Freightliner Truck and Big Rig Purchasing & Financing

Freightliner Truck and Big Rig Purchasing & Financing

Written by Corrina Murdoch
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood
Last Updated December 3, 2021

A company with a 75-year track record as a leader in the truck industry, Freightliner manufactures heavy-duty trucks for wholesale transportation businesses. Using cutting-edge technology in the construction and design of their vehicles, this American company has a good reputation as a high-end fleet vehicle supplier. Whether you are just opening your trucking company or are looking to invest in better models to improve efficiency, Freightliner is a great place to start. 

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Types of Trucks Offered by Freightliner

Freightliner has a wide range of trucks, each designed to work best in certain situations. Depending on if the trucks need to handle rough terrain, go long distances, or are being purchased for fuel-efficiency, you will want a different model. Categorized below, there are quite a few options from which you can choose. 

HighwayMediumSevereNatural Gas
M2 112
M2 106
M2 112 Natural Gas
114 SD Natural Gas
Cascadia Natural Gas

Freightliner Truck Features

Freightliner is known in the industry for offering high-technology trucks that are built to last. Everything from the vehicle components to the special features is crafted with precise function and durability in mind. While there are some standard things that all trucks will have (tires, carburetors, etc.), Freightliner sets its trucks apart from the rest by going one step further. 

By adding features to promote ease of function, both administratively and technically, you can more easily manage your fleet. Each of the trucks supplied by Freightliner offers a whole host of powerful features. These include: 

Detroit Powertrain

This feature refers to the ability of the drivetrain system to work at high efficiency. All of the parts are crafted to optimize performance. This reduces the need for maintenance and helps your business spend less on its fleet overall. Important aspects of this feature include the high-end transmission system, power steering abilities, and quality craftsmanship of all the vehicle components. 

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Detroit Assurance

Referring to the safety components on the vehicles, this actually involves many independent components. The vehicle provides safety through the radar that mounts to the bumper. There is also an option for a camera mounted to the windshield. The Detroit Assurance features operate in conjunction with all the major systems in the vehicle to prevent the risk of collisions. 

Detroit Connect

A very helpful component is the ability of the vehicle to convert the raw data it collects onto the road into relevant information. Meant to optimize the truck’s performance, it also gives you access to a remote technician who can diagnose vehicular issues.

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Truck and Transportation Financing in Canada

AmountInterestTerm (months)
SharpShooter Funding$1,000 - $300,000Fee-Based: Starting at 9%12 - 60 More Info
OnDeck$5,000 - $300,0008% - 29%6 - 18More Info
Money Line Capital$5,000+4.9% - 24.99%18 - 48More Info
iCapital$5,000 - $250,000-3 - 18More Info
Thinking CapitalUp to $300,0008% - 22%6 - 12 More Info
Merchant Growth$5,000 - $500,000-6 - 18More Info
CanaCapUp to $250,000--More Info
Company Capital$5,000 - $100,000+6.87%3 - 18More Info

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Freightliner Truck?

Purchasing a truck for your business is a big decision; and, before you make your choice, there are a few things to keep in mind. The primary goal of a business is to maximize profits. While vehicles are expensive equipment, when you get high-quality models, it can increase your margins in the long run. 

Freightliner vehicles are made to limit the risk of breakdown by using the features above. This reduces your ongoing expenses. Plus, since they rely on modern technology, efficiency is higher; and, therefore, the cost of fuel is less. There are other things to consider as well, including

  • Engine: The key to the proper function of any vehicle lies in a quality engine. Be sure that it is capable of supporting the demand placed on it. Look also to the transmission, since these two parts tend to be the most expensive to replace and are difficult to repair. When the vehicle is outfitted with a good quality powertrain system, you can more easily rely on it over the long term. 
  • Cab type: Another important factor in finding the right Freightliner truck lies in the cab. Where the driver is seated, a good cab means accessible and reliable controls. Ideally, it will offer a good amount of space and include powerful AC and heating. Depending on the purpose of the truck, you’ll want something that accommodates a sleeper in the back of the cab. 
  • New or Used: When it comes time to purchase the vehicle, this is an important question to address. A used vehicle will come with a proportionately smaller price tag. However, if the mileage is too high, it can indicate issues with the engine. Wear and tear drastically impacts the efficiency of trucks, meaning it is often worth the added cost to purchase a new model. 
  • Preventative Maintenance: All vehicles require a certain amount of preventative maintenance, and it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the demands. This is especially true if you plan to pursue a warranty. Ensure that preventative maintenance is reasonable and accessible. 
  • Track Record: While new and exciting, vehicles that haven’t been on the market for very long are more difficult to rely on over the long term. Since they have yet to prove their ability to last, it is often better to choose proven businesses like Freightliner (a company with products on the market for over seven decades). 
  • Special Features: Finally, you’ll want to think about the bells and whistles. Whether you’re the driver or will be hiring someone, the comfort level offered by the truck can drastically impact morale. So, it helps to take a few extra minutes to consider things like heated seats, accessibility of adapters, and the amenities which make the vehicle more pleasant to operate. 

Where can You Finance a Freightliner Truck? 

Chances are that you won’t be paying for the whole truck upfront since it is such a large investment. The good news is that there are a lot of available options for financing these large trucks. Unlike car loans, you have to seek out different lenders for industrial purposes. In fact, banks don’t usually offer loans of this type. You can, however, approach: 

Alternative Lenders

A better approach than a standard bank, you can find lenders that will work with you whether you have good or bad credit. If you have a good credit profile, then you can find quite competitive loan terms. Depending on the lender, you may be able to find reasonable rates with a rougher credit history. There are ways to improve your chances of getting a loan, including raising your down payment or adding collateral


Another proven approach is to deal directly with the manufacturer when purchasing a truck. More often than not, most manufacturers have lenders that they work with to offer financing to trucking companies that want to purchase new trucks.

By connecting you with the company that creates the automobiles themselves, you can get better terms. Working directly with the manufacturer can streamline the process and make it more affordable. 

Final Thoughts

Especially for transportation companies, finding a top-quality truck is really important. Freightliner has a proven track record of success on the market. Provided you do your research and find the best-suited truck, you can use the equipment to strengthen your business well into the future. 

When it comes to cutting-edge technology and fuel efficiency, Freightliner is one of the best ways to go. The manufacturer features multiple models, each with features to improve functionality. With so many amenities to improve performance, the available trucks give you an edge over the competition. A truck should last for quite a long time, making it a worthy investment for transportation businesses. If you’re looking for the right financing to purchase a semi-truck for your business, Loans Canada can help.

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