Best Canadian Coupon Apps

Best Canadian Coupon Apps

Written by Corrina Murdoch
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood
Last Updated September 17, 2021

It’s estimated that food prices have increased by three to five percent. That translates to hundreds of dollars yearly, so it only makes sense that an increasing number of Canadians are looking for ways to save. In addition to a solid budget, coupon apps are a convenient way to pay less for everyday goods. Of course, if you plan to make the most out of couponing, it’s best to be familiar with the process. It’s a balance of the time you spend looking for coupons and the value of the savings. To make it easier, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Canadian coupon apps. 

Best Canadian Coupon Apps

There’s no shortage of apps available either as extensions or on smartphones. However, depending on your purchasing style, different apps will have better value for your pocketbook. Understanding how each one works equips you with all the information you need to optimize your savings. 


Available for any type of smartphone, the Flipp App offers savings at over 2,000 stores across Canada. The specific savings you can access relate to your postal code, so you know that the offer is local to your area. 

It stands out by letting you curate a shopping list digitally. This keeps your shopping list handy and ensures that you are getting the best price for the items you need. Flipp features a convenient search feature which allows you to look through products, brands, and stores efficiently. 

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Available both online and via a smartphone app, Rebee enables you to synchronize your shopping lists through the app. The offers update every week, focusing on associated retailers across the country. 

As with other coupon apps, this allows you to curate a shopping list and use it to find the best savings available. It’s affiliated with multiple retailers across the country, including big names like Metro, Sobeys, Staples, and more. It stands out as one of the apps with coupons for more than food alone. 


A fairly unique app, Honey began operations as an internet browser extension. Users install it either on their smartphone or their computer. It relies on promotional codes available from more than 30,000 retailers. Unlike many other apps, this extension can be applied to online shopping platforms. 

Available free-of-charge, the company touts its ability to save approximately $126 annually for each customer. Accruing over 17 million users, Honey offers perks to regular users (on top of its 17.9% average savings). By earning a commission from the retailer, Honey is able to supply rewards to consumers that can be applied to future purchases.

A fairly basic cost-saving tool, this is a great choice for those who are not very tech savvy. Simply apply your postal code and the site brings up a series of flyers, deals, and coupons in the local area. Users can make a shopping list directly on the app, available both on iOS and Google Play. 

The site differentiates the product categories between grocery, electronics, entertainment, and more. Coupons can be printed or downloaded into the app, so you can use the code at the store regardless of whether you have access to a paper printer. Deals are established on a per-business basis. Users can subscribe to emails to get the information relevant to their local area. 

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Though it might not be the most modern solution, if you prefer to stick to the tried and true, Websaver is a good way to go. It offers direct mailers on products preferred by members. Additionally, this service makes coupons available to print at home. To entice consumers even further, it comes with opportunities to win rewards for using the service. 

For those who prefer more up-to-date methods, the site also allows you to carry the coupons with you on your smartphone. These can be presented to the teller in order to have a completely contactless transaction. The company is partnered with Sale Whale and Rate Saver, working together to offer the most relevant coupons available. 

It stands out by offering a mail-out service for chosen coupons. The company charges two dollars in postage and prints then mails the coupon directly to you. Be sure to read the fine print on the coupons, checking for expiration dates and caveats (especially if you are paying to access them).


Available both on the Apple store and Google Play, this company takes a fairly unique approach to food offerings. It partners with retailers to offer substantial markdowns on fresh food. The caveat? The food is approaching its best-before date when the savings become available. For those looking to drastically reduce food expenses, and who are willing to base the household menu on what’s available, Flashfood can offer ample savings. 

Its origin story is based on the 160 billion pounds of food that end up in landfills in North America alone. When grocery stores end up with unpurchased food close to its expiration date, they have to throw it away and suffer the monetary loss. Instead, the retailer connects with Flashfood to make the items available at a low cost for consumers. 

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Based on the premise of stretching every dollar possible, this company offers all different types of promotions. The site makes freebies available (small-quantity items supplied by manufacturers to entice future sales). Coupons and digital codes enable consumers to shop either online or in-person. It offers deals on a range of products, depending on things like overstock, season, and more. 

The flyers and brand discounts give this platform an edge over the competition. What it lacks in organization and convenience, this app compensates for in function. It offers more programs relative to the competition. Though the consumer has to spend quite a bit of time arranging the savings, it does offer plentiful ways to cut costs on all types of items. 

More Ways To Save Money

In addition to coupon savings, there are other ways to pinch pennies and stretch your paycheque. Though it can take a bit of extra effort, the savings might surprise you. If you have a few extra minutes, instead of crushing candy, take a gander at some of the retail incentives available. 

Price Comparison Website

There are few feelings less pleasant than realizing you paid far more for an item than you had to. It happens frequently, too. Walmart might charge $20 more on an item than the Home Depot just down the road. Especially when you are shopping online, there is no time lost or gas spent on going from one retailer to another. 

PriceGrabber compares the cost of items across all categories. Conversely, PriceBat focuses exclusively on electronics. From Bizrate to PriceFinder, for any type of non-perishable items, there are sites that let you compare the cost of items between sites. The benefit of these websites is that it allows you to access deals from smaller, lesser-known retailers. 

Perhaps the best benefit of price comparison sites is that it can result in considering a purchase in more detail. When using coupons and comparisons in conjunction with one another, consumers can get the best possible prices on items they are sure about purchasing. 

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Save Money By Earning Cash

One of the most popular ways to save is to earn with each purchase you make. This can be done through various cashback cards; but, when used properly, you can compound the cash return. There are available apps where, when you make a purchase through the app, you can save extra. If you pay for the tab on a cashback card, that’s double the benefit in a single transaction. 

Many apps are available to earn consumers cashback, some of the most popular being: 

  • Paymi: A Canadian app that rewards users with cash back, it works whether the purchase is made either in-store or online. The company must be a partner of Paymi. Among the partnered companies include H&M, Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks. Users simply download the app, connect either a debit or credit card. Returns are directly deposited into your account, where you can cash out through Interac e-transfers. 
  • Checkout 51: One of the most popular apps for cash returns on purchases, it stands out for letting you earn on everyday items. From household products to grocery products, this company gives cash back on purchases across Canada. The purchases are based on weekly offers, updated on Thursdays. The user can purchase any of those items at the preferred stores. You can redeem the cash back by scanning and uploading your receipt. After the account reaches $20, the company sends out a cheque. 
  • Drop: A newer contender, this company is designed to be user-friendly. It stands out for the ability to stack rewards, particularly since the cashback is automated. All consumers need to do is download the app, get the five dollar bonus, and link either a credit or debit card. Upon signup, the user must indicate which of the affiliated stores they wish to earn rewards from. When shopping at these companies, the user gets points which can go towards gift cards at various retailers. 

Depending on where you shop, the app from which you’ll benefit most will differ. The best options let you combine offers. When you use coupons, cashback offers, and rewards credit cards towards purchases, you can see significant savings in a surprising amount of time. 

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Final Notes

As the cost of living grows increasingly expensive, consumers must turn to new options to find necessary savings. Whether you are struggling to make ends meet or want to grab some extra cash to pay down debt, coupon apps are a great way to start. For starters, it necessitates having a budget and performing routine financial tracking. Having a plan for spending while also finding every opportunity to save is an essential tool in any financial landscape. When used prudently, it can help you establish a solid footing for future savings. 

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Corrina Murdoch has been a dedicated freelance writer and editor for several years. With an academic background in the sciences and a penchant for mathematics, she seeks to provide readers with accurate, reliable information on important topics. Working as a print journalist for several years, Corrina expanded her reach into the digital sphere to help more people gain insight into the realm of finances. When she's not writing, you can find Corrina swimming and spending time with family.

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