabbit app. In general, we recommend you simply download the app, as you’ll need to do so regardless. 
  • Step 2. After your account is created, sign into your account via the TaskRabbit app, which can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.
    • Note: As a Tasker and not a customer, you’ll need to download the TASKR app and not the TaskRabbit app. The TaskRabbit app is for the customers while the Taskr app is for the workers offering services.
  • Step 3. Next, finish setting up your account in the app
    • Add in the postal code are you’d like to work.
    • Add a photo for your profile and confirm the information in your account. 
    • Provide your Social Security Number (optional)
    • Prove that you are at least 18 years of age
    • Prove that you have a valid chequing account
  • Step 4. Choose the categories you can work in. Each category you choose, there will be a description on the scope of the job and the type of tools you may need.
    • If the task you are looking to work on involves licenses and certifications, those will also be reviewed under profile verification. 
  • Step 5. Pay the registration fees – Along with the verification, there is a city-dependent registration fee which costs $25 and may need to be paid at this time. According to TaskRabbit, this whole process takes about 4 business days to complete and once you are verified, you can start tasking right away.

Costs Of Being A Tasker

While there is a baseline cost for becoming a Tasker, the cost of being a Tasker still varies depending on the job you do with the company. Here are two separate areas of cost that are involved with being a Tasker:  

  • The only cost while creating an account in TaskRabbit is the $25 fee payment when first creating an account and setting up the verification information. However, as mentioned above, that varies from city to city. 
  • Another element of cost depends on the job you will be working as. For example, transportation for helping people move may be a factor and the price of a car or a van and gas may need to be considered. Another example where costs may increase is in the case of plumber, where working tools and equipment may be an added expense. These are all variables that need to be considered when working independently through TaskRabbit. 

Taskrabbit Features/Benefits

There are many different features and benefits that can go a long way while working at TaskRabbit. Here’s a list of some:

  • You can set your own rates and hours 
  • You can earn a  full-time or part-time income depending on your availability
  • A Tasker has the ability to do multiple tasks and is not refrained to one single field for work.
  • TaskRabbit is available in multiple Canadian cities

Bottom Line On TaskRabbit Canada

TaskRabbit as a whole is a terrific way to make either passive income or even full-time income. The variety of tasks makes it a very unique and reliable source of income. Along with that, having the ability to chat with the customer can help further develop relationships within your area and improve entrepreneurial skills that can benefit you in the long run. 

TaskRabbit Canda FAQs

Can you make a living off TaskRabbit in Canada?

One can in fact make a living off of TaskRabbit,  it is in fact possible for someone to make up to $150,000 per year through TaskRabbit, as one can make as much as they are willing to and want to work. However, it does depend on the job you are able to do, the rate you are charging and the demand for the job.

Can a customer refuse to pay for my services?

A customer has three days to pay the tasker through the company. If the payment is refused or if something goes wrong with the payment, TaskRabbit will complete the payment to the tasker and will solve the payment issue with the customer themselves. 

Is there a fee to join TaskRabbit in Canada?

To become a Tasker, there’s a one-time registration fee of $25.
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