Can I Get A Loan With BC Disability Assistance?

Can I Get A Loan With BC Disability Assistance?

Written by Bryan Daly
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood
Last Updated November 2, 2021

British Columbia, like every province in Canada, has a financial aid program reserved for people with physical and mental disabilities. Often people with a disability are unable to work or can only work part-time, making it difficult to cover day-to-day living expenses. To help these individuals, the government of BC has implemented a program that provides them with monthly payments to cover the cost of rent, food, transportation and medical expenses. However, sometimes, despite this benefit, certain emergency costs can leave them cash-strapped. In such cases, a loan can help alleviate some of the financial burdens. 

Can You Get A Loan While On BC Disability Assistance? 

In short, yes, you can get a loan while on disability assistance in BC. However, you’ll need to find a lender who accepts non-traditional forms of income. This includes lenders who accept employment insurance, CCB, CPP, and other government assistance programs as a form of income. 

It’s important to note that, while these lenders accept non-traditional forms of income, they also charge higher rates and have shorter terms, making them expensive. This is to help offset some of the extra risk they take by accepting different forms of income.  

What Is The BC Disability Assistance Program? 

The BC Disability Assistance program is a provincial benefit that those with a disability can receive. Those who qualify can receive benefits such as income, health supplements, special transit passes, and optical or dental coverage. 

As of April 1st, 2017, the BC Government announced a $50 monthly increase in disability benefits. So, any British Columbian currently approved for the Disability Benefit is now eligible to receive up to $1,947.06 per month. 

How To Qualify For The BC Disability Assistance Program? 

Like any Government program, anyone who wishes to receive the BC Disability Assistance must meet certain criteria. People who wish to apply must demonstrate their eligibility by:

  • Being at least 18 years old (application is also possible 6 months after an applicant’s 17th birthday).
  • Having a physical or mental impairment that is likely going to continue for more than two years.
  • Being significantly restricted in their ability to perform daily living activities.
  • Requiring daily aid from an assistance device (wheelchair, crutches, etc.), an assistance animal (support dog, etc.) or the help of another individual (nurse, caregiver, etc.).
  • Earning less than $15,000 a year as a single individual or $18,000 as a couple. If both partners in a couple have a disability, they must earn less than $30,000/year to qualify. 
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Types Of Loans You Can Get On BC Disability Assistance

There are different types of loans you can get while of bc disability assistance. Depending on your needs, one will prove more useful than the other as each option comes with its own pros and cons. 

Payday Loans BC Disability Assistance 

If you’re looking for fast cash, you could get a payday loan through your BC Disability Assistance income. These payday lenders can be found online or in your local area. However, it’s important to remember that a BC Disability Assistance payday loan is an expensive option that comes with high-interest rates and extremely short terms. You can also only borrow small amounts, most lenders will lend up to $1,500. 

Maximum Cost Of A BC Disability Assistance Payday Loan

Depending on the province you live in, the maximum a lender can charge you per $100 you borrow will vary. 

Max Cost Per $100 Borrowed
British Columbia$15
Newfoundland and Labrador$21
Nova Scotia$19
New Brunswick$15
Prince Edward Island$25
Note: Payday loans are extremely expensive and can lead to a cycle of debt if you’re unable to repay the full amount borrowed. To Learn about the payday loan laws in your province, click here.

Installment Loans BC Disability Assistance 

A personal installment loan is a better option than a payday loan as it has lower interest rates, longer terms and higher loan amounts. This makes it a more affordable option when trying to cover large expenses. However, to be eligible for an installment loan, you’ll need to find a lender who accepts BC disability assistance as a form of income. 

Auto Title Loans BC Disability Assistance 

An auto title loan is a loan that is secured against the title of your car. Due to the security the title provides, lenders are more willing to approve borrowers with poor credit and finances. Like a personal loan, you’ll receive a lump sum of cash which you’ll have to repay with interest within a specified time. If you miss any payments the lender can seize and sell your car in order to recoup payment. 

Why Would You Need A Loan While On BC Disability Assistance?

There are numerous reasons as to why someone on BC Disability Assistance would need a loan, but some of the more common reasons include: 

  • Housing Costs – With the British Columbia real estate market being as expensive as it is, it can be hard for any person, even someone receiving a monthly benefit to comfortably afford a mortgage or housing costs. Even rent for a small apartment can be extremely expensive, especially for a space that’s close to or located near a major metropolitan area like Greater Vancouver. So, a loan to cover those housing costs can be a huge help.  
  • Financing a Vehicle – While the B.C. Government can also supply its disability earners with public transit passes, getting around this way is not easy for everyone, especially those who live outside city limits. Even if the public transit system in a large city like Vancouver or Victoria can be efficient enough, the areas on the outskirts of the city, such as Langley or Sydney might not be. In fact, some people with disabilities need to finance vehicles that are modified for added convenience with devices like wheelchair power lifts, hand pedals/steering wheel-mounted controls and rear-view cameras.
  • Emergencies – Loans are not just for larger expenses like cars and mortgages. Emergencies, both medical and financial can happen to anyone, regardless of their disability or lack thereof. Whatever that unexpected emergency might be, getting a loan to cover that expense can help someone deal with it in an affordable, efficient manner.
  • Home Renovations – Just like they might have to do when financing a vehicle, it’s common for people with disabilities (or their families/caretakers) to hire a contractor to add renovations to their homes, such as a wheelchair ramp or a power lift for easier access. While their BC Disability Assistance benefit might cover part of those costs, it might not leave them with enough leftover to pay for their other general expenses. So, a loan to pay for a contractor’s services can be a great asset.

How To Apply For A Loan On BC Disability Assistance

5 Steps On Getting A Loan While On Disability Assistance In BC

Step 1 – Prepare Your Personal And Financial Information

This is a good first step to take before any large financial transaction. For most lenders, a potential client being financially disorganized is a possible sign of future debt/bankruptcy problems. Having all your personal and financial information updated and ready for inspection will not only increase your chances of getting the loan you need but will also make the application process go a lot smoother.

Step 2 – Brush Up Your Finances

If you have time, paying off other debts and improving your credit score before applying for a loan, can make all the difference. The better your finances and credit score, the more likely you’ll qualify for a loan with low rates and terms that meet your financial needs.

Step 3 – Find A Lender And Get Quotes

Researching several lenders in advance is another very important thing to do before applying for any loan. You can also get loan quotes from certain lenders, which can help you compare offers and see which one best meets your needs.

Step 4 – Apply For The BC Disability Assistance Loan

Once you know who you want to work with, simply complete the application by providing all the necessary documents. This includes your personal identification and financial documents such as your driver’s license, bank statements, and paystubs. If your application is approved, you should receive your funds in your bank account within a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the lender.

How To Improve Your Chances of Securing A Loan While On BC Disability Assistance?

There are a number of ways you can prepare yourself for the loan application process that should improve the likelihood of getting approved. 

Be Honest 

If you are currently benefitting from B.C. Disability Assistance, make sure that you inform your lender and provide sufficient proof with any relevant documents. 

Applying for a Guarantor Loan

Getting a guarantor loan requires the help of a trusted co-signer. These loans, however, are meant specifically for borrowers who already have bad credit or who can’t get approved at all. If that’s the case for you, your co-signer’s financial strength could help you secure a loan while on disability assistance in BC at a more affordable interest rate. 

  • If you stop making payments during your loan term for whatever reason, your guarantor will be held responsible for the remaining balance.
  • If they also stop making payments, they could be subject to penalty fees, interest rate hikes, and eventually legal action if they default for too long and the remaining balance is large enough.

Get A Co-Signer

For anyone wishing to secure a larger loan, finding a co-signer is a good way to get approval, especially if your credit is not as favourable as you’d like it to be. Depending on the nature of your financial situation, having a dependable friend, family member or guardian co-sign and review your application with you can be a smart move.


While some lenders have strict guidelines and qualification standards, other lenders have more flexible ones. Researching the eligibility requirements of different lenders will allow you to see whom you have the best shot of getting approved with. This will not only improve your chances of qualifying, but it’ll also help you from any unnecessary credit checks.

Moreover, there are a lot of illegitimate “lenders” who prey on borrowers who are in desperate need of cash. Researching will allow you to check lender reviews, the BBB and other sources to verify the legitimacy of the lender.

BC Disability Assistance Loan FAQs

Can I still qualify for BC disability assistance if I take a loan?

Yes, taking out a loan doesn’t affect your eligibility for disability assistance in BC. You will continue to receive the same benefits as before.

Can I qualify for a BC disability assistance loan if I have bad credit? 

Many lenders in BC that accept disability assistance as income, also accept bad credit borrowers. To be eligible for a BC disability assistance loan, you generally need to provide proof of income and provide bank statements so that the lender can verify your debt-to-income ratio. These are the two main factors these lenders will check when assessing your application. 

What documents do I need to apply for a  BC disability assistance loan?

Generally, lenders will require personal identification documents such as a driver’s license, passport or some other government-issued photo ID. You’ll also need to provide proof of income, which in this case is proof of disability assistance. This can include bank statements that show your BC disability assistance direct deposits. You’ll also need to provide your bank statements so that the lender can assess your debt-to-income ratio. Some lenders will not lend to you if your debt-to-income ratio is too high. 

Loans and Your B.C. Disability Assistance Benefit

Depending on the level of your disability, having a friend, family member or caretaker there to help you complete any necessary paperwork and/or co-sign your application can be a good idea. However, even If you’re currently benefitting from B.C. Disability Assistance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to secure the loan you need.

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