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Business Loans For Orthodontic Practices

Business Loans for Orthodontists

A healthy smile goes a long way. In fact, the realm of orthodontics is a highly profitable field with many great opportunities. For those orthodontists who own their own practices, you know that the success of your business can sometimes rely on having the right funding at the right time. This is where Loans Canada can help, we can connect you with the right business loan lender so you’ll never have to worried about struggling to get the funding you need ever again.

The Business Loan You Need

A good orthodontic practice, like any professional medical facility, should be stocked with the latest, most advanced technology and best resources available so that your business flourishes. Unfortunately, most medical supplies are costly, to say the least. Don’t worry! While managing your own orthodontic practice is expensive, there are plenty of solid business loans available to help you finance it. You’re in luck because we’re here to guide you through the process.

Why You Should Get Your Business Loan Through Us

At Loans Canada, we can connect you with a great business loan lender who will help you keep your orthodontic practice operational and profitable. Our partners can provide you with many benefits that most banks and other traditional financial institutions might not, such as:

  • A faster and more efficient approval process
  • Better rates than our competitors
  • Easy and orderly applications that you can complete on your home or work desktop, laptop, or smartphone
  • Rapid receival of funds (within 2-3 business days)
  • Adjustable payment plans that suit your financial needs
  • Less time waiting and more time to concentrate on what’s important to you

What a Business Loan Can Do For Your Orthodontic Practice

As we said before, we’re well aware of the exorbitant costs of things like medical equipment and a reliable space to practice your craft. That’s why a business loan can be an extremely beneficial financial tool to both you and your practice. Below, we’ve listed a few of the resources you could have at your disposal once your loan is approved:

  • A modern, spacious area for your patients to wait for their appointments
  • High quality furniture and televisions to occupy your waiting room
  • A safe, healthy and up-to-code location to practice your profession
  • Additional funding to afford a larger, easily accessible locale when necessary
  • State of the art orthodontic equipment (adjustable patient chairs, overhead lighting, dust and fume controllers, etc.)
  • Latest orthodontic instruments (pliers, headgear, bite sticks, cutters, gauges, impression trays, etc.)
  • Additional orthodontic supplies (elastics, floss, cleaner, bands, brackets, bonding agents, etc.)
  • Modern laboratory supplies  
  • Good office equipment and supplies (computers, printers, phones, scanners, intercom, paper, pens, etc.)
  • Enough financing to support your staff (assistants, secretaries, laboratory technicians, cleaners, etc.)
  • Presentable uniforms, lab coats, masks, safety glasses, and other medical garb

Don’t Wait, Apply Today!

A business loan can help make your dreams of running a successful and profitable orthodontic practice a reality. Apply today and get the process started.


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