Business Loans for Mechanics

Mechanic Business Loans

All business owners know, you need to invest in your company to see it grow and flourish. This is why an affordable and convenient business loan from a reputable lender is such an important asset for Canadians mechanics and garage owners all across the country. Whether you’re looking to upgrade some equipment or move to a better location, the best way to make sure your garage sees a profit is to make sure all your expenses are taken care of and with the right business loan, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

Look No Further!

As you know, becoming a mechanic and running your own auto shop certainly takes considerable training and financial aid. And, if you’re doing just that, your financial aid should come from a dependable source. That’s where Loans Canada steps in. Through our financing services, you’ll gain access to the best business loans for your auto shop.

How Our Services Can Benefit You

Speaking of business loans, let’s talk about how we can help you with yours. As we said, Loans Canada can get you set up with some of the best loan products in town. On top of that, we offer services that will suit your financial requirements better than any bank would. Here’s what we can give you:

  • Affordable interest rates
  • Effortless applications that can be completed and filed online  
  • Repayment plans that are easier on your finances
  • Depending on the size, you may receive your loan in as little as 48-hours
  • With our fast financing, you’ll have more time to concentrate on the success of your garage and the cars inside it

Potential Uses for Your Business Loan

The benefits above aren’t the only ones to be had when you’ve secured your business loans through our organization. In fact, you can use your loan to finance any number of expenses, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Purchasing or leasing a lot to build your shop on (if it isn’t built already)
  • If your shop is already built, use a loan to repair or remodel any part of it (including offices, bathrooms, customer waiting area, etc.)
  • Add on multiple garage ports, wide enough to house any size of vehicle
  • Install high quality, clear-span or four-post hoists that hold any size of vehicle
  • Enough compensation for all your workers
  • Buying the right work gear and safety equipment (gloves, jumpsuits, non-slip/ steel-toe boots, safety goggles, welding masks, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • To lay a steel reinforced floor that will support your hoists and service pits
  • Building a proper drainage system for chemical spills
  • Installing good overhead lights or skylights (some mechanics prefer natural light)
  • Having all required licenses and permits for you and your employees to operate the necessary machinery
  • Building a storage space for toxic chemicals
  • Installation of large electricity supply, overhead air hoses, waterline, etc.
  • Buying the right tire changer
  • Having good quality automotive repair equipment (standing tool chests, diagnostic equipment, brake lathe, pipe bender, pedestal drill, body repair kit, fluid injection test kit, patch kits, emergency spill kits, creepers, etc.)
  • Proper tools (air and spring compressors, micrometer, spanners, wrenches, grinders, hydraulic jacks, etc.)
  • Basic inventory supplies (engine parts, nuts/bolts, engine oil, transmission fluid, funnels, rags, freon, fuel injection cleaner, car batteries, hoses, brake pads, etc.)

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If you’re in the market for a business loan to help make your garage a place that your customers will be happy to bring their vehicles, Loans Canada can help.


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