Asset Based Leasing and Financing

New Purchase Financing

Lease to own your next big-ticket purchase.

Are you a small start-up business, a well-established company or an individual in need of financing for a big ticket purchase? Are great terms and flexible financing extremely important to you? If so, you need to consider asset based leasing and financing.

We can help you finance your next big purchase – whether you’re looking to finance a new asset, or an expensive service.


Asset Based Financing

Leverage your assets to qualify for larger loans.

With asset based financing you can leverage assets you already own for cash. This means that if you’re an individual with a motorcycle, trailer, or other assets, you can leverage those assets to obtain a secured loan – despite your credit score. The same applies to businesses. Our program allows a business owner to leverage machinery, equipment and/or other assets for financing.


Who’s Eligible?

Asset based leasing and financing are great financing options for anyone or any business. There are a few criteria that need to be met but for the most part asset based leasing is open to anyone, ranging from people who need help purchasing a small item to larger businesses looking to purchase heavy machinery.

Why asset-based financing?

  • Credit scores are less important as the loan is secured and the lender is protected
  • As the loan is secured, you can qualify for a larger loan by leveraging your asset
  • For businesses: cover short-term cash flow requirements or grow your business

Qualification criteria:

  • Need to be working or living in Canada
  • Looking to purchase product or services for either personal or commercial use
  • Established or start-up businesses are accepted
  • Any credit history is accepted

What Type of Assets can be Financed?

The variety of assets that can be financed is extensive. Here is a small selection of the assets you can finance with asset based leasing:

For businesses:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Tractors and farming equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Refrigeration
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Big rigs, trucks
  • Welding equipment
  • Janitorial equipment

For consumers:

  • ATVs, Ski-Doos and motorcycles
  • Boats and other recreational vehicles
  • Motor Homes
  • Trailers
  • Jewelry
  • And more!

Should you have any questions about specific assets that you wish to purchase or leverage please contact us. Please note that Loans Canada can also help you finance expensive services (such as expensive medical procedures).

Get the financing you need today!

If you’re currently in need of machinery, manufacturing tools, a motor vehicle or any type of smaller personal use equipment and money is an issue, you need to consider asset based financing. Contact us today to discuss how you can get the financing you need.

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