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Canadians start their day with a quick stop for a freshly brewed coffee and Timbits. If that sounds like your routine, the Tims® Credit Card offers a tasty way to get rewarded for your purchases. Packed with strong earn rates where you spend the most each month, this card turns everything from your morning coffee to weekly gas fill-ups into more rewards towards your Tims favourites.

The rewards rate on Tim Hortons purchases rapidly accumulates points for frequent patrons, effectively converting regular visits into future savings. However, the reward potential in other categories is less competitive than flat-rate cash back cards. While alternatives offer higher bonuses and lower costs without annual fees, this card is great for dedicated Tim Hortons fans.

Our Verdict: Tims® Credit Card 

Best for Frequent Tim Hortons visitors who want to maximize rewards
What we like about the card– No annual fee- Welcome bonus points
– Tims loyalty program integration
– Smooth digital experience
What we don’t like about the card– Potentially high-interest rates
– Low regular earn rate
– Decreased rewards on secured card
– Redemption minimums & limitations
– Points expire 12 months after earning them
– 5x grocery & gas category excludes Walmart, Costco, and Costco Gas

Tim Hortons Credit Card Offer Overview 2023

Annual Fee$0 annual fee
Earn Rate (Unsecured Version)15x points per $1: At Tim Hortons locations in Canada (with Tims Rewards scan)
5x Points per $1: On groceries, gas, EV charging, transit, taxis, and rideshares
1x Point per $2: On all other purchases
Earn Rate (Secured Version)12x points per $1: At Tim Hortons locations in Canada (with Tims Rewards scan)
2x Points per $1: On groceries, gas, EV charging, transit, taxis, and rideshares
1x Point per $4: On all other purchases
Welcome Bonus– Get 10,000 up to bonus points (estimated $40 value)
– 4,000 points on the first purchase (in the first 30 days)
– 2,000 points for spending $200 per month (Up to 6,000 points)
Interest RateInterest on purchases: 20.99% to 25.99% (QC: 20.99%-24.99%)
Interest on cash advances: 22.99% to 27.99% (QC: 22.99%-25.99%)
Perks– Extended warranty up to $1,000 per incident
– Purchase protection for 90 days up to $1,000 per incident
– Mastercard zero liability
Spending CapsUp to $20,000/year combined for top-earning categories
Tim Hortons Credit Card

What We Like About The Tim Hortons Credit Card

  • No Annual Fee: The Tim Hortons Card eliminates annual fees, making it cost-effective for frequent use. Its rewards outweigh the zero annual cost, offering a budget-friendly alternative to premium cards with high fees.
  • Welcome Bonus Points: Upon approval, you receive a 10,000-point welcome bonus, equivalent to $40 in statement credits or various Tim Hortons products. 
  • Tims Loyalty Program Integration: This card integrates with the Tim Rewards program, allowing you to earn points from both card purchases and the loyalty program, maximizing your rewards. You can manage your card and points with a smooth digital experience. 

What We Think You Should Watch Out For With The Tim Hortons Credit Card

  • High-Interest Rates: The Tim Hortons Card has interest rates between 20.99% and 25.99%, higher than the Canadian average of 19%-20%. Attempt to pay off the monthly balance since it can become costly. 
  • Low Base Rewards: All non-category purchases earn very low rewards. While most cards offer a 1% base earn rate, the Tims card equates to 0.1-0.2% cash back. As such, this card only makes sense to use at Tim Hortons or on 5X categories.
  • Redemption Minimums & Limitations: The card limits statement credit redemptions from $5 to $45. You can also only redeem statement credits once per week. These limitations can delay rewards and reduce flexibility, especially for users not frequently redeeming or considering cancelling the card
  • Points Expire: Tims Rewards points expire 12 calendar months after they are earned. You risk expiration if you don’t use the points fast enough. This differs from most programs that only expire after +12 months of account inactivity. But this is better than McDonald’s and Starbucks, whose points expire six months from the month you earned them.

How To Apply For The Tim Hortons Credit Card

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 18+ years of age (19+ in some provinces)
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • No credit score or income requirements stated

How To Apply:

You can apply to the Tim Hortons app found on the App Store and Google Play Store. Approvals only require a few pieces of personal information. You receive either an instant approval decision or requests for additional details. 

You will get approved for a secured credit card or a regular credit card based on your credit score. If you get approved for the secured version, you must keep a minimum of $50 in your account as security funds.

How Do Tims Rewards Work?

The Tim Hortons Credit Card is a hybrid rewards card. While you earn points on spending, they can be redeemed for food items or statement credits. You can accumulate rewards up to 300,000 points at a time, and points expire 12 months after they were earned. These points can be redeemed and tracked from the Tims app in the App Store or Google Play.

How To Redeem Tims Rewards & What Can You Redeem For?

Tim Hortons Credit Card

Option A: In-Restaurant Menu Items

Points can be redeemed for free coffee, donuts, sandwiches, and more at participating Canadian Tim Hortons locations. This is an easy, convenient way to enjoy Tims food/drinks for free. The number of points needed depends on the menu item chosen. Keep in mind that you can earn up to 15 points per dollar spent at Tim Hortons 

Redemption OptionsRequired Points
– Classic Donuts
– Specialty Donuts
– Hashbrowns
– Cookies
300 points
– Coffee or Tea
– Dream Donuts
– Bagels
– Baked Goods
400 points
– Hot Chocolate
– French Vanilla
– Iced Coffee
– Potato Wedges
600 points
– Real Fruit Quenchers
– Cold Brew
– Classic Iced Capp
– 10-Pack Timbits
– Yogurt
– Frozen Beverages
– Espresso Drinks
800 points
– Breakfast Sandwiches
– Soups
1,100 points
– Farmer’s Wrap
– Lunch Sandwiches
– Chili
1,300 points
– Loaded Bowls
– Wraps
1,800 points

Option B: Statement Credits

For customers who prefer financial redemption, points can be used as statement credits. You can redeem statement credits in $5 increments (from $5 to $45 CAD). However, you are limited to one statement credit redemption per month. Statement credits apply to eligible existing purchases customers made on their card each billing cycle.

Redeeming statement credits from Tim Hortons purchases value your points at 6%, a very high earn rate. This is calculated using the statement credit redemption value of 1,250 points for $5. However, other categories see a reduced earn rate of up to 2%. Furthermore, the secured card earns less rewards.

How Many Points Can You Earn Per Month? 

Monthly SpendingMonthly Points
Tims Coffee Runs (15x points)$1001,500 points
Points at the Gas Pump (5x points)$100500 points
Grocery Shopping Rewards (5x points)$4002,000 points
Commuting and Ridesharing Benefits (5x points)$80400 points

By concentrating your regular expenses like gas, groceries, commuting, and Tim Hortons visits on the card, you can easily earn over 4,400 points or $17.6 in Tims statement credits. Otherwise, this strategy could reward you with a free box of Timbits weekly by smartly directing your everyday spending toward high-value rewards.

Top Tim Hortons Credit Card Alternatives

Credit CardAnnual FeeEarn Rate
Tims Credit Card (Unsecured)$00.25-15x Tims Point (0.1-6%)
American ExpressCobalt® Card$155.88 ($12.99 monthly)1-5x Amex Membership Rewards Points (2-10%)
Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card $00.5-2%
Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card$1201-6x Scene+ Points (1-6%)

American Express Cobalt® Card

The American Express Cobalt Card, and the Tim Hortons Credit Card appeal to different users given their contrasting fee structures, earnings rates, and perks. The Cobalt Card charges a $12.99 monthly fee but offers up to 10% on top spend categories and valuable travel protections. Its redemption flexibility via Amex partners is a key allure for frequent travellers and diners.

Conversely, the no-fee Tim Hortons Credit Card tailors specifically to loyal Tims customers with up to 6% back in rewards at Tim Hortons restaurants. Redemptions are focused on free food and drinks from Tims. While the Cobalt maximizes rewards across expenditures, the Tim Hortons Credit Card provides a straightforward incentive for Tims loyalists rather than well-rounded travellers and shoppers. 

Tangerine Money-Back Card

The no-fee Tangerine Money-Back Card edges out the Tim Hortons Credit Card for flexible spending with 2% cash-back rates on customizable categories. Though the Tims Card offers a higher 6% earn for Tims purchases, the Tangerine Card provides a better all-around value between its intro bonus and unlimited 2% earnings on customizable categories.

Scotiabank Gold American Express® Card

The Scotiabank Gold Amex Card provides exceptional earning power. Cardholders earn up to 6% in categories like groceries, dining, and entertainment. Further perks include no foreign exchange fees and access to special events. 

Conversely, the no-fee Tim Hortons card narrowly focuses benefits on Tim Hortons purchases, with modest earn rates capped at 6% back in Tims Rewards. While the Scotiabank Amex Gold optimizes points and privileges for frequent spenders and jet-setters, the Tim Hortons card grants complimentary coffee and baked goods for Canadian Tims loyalists.

Bottom Line

The Tim Hortons Credit Card is ideal for loyal Tims customers, turning daily coffee runs into rewards. It offers high bonus rates on Tim Hortons, gas, and transit purchases, allowing for quick point accumulation. Despite higher interest rates and modest non-bonus rates, the card’s appeal lies in its no annual fee, generous 10,000-point welcome bonus, integration with the loyalty program, and user-friendly mobile experience. Ultimately, the Tim Hortons Credit Card creates a symbiotic relationship; the more you swipe for double-doubles, the more they save for the next purchase.

Tim Hortons Credit Card FAQs

How to redeem Tim Hortons rewards?

Redeeming Tims Rewards is simple, use your accumulated points for free items on the Tim Hortons menu or apply them as statement credits on your credit card. You can check your points balance and redemption options via the Tim Hortons app.

How to apply for Tim Hortons credit card?

You can apply for the Tim Hortons credit card through the Tim Hortons app available on the App Store and Play Store.

Who is Tims Financial?

Tims Financial, part of Tim Hortons, offers the Tims Credit Card, enabling customers to earn rewards points on all purchases with extra points for specific categories like groceries, gas, and transit. Integrated into the Tim Hortons app, it allows easy management and reward redemption. While not a bank, Tims Financial partners with Neo Financial and Mastercard for secure services.
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