RV Loans and Mobile Home Loans

Borrow using your RV

Finding the cash for an emergency medical bill or an unexpected car repair isn’t always easy, so many individuals turn to loans to fill gaps in their financial plans. A complete lack of credit history makes it just as hard to get an unsecured loan as a bad credit score. However, you aren’t out of luck if you already own valuable investments like a recreational vehicle. RV title loans allow you to use your favorite camper or Class A motor home to secure the money you need for big expenses that aren’t covered by limited personal loans.

Leverage Your RV For Lending

Many Canadians have chosen to put their hard earned money into physical rewards rather than carefully borrowing and repaying debts to build a credit history. If your credit score has led you to be turned down before by banks, consider bringing your RV to the table during your next attempt to secure funding. Lenders know they have more security when handing money over with an agreement to take something of value if the cash isn’t repaid on the mobile home loans. There’s no worry about your RV leaving your possession unless you fail to repay your loans, making it an ideal opportunity for anyone who knows they have money coming in shortly to settle their debt. You keep your RV and can even keep using it for a vacation taken with the loan.

Security Means Better Rates

Since these kinds of bad credit RV loans are known as secured loans, they often come with lower interest rates as well. Unsecured lending comes with big risks, even when the banks are working with borrowers who have perfect credit scores. Private RV loans work well for anyone who doesn’t want to pay a high interest rate just because their past relationship with borrowing was a little rocky.

Borrow with your RV or Mobile Home


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