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It’s the last thing you want to see in your rear-view mirror when driving: police cruiser lights signalling you to pull over. You were speeding and got caught, which can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you may be on the road. But speeding tickets are expensive.

If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket, you’ll need to pay it by the due date. Luckily, you can pay your speeding ticket online, which is a lot faster and more convenient than having to make your way to the courthouse to pay it in person.     

Read on to find out how to pay a speeding ticket online and why it’s important to make your payment on time.

When Do You Get A Speeding Ticket?

You can get a speeding ticket if you’re driving faster than the posted speed limit, which varies based on the location and the road. If there are no posted speed limit signs, there are specific default limits you must abide by, depending on where you live. 

In Ontario, for instance, the default speed limit is 50 km/h in cities, towns, and villages, and 80 km/h everywhere else. In Quebec, the default speed limit for highways is 100km/h, 70km/h for gravel roads and 50km/h for city and municipal streets. 

It’s your responsibility to know what the speed limit is and obey it. If you’re caught going over the limit, the police officer who pulls you over can issue you a speeding ticket.

Ways To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online In Canada

There are several payment options to pay for a speeding ticket. Each province allows specific payment methods, which may include the following:

  • Credit card
  • Visa debit card
  • Cheque or money order (when paying by mail or in-person only) 

If you believe you don’t deserve the ticket and would like to contest it, you can do so. When you’re issued a ticket, you generally have the option to attend court to dispute it

How To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online

The easiest way to pay for your speeding ticket is online. You’ll need a credit or debit card to complete your payment. 

How To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online In Ontario 

To pay your speeding ticket online in Ontario, visit the Provincial Offences Court website and follow these steps:

  • Enter your ticket number and offence number located on the ticket
  • Click “Next”
  • Verify the ticket information, including the date and location of the offence, and the total amount due
  • Choose your payment method and enter the required information
  • Confirm payment

How To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online In Alberta

To pay your speeding ticket online in Alberta, visit the Alberta fine payment website and follow these steps: 

  • Enter your ticket number 
  • Click “Submit”
  • Choose your payment method and enter the required information
  • Enter your email address to receive your receipt
  • Complete payment

How To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online In British Columbia

To pay your speeding ticket online in British Columbia, ensure that your ticket starts with the letters “E” or “S.” If so, you can pay your ticket online through PayBC. If your ticket starts with “A,” you’ll have to pay by mail, telephone, or in person.

Visit the PayBC website and follow these steps: 

  • Choose “Pay a Traffic Violation Ticket” from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the ticket number and violation time
  • Enter your payment information
  • Complete payment

How To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online In Quebec

To pay your speeding ticket online in Quebec, visit the Bureau des infractions et amendes website and follow these steps: 

  • Enter your statement of offence number or court file number
  • Click “Validate”
  • Enter your payment information 
  • Complete payment either by credit card, Interac Online, or through your bank’s website

What Are The Fines For Speeding In Canada?

Each province has its own rules and regulations for driving. There are rules on drinking and driving, driving high and speeding. Here’s what can happen if you speed: 


In Quebec, you’ll be charged a base amount of $15 plus an extra amount based on how fast you were speeding. 

Extra Charges Based On How Over The Speed Limit You WereHow Much You Went Over The Speed Limit
$10 for every 5 km/h you go above the speed limit1 to 20 km/h
$15 for every 5 km/h you go above the speed limit21 to 30 km/h
$20 for every 5 km/h you go above the speed limit31 to 45 km/h
$25 for every 5 km/h you go above the speed limit46 to 60 km/h
$30 for every 5 km/h you go above the speed limit61km/h or more

So, if you go 45km/h over the posted speed limit, you’d be charged $15 (base amount) + 9 (45/5) x $20 = $195. Do note, the amount doubles if you speed in school or work zones. 


In Ontario, you may receive demerit points and a fine for speeding. 

Fine AmountHow Much You Went Over The Speed Limit
$3 per km/h when you go above the speed limit1-19km/h
$4.50 per km/h when you go above the speed limit20-29km/h
$7 per km/h when you go above the speed limit30-49km/h
$9.75 per km/h when you go above the speed limit50km/h or more

For example, if you go 25 km/h over the speed limit, you’ll be charged $112. Plus you may receive 3 to 6 demerit points. Do note, that penalties can also lead to a suspension of your license, jail and up to $50,000 in fines if you’ve been deemed an aggressive or careless driver or if you’re convicted of causing bodily injury or death. 


In Alberta, the standard speeding fines can range from $81 to $495, if you were speeding between 1 to 50km/h. If you go over 50km/h over the speed limit, you’ll need to make a mandatory court appearance. The fine you pay will be at the discretion of the court.  

Do note, fines for speeding in construction zones or where emergency responders are present will double. 

British Columbia

In British Columbia, speeding fines range from $138 to $483 depending on how fast you were speeding and where you were speeding. For example, speeding in a school zone will likely result in a higher fine. 

Speeding:Speeding Fine
In or outside a municipality
Against a highway, municipal or area sign
On a municipal line$138
In a school or playground zone$196-$253
Excessive speeding​$368-$483

Depending on how many speeding infractions you’ve received. You may also be required to pay a Driver Risk Premium

What If You Can’t Afford To Pay Your Speeding Ticket?

Some speeding tickets can be extremely expensive, depending on how far over the speed limit you were caught driving. A serious driving offence can cost you hundreds of dollars, plus demerit points and an increase in your insurance premiums.   

Many Canadians may find it difficult to find extra cash to cover these unforeseen expenses, especially with so many other bills that need to be paid. Mortgage payments, rent, utility bills, car loans, student loans, and everyday cost of living expenses can make it really tough to dedicate a few extra hundred dollars to paying a speeding ticket.

Apply For A Personal Loan 

If you’ve been issued a ticket that you can’t afford, consider taking out a personal loan. The funds can be used to pay your speeding ticket in full by the due date. This way you’re not at risk of being slapped with further consequences for not paying your violation. For example, late payment fees or interest charges.

In the meantime, you can spread out the cost of the personal loan over very small installment payments over the course of a few months or years.

Final Thoughts

As bothersome as a speeding ticket is, you can make things easier on yourself by paying it online. With a credit or debit card in hand, you can pay for your ticket from wherever you are. Even better, you’ll receive instant confirmation and won’t have to take time out of your day to go ticket in person. If you recently received a speeding ticket, do yourself a favour and pay for it online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to pay a speeding ticket?

Yes, you must pay a speeding ticket. If you don’t, you’ll be faced with additional repercussions in addition to the original fee on the ticket. 

Can I dispute a speeding ticket? 

Yes, you can dispute a ticket if you think you were unfairly charged or if there were any errors on the ticket. If you wish to dispute the ticket, you’ll need to request a hearing in court. It may be worth trying this route. Especially if your ticket is very expensive and you’re at risk of having several demerit points added to your driver’s licence.  

What happens if I don’t pay my speeding ticket? 

If you fail to pay your ticket, you could face more serious consequences, such as licence suspension and even jail time.

Do speeding tickets affect your credit score? 

No, a speeding ticket won’t affect your credit score as it is not reported to the credit bureaus. However, it problems can arise if you leave the ticket unpaid for a long time. From added penalties to your ticket to being sold to a debt collection agency. 
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