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As we all know, there is no such thing as free money — but easy money, now that’s a different matter. Tons of Canadians are looking for ways to earn extra cash in these trying economic times. Thankfully, the digital age has made way for a host of opportunities that can help you earn while requiring minimal effort. So long as you do your research to vet the opportunities that best fit your lifestyle, you can quickly start to earn some extra cash. 

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Make Money Through Research and Surveys

In order to better understand the market, many companies pay third-party websites to gather this information in bulk. Those companies then turn around and match you with surveys to take, paying you a portion of the proceeds for your participation. There are many companies that offer these opportunities, each differing in how you earn money and redeem it. 

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

This is a platform where well-recognized brands seek out insight from consumers. Companies pay Survey Junkie for the accrued information that is relevant to their business. Survey Junkie looks at your demographic information and matches you with different surveys. 

How you earn money: The site matches you with surveys most relevant to your situation. You can take the surveys on a smartphone, computer, or another device. After you successfully complete a survey, you are assigned points by the site. 

How do you redeem funds: Once you meet a certain threshold, you redeem your points for cash through PayPal transfers or via electronic gift cards. 

Why it stands out: This platform is easy to use, especially if you are newer to the survey-taking side hustle.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

A market research company with operations in the United States and Canada, as well as the international market, this company prides itself on competitive rates. Like other similar companies, it pays you for relevant surveys which can be completed quickly and remotely. 

How you earn money: The company pays approximately $3 per survey, requiring anywhere from ten to 20 minutes for each task. There are other offers like product testing which pay double. There are also sweepstakes offered twice a month and once a quarter to incentivize participation. 

How do you redeem points: This site has a three-dollar minimum cashout, which can be redeemed in PayPal cash, by cheque, or online gift cards. It is reasonably easy to earn money, though Pinecone is an invitation-only platform. 

Why it stands out: This company has one of the highest-earning potentials, with $3 per survey and a low cash out threshold. 


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A popular market research company, this brand takes a slightly different approach to getting participants to complete surveys. It has over a million participants; and, instead of cash, offers gift cards to big-name stores like Amazon and Starbucks. 

How you earn money: For starters, consumers earn SB (swag bucks). There are different ways to earn including watching videos, playing games, or using a search engine plugin while scouring the internet at random. Some surveys are longer than others, though points are earned based on the size of the task. 

How do you redeem points: You can go through affiliated sites to earn money from surveys. A popular option, recommended by SwagBucks is InboxDollars. This method lets you get gift cards or bank deposits, in addition to PayPal and cheques. The standard method is getting gift cards that let you shop online or in-person at major retailers. 

Why it stands out: If you get bored easily, this is a great app. It has tons of different ways to earn money from surveys to watching ads. 

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Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

Affiliated with multiple well-known brands across the world, Daily Rewards has been touted by BBC News and Yahoo Finance. It connects with large companies that are willing to pay for market insight. Users sign up with Daily Rewards and are connected to different tasks. Each task is connected with a cash reward that can be redeemed in multiple ways. 

How you earn money: There are multiple ways to earn money including shopping online, watching short videos, and taking surveys. The company also sends out emails with specific offers and pays you for reading the contents. 

How do you redeem money: Once you’ve accrued enough cash to redeem, you can choose to get cash through PayPal, an Amazon gift card, or another type of online gift certificate. 

Why it stands out: This is one of the few sites that pay you to read daily emails, in addition to letting you earn in other ways. 

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Earn Extra Cash Through Cash Back Services

You’re going to be spending money one way or another, whether it’s on food, bills, or activities, so why not earn a bit back when you do it? There are a lot of companies that incentivize consumers to make purchases by offering them cash back. 



A Canadian app that offers cash back when you shop, this company offers rewards for both in-person and online shopping. You can connect both credit and debit cards to the app, automatically earning cash when you make purchases. 

How do you earn: The app is free to join, requiring you to download the app through Google Play or the App Store. Once you’ve set up an account, you connect your cards through the digital platform. By shopping at partnered brands with current offers, you earn points. Referring friends through your unique code earns you $5 per friend, up to an annual max of $25. 

How do you redeem: Once you’ve hit the $15 threshold, you can issue yourself an e-transfer through the email address on the account. It takes five business days to appear in the online profile, though the transfer usually happens within half an hour. 

Why it stands out: The app is easy to use; and, so long as you stay on top of the offers, it lets you earn money fairly steadily. 



This Toronto-based brand focuses on brand loyalty, enabling customers to earn money while they shop in multiple ways. The company has over one million participants and offers personalized opportunities to best enable you to earn.

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How do you earn cashback: There are three basic ways to earn money. The first is to earn points when shopping through the drop app itself. You can also link your credit or debit card to the account to earn points from affiliated brands. The final way to earn is to scan your receipts and sign up for loyalty benefits, an especially useful service if you like to stick to certain brands for your products. 

How do you redeem: The company uses a basic calculation method where every 1,000 points equal one dollar. The threshold for rewards through the app starts at $25, minimum purchase to get the benefits. Consumers can access benefits directly through the app by navigating to the rewards tab. The rewards can be redeemed through a wide array of brands. 

Why it stands out: Instead of digital cash handling, the app keeps everything in one place, letting you use your rewards on brands you know and trust. 

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A straightforward business model, Rakuten gets a commission from affiliated brands when participants shop. That commission is shared in part with the shopper (you). Free to join, it takes nothing more than an email address to sign up for the service. 

How do you earn: By signing up and downloading the app, you get cashback on your account when you shop online. There are exclusive offers, coupons, and personalized deals. You earn points by shopping with brands that are partnered directly with Rakuten since that is where the money is sourced. There is also an option to use a browser plugin that automatically applies any relevant points or coupons.

How do you redeem: There’s more than one way to redeem your points. You can opt for a gift card at an affiliated business including restaurants and grocery stores. If you prefer in-store shopping, you can link a card and earn when you shop at specific spots. Active cashback features and automatic coupons are placed on your purchases when you use the plugin. Finally, you can put your earnings toward online gift cards to places like Amazon. 

Why it stands out: The multiple ways to earn, ranging from browser plugins to coupons, mean you can make more in less time. 

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Checkout 51

Checkout 51

Designed to be intuitive, Checkout 51 is an application that you can access on either the App Store or the Play Store. Each Thursday, the app sends you a list of incentive opportunities. You then add these to your purchase list. 

How do you earn: Take the items that were promoted for the week and purchase them. Keep your receipt. Check off the items that were on promotion and scan the receipt using the in-app camera. Once the receipt is approved, the company credits your account with the cash. 

How do you redeem: Once you hit the $20 mark, you can cash out of the app. The cheque comes to you via snail mail, so it may take a bit of time to get there. 

Why it stands out: Unlike other setups, this option uses more analog features letting you scan physical receipts and mailing you a paper cheque

Even More Ways to Earn Money Online

The opportunities to earn don’t stop when it comes to cash back on apps or taking surveys. There are a plethora of opportunities to get cash without really trying. Enabling you to make the most out of your time, these programs include: 



Built to foster a healthy lifestyle, this smartphone app turns your steps into digital money. The more you move, the more sweatcoins you earn through the app. These coins can be used to purchase goods and services online. Options include yoga classes, smartwatches, and high-tech exercise gear. It is an easy app to keep working in the background, though it can drain your phone battery so keep that in mind when you’re using it. 

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Mobile Xpression


This app operates in the background of your device and lets the MobileExpression team track your activity on the internet. It uses this to compound market data which is then sold to partner companies. It enables you to partake in optional surveys in order to best gain an understanding of your shopping habits. For participating, you are reimbursed through weekly credits which you can save and redeem for gift cards at specific retailers. 

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If you have a car and are looking to earn, this app lets you list it for rental online. You sign up online and the site confirms your identity. Then describe your vehicle and send in photos to promote it. As long as you keep an active calendar of availabilities, customers can reach out to request to use it. You drop off and pick up the car, confirming that everything is in working order. Then you get paid by the customer. The company offers liability insurance and roadside assistance, making it a safe way to earn extra funds.

How To Make Free Money FAQs

How do I make money using my iPhone?

There are many apps and programs available on iPhone to make money. Sweatcoin, Checkout51, drop, Swagbucks are just a few of the apps and programs you can make money on your iPhone. These apps allow you to earn money through your iPhone by playing games, completing surveys, shopping and doing other fun tasks.

Which apps can I play games and earn money on my iPhone or Android?

Swagbucks and Daily Rewards allow users to earn money by playing games, answering surveys and watching videos. If you consider exercising fun, you can also earn money through Sweatcoin by simply being active.

Do any of the apps payout money to Paypal?

Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and Pinecone Research are some of the sites that allow users to redeem their cash through Paypal. However, each site has different rules on when you can redeem your cash.

Final Thoughts

When used properly, you can make a pretty penny by using the variety of services available online. It might not be enough to quit your day job, but it can give you some extra income that can help mitigate the impacts of inflation. Many of the options run in the background, letting you earn while you go about your day. Others require a bit of time for a reasonably appealing payoff. Depending on your shopping style and personality, different approaches will best suit your needs. So long as you research the platform and choose proven companies with a good track record, you can make money with the touch of a button. 

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