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Rising inflation has not only pushed grocery prices up but the general cost of living for Canadians. Given the strain this has put on many Canadians’ wallets, every dollar saved is invaluable. Thankfully, the Moi program offers Canadians a way to save money through coupons and points.

What Is The Moi Program?

The Moi program is a points program which allows you to redeem points at checkout with participating stores. Points can be collected at select stores in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Customers enrolled in the Moi program can collect points at Super C, Metro, Première Moisson and Brunet in Quebec, as well as Jean Coutu in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

The Moi program will be expanding in Ontario in 2024. Both Food Basics and Metro will be adopting the Moi program as Metro will be ending the Air Miles program for Ontario stores on July 21st, 2024.

How Much Are The Moi Points Worth? 

Moi customers can earn points based on the available offers. Each 125 points earned is equal to $1, but you can only redeem your points when you have a minimum of 500 points ($4 value).

Where Can You Earn Moi Points?

As previously mentioned, Moi points can only be earned at select stores and provinces in Canada. Below, we’ve broken down where you can earn Moi points: 


Metro grocery stores are only available in Quebec and Ontario. As such, all Quebecers and Ontarians can earn Moi points at Metro, excluding Metro Coop Fermont. Users can earn Moi points at participating Metro stores and gain access to personalized coupons.

As noted above, the Moi program is not currently available in Ontario but will be soon in 2024.  The Metro stores in Ontario are in the middle of switching from the Air Miles program to the Moi program. 

Jean Coutu

Jean Coutu stores are located in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Moi program subscribers can earn Moi points on everyday purchases at participating banners.

Users also will receive personalized coupons and offers on beauty products and health products.

Super C

At Super C, the amount of points Moi rewards users earn is based on available point offers. Users will also gain access to personalized offers and coupons.


Brunet is a pharmacy and health store in Quebec. Those subscribed to the Moi program can collect points at any Brunet store. Like the other stores, you’ll be able to earn Moi points on your purchases.

Première Moisson

Première Moisson is a bakery operating in Quebec and Ottawa. However, Moi rewards program customers can only collect points and rewards at any Première Moisson operating in Quebec only.

How To Increase The Amount Of Points Your Earn

You can increase the amount of points you earn by taking advantage of the Moi program’s special offers. For example, more points can be earned at special events, such as “Scratch and earn up to 1 million points” or “55 points on the purchase of a belgian sourdough bread”.

Moi Program events

Note: Moi subscribers can also save money by taking advantage of special Moi member pricing for grocery and other store items. These can generally be found on the weekly flyers.

RBC Moi Card

RBC Moi Card

You can also increase the amount of points you earn by applying for a RBC Moi credit card. Customers who use the RBC MOI credit card can access more points through this program. Users will earn 3000 welcome points when they make their first purchase with the RBC card. Moreover, unlike the regular Moi program, customers with RBC Moi credit cards can earn Moi points on all purchases: 

  • Earn 2x Moi points on purchase made at Super C, Metro, Première Moisson and Brunet in Quebec, as well as Jean Coutu in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.
  • Earn 2x Moi points on dining, gas and EV charges. 
  • Earn 1x Moi point on every dollar spent on all other purchases. 

Earned points will be seen on your monthly credit card statement and Moi account up to six weeks after registering and being approved for a Moi credit card. 

You can sign up for a Moi credit card online and

How To Redeem Your Moi Points

Moi points can be redeemed for purchases at checkout at any participating store once you collect 500 points. 500 Moi points is equal to $4. 

These points can also be redeemed in exchange for special offers, gifts and product discounts. In order to redeem these points, you can use your Moi card in-store or log in to your Moi account online.

Other Moi Benefits

  • Contests: Moi program users can enter contests to win products or monetary compensation that can be redeemed at partnering stores. For example, previous contests included a chance to win a $1000 gift card to Metro, a bean bag chair or Nutella merchandise.
  • Specialized Offers: Metro offers personalized offers to Moi program users so they can earn more points. For example, users may receive offers such as “150 points for every $15 spent on fruits and vegetables” or  “Double your points”. 

How Do You Apply For Moi? 

Depending on the store you shop at, you can download the app to earn, view and redeem your points. You can use the same account to sign into any of these apps by creating a MoiID account.

You must provide your name and email to create your MoiID account, which you can do by going to

My Metro appPlay Store
App Store
Super C appPlay Store
App Store
Jean Coutu & Moi appPlay Store
App Store
Brunet & Moi appPlay Store
App Store

Is Moi Available Across Canada?

Moi is available in three provinces across Canada. The rewards program is largely available in Quebec for customers shopping at Super C, Metro, Première Moisson and Brunet.

Customers in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec can redeem Moi points at Jean Coutu stores.

Bottom Line

Moi program users aren’t only able to save money off of their grocery bills, but they can also enter to win giftcards, products and merchandise, access flyers and more. Those that sign up for an RBC Moi credit card can collect even more points, helping them save more money on future grocery bills.

Moi Program FAQs

Do Moi Points Expire? 

Moi points do not expire if Moi customers keep their Moi account open. 

Do you earn points on all purchases? 

You can earn Moi points on purchases made in Metro, Première Moisson, Jean Coutu, Brunet and Super C. Points are earned based on the offers you receive.

Does Moi have an app?

Moi has four different apps: My Metro app, Super C app, Jean Coutu & Moi app and the Brunet & Moi app. App users can view how many points they have, and obtain rewards, personalized coupons and weekly flyers through these apps.
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