Looking to Make Your Business Greener?

Looking to Make Your Business Greener?

It’s becoming more and more of a priority for businesses to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. If you run a business, one way of doing your part for the environment is by taking the first step toward greener production and energy efficiency. By going green, you’ll be giving your business a purpose and giving back to your community. Helping to grow your local green economy is a great place to start.

How Can I Make My Business Greener?

The first step toward making your enterprise greener, cleaner, and more energy efficient is to realize the areas where your business might be harming the environment or where you can cut down on your energy production. If you run a factory, if your business relies on multiple vehicles, or simply uses a lot of energy, there are definitely a wide variety of ways you can cut back on your emissions.

You can try some of the following steps:

  • Installing high-performance lighting
  • Buying energy-efficient equipment that uses less electricity
  • Installing wind turbines, solar panels, or hydroelectric energy technology
  • Producing green products and services
  • Upgrading your boiler, furnace, or another power source
  • Buying or leasing hybrid or fully electric business vehicles
  • Installing “stop-start” (anti-idling) devices in your current vehicles
  • Installing eco-friendly factory exhaust ports

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Isn’t Going Green Expensive?

Yes, it’s true that green vehicles, machinery, and energy systems can be pricier than those that run on fossil fuels or electricity. In fact, those costs are what deter a lot of business owners from becoming more environmentally friendly. Since a huge portion of your savings, capital, and additional income is already going toward managing your business, it can be tough to make the decision to invest in greener technology.

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Then again, wouldn’t your utility bills be reduced if you found a way to use up less energy? Not to mention that making an active effort to reduce environmental damage is good for your community, the health of your employees and customers, and your business as a whole. By turning your workplace eco-friendly, you’ll be starting a trend that shows other industry professionals that it’s possible to succeed (and turn a profit), while still doing your part to support environmentally sustainable business practices.

Eco-Efficiency Business Loans

Does the concept of an eco-friendly business sound appealing? Good, you’re making a wise choice. Now all you need is a way to make your new green gear more affordable. In that case, we’ve got more good news! Specialized eco-efficiency business loans are now readily available to Canadian enterprises that are looking to become greener or start a green initiative. Some services you can access to include but aren’t limited to:

  • Affordable financing (eco-efficiency and micro-loans for green business startup and expansion)
  • Grants
  • Partnerships
  • Learning, networking, resources, and events

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What Types of Organizations Can Benefit From an Eco-Efficiency Business Loan?

In reality, any type of organization can benefit from an eco-efficiency business loan. After all, almost every enterprise, whether its service, merchandising, or manufacturing-based, needs power to function properly. These industry organizations include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Businesses of all kinds
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Housing co-operatives
  • Property-managed strata
  • Female-run businesses that emphasize sustainable business practices
  • First Nation Government
  • Social enterprises

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Going Green? Choose the Loans Canada Network!

No matter what kind of organization you’re running, remember that switching to an eco-friendly way of doing business is a healthy choice for you and the world around you. If you’d like to get connected with the best sources of eco-efficiency business loans in your neighborhood, contact Loans Canada today.

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