• $25 Welcome Bonus: Neo is offering new customers a $25 welcome bonus, sign up by clicking the button below and receive your $25.
  • Help (re)build* your credit and get rewarded for it too
  • Guaranteed approval for all Canadians¹.
  • Get an average 5%² unlimited cashback at thousands of Neo partners, plus a minimum 1%³ back across all purchases.
  • Change your limit any time, and use your deposit to pay off your bill if you ever need to.
  • Track your spending with real-time notifications and view your balance in seconds.
  • You can build your credit score by making payments on time and in full each month.
  • Forget annual fees and over-limit fees.*
  • Cash out your rewards at any time.
  • Customize cards by adding Neo perks. Neo perks are stackable and reward you for spending by boosting cashback offers for different categories. You can easily add a perk to your card via the Neo app and cancel it at any time.

Annual Fee: $0


  • Purchase Rate: 19.99%-26.99%
  • Cash Advance Rate: 22.99% - 28.99%
  • For Quebec:
    • Purchase Rate: 19.99%-24.99%
    • Cash Advance: 22.99%-25.99%

Min. Credit Score Range Recommended:

Legal (from issuer):
¹ Age of majority in your province or territory of residence; Canadian resident; and must provide security funds. ² Average based on current offers. Cashback varies per offer and partner. ³ Top-up is limited to $5,000 of spending per month at non-partners. * Help build your credit score by making payments on time and in full each month **Monthly Statements; No monthly or annual fees; 21 day grace period; Minimum payment is the higher of $10.00 or 5.0% of total statement balance; Purchase rate (19.99%-24.99%) and cash advance rate (21.99%-26.99%).

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