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Second Mortgages

Did you know? Second mortgages are great ways to get access to a lot of money by using the equity of your property. People normally get second mortgages when they need money for a car, as a down payment for another property, to renovate their homes and to consolidate their debt.

How You’ll Benefit From a 2nd Mortgage

If you are incurring one of the following expenses:

– Home renovations and improvements
– Debt consolidation to lower your monthly payments
– New car purchase
– Any other big expense

A second mortgage is a great way to acquire the financing you are looking for.

Qualification – Why Loans Canada?

Second mortgages are a little harder to obtain than first mortgages. Second home loans usually come with slightly higher rates than they would for new purchases (this is where we come in), however in the case of using a 2nd mortgage to consolidate your debt you would benefit from lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.

How can Loans Canada help? Applying with Loans Canada isn’t like applying with a bank or any other conventional mortgage broker. Loans Canada is a national financial services network and as such benefits from volume discounts, access to the largest array of lenders and a heck of a lot more – and we leverage all of our advantages in the favor of our amazing customers.

We can help you find the lowest second mortgage rates and enjoy long term financial prosperity.

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