Creating Curb Appeal for a Quicker Sale

By Caitlin in Posts

The current economic state has many looking for a way to minimize their costs. One of the many ways people are trying to combat the economy is by downsizing. From downgrading their SUV’s to a sedan, switching from name brand products to generic, and even downsizing their living spaces for smaller, more manageable and cheaper living. If you are looking to get out of your high mortgage and into a smaller home, selling your current home is extremely important. With the housing market less than appealing for sellers, it is important now than ever to create the right impression for selling your home.

One of the main aspects of real estate is curb appeal. You only get one chance to make a first impression and that can be said about your home as well. When a prospective buyer approaches your home, you want to assure its appealing. As tedious as this may seem, there are a few suggestions that will create a great first impression and proper curb appeal to assist in selling your home.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness:

There is nothing more disappointing to a buyer than pulling up to a dirty and cluttered home. In the amount of time it takes the buyer to walk from the curb to the front door, they can already have their minds made up as to whether or not they like the house. As a seller it is important to create a level of excitement from the beginning. By cleaning up the yard, power washing the walls, painting the mailbox and door, and even washing the windows, you can make a great first impression that will get the buyer excited to explore the inside of the home.

If it’s broke, fix it:

When selling your home it is imperative to make the small repairs that you have been putting off for years. Cracked windows, broken shutters and lattices, hanging gutters and even a broken doorbell can deter a potential buyer. When they are looking for a home to begin their family in, utilize as an investment, or even just move up to from a smaller home, they want to find one with the smallest amount of work required. The low cost of repairing the small things can add up to a higher and quicker resale.

Make sure the grass is greener on your side:

The yard holds possibilities for families looking to purchase their first home. When a buyer imagines themselves living in your home, they want to be able to imagine barbecues in the yard, birthday parties and children playing. If your yard is just a dusty lot, they will have a hard time painting the perfect picture. Prepare your yard for sale by planting flowers, shrubs or drought resistant plants. Laying new grass can give the green feel that attracts the buyer and offering the right feeling of home and family, rather than the dread of having to sod the yard after they purchase. If you want a low cost and durable solution, artificial grass is easy to install, easy on the wallet, requires no maintenance and will last for years.

Set the stage:

One of the best ways to give the feeling of comfort and home to a prospective buyer is to set the stage. Create a yard that would appeal to most by adding the usual furniture and items that they themselves may intend to place there. Adding lawn chairs, a grill, birdbath or feeder, and even a porch swing can create the image of family and entertainment. This will make it easier for the buyers to picture themselves in your home, which is what you ultimately want. Occasionally buyers will also offer to pay more if you sell the furnishings with it.

Creating the right curb appeal can prove the most effective way to sell your home. As important as it is to offer the right price, offering the right feeling of comfort should be considered. If you are planning to sell your home, take the time to consider your home’s first impression and make it a reality. You will find the small investment will yield higher results.


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