How To Get Paid To Watch Youtube

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How To Get Paid To Watch Youtube

Written by Lisa Rennie
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood

How To Get Paid To Watch Youtube


Make Money Side Hustle

YouTube is an online video platform that allows anyone to upload all sorts of footage that can eventually be monetized. 

With enough video views and page subscribers, YouTubers can make a full-time living and even become extremely wealthy using this platform. In fact, many people have become international celebrities because of their huge presence on YouTube.’

How Does Youtube Work?

How you earn money: There are several ways to make money on YouTube, including the following:

  • Advertisements
  • Selling products
  • Affiliate marketing with brands
  • Licensing content to the media
  • Working as an influencer

There is no set number of video views associated with a specific dollar figure. That said, it generally takes about 1,000 views to earn around $5. That means you could get paid $5 per 1,000 views. So, a $100 day, for instance, would require approximately 20,000 using these metrics. However, this figure depends on ad quality and the cost for the particular ad.

How to redeem funds: All payments are made through your Google AdSense account after your earnings have been finalized. You’ll have to sign into your AdSense account in order to get paid. 

Why it stands out: This platform makes it fun to earn money and is easy to use. Monetizing is relatively straightforward. However, you’ll need to acquire a solid number of video views in order to earn a few dollars.

How To Get Paid To Watch Youtube

Not only can you earn cash by creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos, but you can even make money without a channel of your own. More specifically, you may be able to earn money by simply watching YouTube videos! Here are a couple of ways to do so.


Paid2YouTube was established in 2009 to help YouTube channel owners increase their video views, subscriptions, and comments. But it also helps people earn money to watch YouTube videos, subscribe to a channel, or leave comments.  

How to earn money: You can earn money in the following ways using Paid2YouTube:

  • $0.001 to $0.005 per video you watch (the exact amount is based on how long the video is)
  • $0.10 for a comment you leave on the video you watched 
  • $0.01 for rating a video
  • $0.15 for subscribing the YouTube channel 
  • $0.001 for every video you refer

The videos watched must be accessed through the Paid2YouTube website.

How do you redeem money: Any money you earn will be sent to your PayPal account, and once you meet a certain threshold, you can withdraw your funds.

Why it stands out: You can get paid for things you’re doing for free anyway. Millions of people watch YouTube videos all the time, and Paid2YouTube allows people to earn a few bucks to do so. Plus, it’s easy and free to join.


If you prefer to watch videos using your smartphone, then SlideJoy might be something worth checking out. This app will pay you to interact with advertisements that appear on your mobile device. For instance, rather than ignoring an ad, you can engage with it by sliding to the left. You may be required to watch a video on YouTube or visit a certain website. You can always skip watching an ad and swipe right if you so choose.

How you earn money: All you need to do to earn money or discounts on merchandise is unlock your phone and allow the app to lock your screen into an advertising area. The ads that show up are tailored specifically to you based on your profile. After downloading and activating Slidejoy, simply turn on your screen and watch an advertisement. 

How to redeem money: You can redeem points you accumulate for cash through PayPal, or gift cards.

Why it stands out: You almost have nothing to do when it comes to earning some cash with SlideJoy. Just unlock your phone, watch a quick ad, then be on your way.

Check out some other ways to score free gift cards online.

Other Ways To Make Money By Watching Videos And Ads In Canada

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, there are a handful of other ways to earn some extra cash by watching videos and advertisements. 


Caddle is a free app that lets you earn cash back by buying certain products, leaving reviews, responding to surveys, and more. The company connects brands to their consumers. While they help their clients by collecting useful insight data, they’re also giving everyday people the chance to earn some cash at the same time.

All you need to do is download the Caddle app on your mobile device, sign up, and browse the weekly cash back and survey opportunities that you’d like to participate in. If you buy anything, you’ll need to submit an image of your receipt. 

Once you’ve earned at least $20, you can cash out and a cheque will be sent to you in the mail by the brands specifically involved in the campaign.


If you love watching and streaming TV shows and movies, then you’ll have the idea of getting paid at the same time. The Viggle app rewards you for interacting with all your favorite TV channels or streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Viggle app is powered by Perk, a mobile reward program. After downloading the Viggle app, tap on it, check in, and start earning Perk Points. You can redeem your Perk Points for prizes or gift cards, or exchange your points for cash through the Perk Plastik prepaid debit card


Like Cattle, iRazoo collects valuable consumer information and provides it to their clients to help them improve their offerings. By participating with iRazoo, you can earn money while providing them with the insight needed to help their clients. 

After joining iRazoo, you can complete easy tasks like playing games, taking surveys, and watching videos, which you’ll earn points for. Once you’ve earned at least 3,000 points, you can redeem them in the form of gift cards to places like Home Depot and Amazon, or in cash from PayPal. 

If you enjoy completing easy tasks online for cash, you might also want to check out our review of Daily Rewards.


This app lets you earn free gift cards to your favourite merchants for participating in various online activities, including taking surveys, watching videos, browsing the web, and even shopping online. The points you earn from these activities can be traded in for gift cards from one of over 350 merchants, including Amazon, lululemon, and DoorDash. 

Final Thoughts

There are literally dozens of ways to make money online, some more complicated than others. But if you’re looking for an incredibly easy way to earn an extra few bucks every month with minimal effort — even while you do things you normally would do anyway for free — watching YouTube videos and participating in other online activities is a great way to start.

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