Best Retail Credit Cards In Canada 2022

Best Retail Credit Cards In Canada 2022

Written by Bryan Daly
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood
Last Updated March 30, 2022

You can acquire retail credit cards through many businesses, like clothing stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and department stores. The benefits will vary from store to store but you can typically use your card whenever you want and earn points, cash back rewards, and other perks.  

Before you activate a retail credit card, it’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully. You may only be able to buy items and use rewards at the store associated with the card. Although you can redeem your rewards for free stuff, discounts, and promotions, the card may need to be from a big company like Visa or Mastercard for outside merchants to accept it. 

Best Retail Credit Cards In Canada 

If you haven’t found the right retail credit card yet, don’t worry. There are countless great in-store cards you can obtain in Canada once you meet the minimum requirements. Here are some of the best retail credit cards in Canada.

Interest RateWelcome Bonus*Main Perks
PC Financial World Elite Mastercard20.97%N/A– Account Balance Protection
– Credit Alert Plus 
Hudson’s Bay Mastercard – Powered by Neo19.99% – 24.99%Get 15% off eligible purchases at the Hudson’s Bay– No minimum purchase limit to qualify for free shipping
– Zero overlimit or inactivity fees
Walmart Rewards World Mastercard19.89%Get a $15 sign-up bonus, plus $10 if you go paperless– Free Purchase Assurance for the first 90 days (with full payments)
– 24/7 Mastercard Global Services
– Free Extended Warranty Plan
– Zero Liability Protection
– Optional Balance Protection Rewards Mastercard19.99%Get 5% back for the first 6 months – Get cash back on foreign currency transactions
– Get a $20 Amazon gift card when you earn 2000 Amazon points
Triangle Mastercard19.99%Get 15% off at affiliated stores and cash rewards– Free roadside assistance plans
– No-receipt return policy
– Member-only events and savings programs 
– Up to 24 months of no-fee/interest financing

* certain conditions may apply

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard 

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

A great option for those who shop at Loblaws, No Frills, Wholesale Club, Esso stations, and other affiliated retail spots. The Financial World Elite Mastercard is the highest-tier store credit card that the President’s Choice Bank offers. Currently, it’s the fastest way to earn PC Optimum points. Other features of Financial World Elite Mastercard include:

  • Annual Fee – None.
  • Interest Rate – Comes with a 21-day interest-free period on new expenditures, followed by a purchase rate of 20.97% and cash advance rate of 22.97%.
  • Earn Rate – The amount of PC Optimum Points you can earn with this Mastercard varies based on how much you spend and where you shop:
  • 30 points per $1 at Loblaws, PC Travel, Provigo & Wholesale Club 
  • 30 points per liter at Esso & Mobil Stations
  • 45 points per $1 at Shoppers Drug Mart & Pharmaprix 
  • 10 points per $1 at all other locations  
  • Points Value – Each 10,000 PC optimum points you collect is worth $10. Points can be redeemed in increments of $10 at eligible stores such as Loblaws, Provigo, Pharmaprix, Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh and PCexpress. 
  • Optional Extra Perks – As a President’s Choice World Elite Mastercard holder, you’ll have the choice to add additional benefits, like:
  • Account Balance Protection – In case of job loss, disability, illness or injury, this card offers insurance to help you cover your account balance. 
  • Credit Alert Plus – With the Credit Alert Plus package you’ll get a free Equifax credit report and score, credit monitoring, access to a credit specialist, 24/7 online access to your credit report and score and other tools to protect your credit. 
  • Eligibility Requirements – Applicants must be a Canadian resident and be the age of majority within their province or territory. Additionally, they must have a minimum personal income of $80,000 or a household income of $150,000. Approval is also subject to a credit check. 

Hudson’s Bay Mastercard – Powered By Neo 

Hudson’s Bay Neo Mastercard

The Hudson’s Bay Company is another huge Canadian retail chain offering a store credit card. Following the termination of their partnership with Capital One, the company partnered with Neo Financial to produce the Hudson’s Bay Mastercard. Visit Hudson’s Bay, download the Neo app or apply online to gain these features:

  • Annual Fee – None
  • Interest Rate – The Hudson’s Bay Mastercard gives you a 21-day interest-free grace period on new purchases (if full balances are paid) and these rates:  
  • Purchase rate = 19.99% – 24.99%
  • Cash advance rate = 21.99% – 26.99%.  
  • Earn Rate – Get up to 4 points (1% – 2% cash equivalent) per $1 you spend in-store at the Hudson’s Bay or online at All other locations will earn you 2 points (1% cash equivalent) per $1 spent. 
  • Points Value – 1,000 Hudson’s Bay points = $5.00 for online/in-store purchases. 
  • Welcome Bonus – Limited promotion of 15% off eligible first-day purchases at the Hudson’s Bay.
  • Extra Perks – Other benefits you get as a Hudson’s Bay Neo Mastercard holder:
  • Average rate of 2% cash-back at affiliate locations
  • No minimum purchase limit to qualify for free shipping
  • Zero overlimit or inactivity fees
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay compatibility for contactless payments
  • Card is fully manageable when using the Neo mobile app  
  • Eligibility Requirements – Approval and card rates will depend on an assessment of credit application and credit profile, as well as the province you live in. 

Walmart Rewards World Mastercard 

Walmart Rewards World Mastercard

Launched in 2010, the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard is a solid choice if you’re seeking discounts and deals when shopping online or in-store at Walmart Canada. If you don’t meet the requirements, the entry-level Walmart Rewards Mastercard is also available. Otherwise, the main features of the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard are:

  • Annual Fee – None.
  • Interest Rate – This card has two flat interest rates that differ slightly if you’re purchasing items from Quebec or other provinces/territories:

Preferred Rates For Quebec Residents:

  • Purchase Rate = 19.89%
  • Cash Advance Rate = 21.97%

Preferred Rates For Residents Outside Quebec: 

  • Purchase Rate = 19.89%
  • Cash Advance Rate = 22.97%  
  • Earn Rate – The rate you earn in Walmart Rewards points varies according to where you’re shopping with your World Mastercard:
  • At any Walmart in Canada = 1.25%
  • Online at (mobile app or web browser) = 3.00%
  • At any gas station = 1.25% 
  • At other retail/store locations = 1.00%  
  • Points Value – 1 Walmart Rewards Dollar gives you $1 to spend at Walmart Canada and you can begin redeeming once you’ve earned $5 in rewards. 
  • Welcome Bonus – Once you activate the credit card, you’ll automatically get a $15 sign-up bonus. If you agree to paperless statements, you receive $10 more.  
  • Extra Perks – There are numerous benefits you can access as a Walmart Rewards World Mastercard holder:
  • Free Purchase Assurance for the first 90 days (with full payments)
  • 24/7 Mastercard Global Services (emergency cash, lost/stolen cards, etc.)
  • Free Extended Warranty Plan (doubles manufacturer warranties for up to 1 year on credit card purchases)
  • Zero Liability Protection if unauthorized purchases or transactions are made on your card, by phone, online, in-store or at any ATM.
  • Optional Balance Protection for $0.99 per $100 of your Statement Balance 
  • Eligibility Requirements – New applicants for the Walmart Rewards Mastercard can get the World card if their household income is $100,000 or more. Existing cardholders are eligible if they’ve spent at least $15,000 with their Rewards card in the past 12 months. Standard credit and identity requirements will also apply. Rewards Mastercard Rewards Mastercard

If you’re trying to make the most of your membership, the Rewards Mastercard could be a great way to shop online, at grocery stores and restaurants or at Whole Foods. Keep in mind that although you can get this card as a regular Amazon member, you may qualify for additional benefits if you pay for Amazon Prime. 

  • Annual Fee – None. 
  • Interest Rate – The Rewards Mastercard has two standard rates:
  • Purchase rate = 19.99%
  • Cash advance rate = 22.99%.
  • Earn Rate – The rate at which you can accumulate rewards with your Amazon Mastercard depends on your membership status and transaction type:
  • Regular Membership = 1.5% on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases 
  • Prime Membership = 2.50% on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases
  • All Other purchases = 1.00%
  • Eligible foreign currency transactions:
    • Non-Prime members = 1.00%
    • Prime Members = 2.50%    
  • Points Value – 100 Amazon Rewards Points = $1.00 Canadian (CAD) 
  • Welcome Bonus – If you qualify for this Mastercard, you’ll receive 5% back at, Whole Foods, grocery stores and restaurants for the first 6 months or on the first $3,000 of eligible purchases, to a maximum of $150 in rewards.  
  • Extra Perks – If you make eligible transactions in foreign currencies, you can get cash back to offset part of the exchange fees. Plus, if you earn 2000 points with your Rewards Mastercard, a $20 Amazon gift card will be added to your account.     
  • Eligibility Requirements – To apply, you must be a Canadian resident and be the age of majority within your province or territory. You must also create an Amazon account to apply for this credit card. 

Triangle Mastercard

Triangle Mastercard

Whether you’re shopping for car parts, home supplies, or sporting goods, the Triangle Mastercard from Canadian Tire could go a long way in helping you redeem benefits and save on qualifying purchases. Participating stores include:

  • Canadian Tire
  • Mark’s/L’Équipeur
  • Sport Chek
  • Party City
  • Atmosphere
  • Hockey Experts
  • Sport Rousseau 
  • L’Entrepôt du Hockey
  • Select Sports Experts locations
  • Select gas stations (especially Husky)    

Primary characteristics of the Triangle Mastercard: 

  • Annual Fee – None.
  • Interest Rate – The Triangle Mastercard also comes with set interest rates that are slightly lower for shoppers in Quebec:

Rates For Quebec Residents:

  • Purchase Rate = 19.99%
  • Cash Advance Rate = 21.99%

Rates For Residents Outside Quebec: 

  • Purchase Rate = 19.99%
  • Cash Advance Rate = 22.99%   
  • Earn Rate – The earn rate for the Triangle Mastercard varies based on where you shop (or buy gas) and what transactions you make: 
  • $0.05 a litre at participating gas stations and Husky stations 
  • 4.0% in CT Money at affiliated sports retailers 
  • 1.5% in CT Money at participating grocery stores (except Walmart & Costco) and 0.5% elsewhere (rates only apply to the first $12,000 of eligible costs per calendar year).    
  • Points Value – 1 Dollar of Canadian Tire Money = $1 of qualifying purchases
  • Welcome Bonus – After you sign up for the Triangle Mastercard, you may qualify for limited-time promotions, like 15% off at affiliated stores and cash rewards. 
  • Extra Perks – As a Triangle Mastercard holder, you can access a range of benefits, including:
  • Free roadside assistance plans
  • No-receipt return policy
  • Member-only events and savings programs 
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • Up to 24 months of no-fee/interest financing on eligible purchases of $150 or more at participating stores and gas stations
  • Eligibility Requirements – There are no income requirements for the Triangle Mastercard but you must be a Canadian resident, past the age of majority in your region and employed or retired.  

Pros And Cons Of Retail Credit Cards

There are good and bad things about retail credit cards, so don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before you apply for one:


  • You Can Get Sign-Up Bonuses – Certain retail credit cards offer appealing welcome bonuses, like in-store cash, promotions, and discounts. 
  • Interest-Free Periods May Be Available – As an added sign-up bonus, many store credit cards come with zero interest for the first few weeks or months.
  • You Can Access Exclusive Discounts & Promotions – As a member of some credit card programs, you’ll receive perks that everyday consumers won’t.  
  • They’re Easier to Qualify For – Unlike rewards cards from traditional providers, like banks, many retail credit cards have no annual fees or income requirements.
  • They Can Help Build Your Credit Score – Paying your retail credit card bills responsibly is good for your present and future creditworthiness. 


  • You Can’t Use Them Everywhere – While you may be able to use your retail card elsewhere, points and deals may only apply at the store you got it from. 
  • They Tend to Have Higher Interest Rates – Retail credit cards can come with worse rates than normal credit cards, which is risky for your finances and credit.  
  • You May Have a Lower Credit Limit – On top of that, store cards may not offer as much credit as the ones you could get from a bank or normal provider.  
  • You May Earn a Lower Rate at Other Stores – Generally speaking, using a retail credit card at outside stores results in a lower earn rate. 
  • Some Cards Must Be Used Often For to Be Worthwhile – Store/retail cards may deactivate or have reduced credit limits if you don’t use them regularly. 

Looking For The Right Retail Credit Card? 

As you can see, store/retail credit cards can have benefits and drawbacks that could make them perfect or wrong for your lifestyle. So, prior to signing any agreements, it’s important to do research and make sure you understand your potential responsibilities.          

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