Injury Loans

Were you recently injured and are no longer able to work? Are your bills starting to pile up and are your savings being drained? Loans Canada can help you qualify for a private loan that will help you regain control over your finances. Being injured and also unable to work is an extremely unfortunate situation but there is still many options to help you get through this hard time. Loans Canada wants to help you get back on your feet, we’re not like banks who only want to benefit themselves. We work hard to get you what you need.

Benefits of working with Loans Canada:

  • Personalized service
  • Easy payment plans
  • Quick and simple application process
  • Fast turnover time
  • More options

Medical Expenses

When you’re injured and unable to work even the most basic and necessary expenses can be hard to deal with, let alone medical bills that always seem way too expensive. Applying for a loan from Loans Canada will allow you to make all your basic payments on time, including:

  • Rent
  • Utility bill
  • Car payment
  • Credit card payments

Even if you’re able to continue to pay your monthly bills and afford your daily expenses, your medical bills will soon start to add up. At Loans Canada our loans specialists will work with you and for you to get the loan that best suits your personal needs. So when the bill for your last doctor’s appointment, prescription or even surgery arrives you’ll be able to pay for it on time and the stress of dealing with medical expenses won’t be too hard to handle.

At Loans Canada we want to help you with your financial situation so that you can pay for your medical bills and focus on the important things, like recovering from your injury and getting back to work.


All consultations and conversations with Loans Canada and its partners are confidential and risk-free. Speak with a trusted specialist today and see how we can help you achieve your financial goals faster.

Loans Canada and its partners will never ask you for an upfront deposit, upfront fees or upfront insurance payments on a loan. To protect yourself, read more on this topic by visiting our page on loan scams.