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There are seemingly endless ways to make a few extra bucks on the side, and refer-a-friend programs are one of the easiest. The Fido Refer-A-Friend program, however, is different. You can earn up to 5 months of free service each year. I don’t know of many companies that will give you nearly 50% off your annual bill.

Here are a few things to know about the Fido referral program. We cover how it works and how to get your rewards.

Who Is Fido?

Fido is a Canadian cellphone network company. In 2004, Rogers Communications acquired Fido, and the company now operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) over the Rogers Wireless network. Fido is popular among Canadians looking for a more affordable and flexible mobile and internet plan.

What Is The Fido Refer-A-Friend Program?

Fido’s refer-a-friend program will reward you every time someone you refer to the mobile network provider becomes a client. If both you and the individual you refer meet certain criteria, you’ll each receive a one-month bill credit. 

Who’s Eligible To Use The Program?

In order for you and the person you refer to earn your rewards, there are eligibility requirements to meet. As the person referring others, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Fido customer 
  • Have either a Data, Talk and Text plan or a Talk and Text postpaid plan
  • Be up-to-date with your payments for 30 days

The person you refer must also meet certain requirements:

  • Become a new mobile customer 
  • Activate a new Fido mobile number on a Data, Talk and Text plan or Talk and Text postpaid plan
  • Be up-to-date with payments for 30 days

So if both you and your referred person pay your Fido bill at least once, you qualify for the referral reward. Of course, you have to check with Fido’s terms and conditions that apply.

How Does It Work?

The Fido Refer-a-Friend program is easy. Follow these steps to bring friends and family on board so you both can earn:

  • Visit
  • Enter your contact information
  • Agree to the Fido Refer-a-Friend Program rules

You get a unique link that you can use to share with others. Friends and family must use your link to sign up and unlock their offer within 45 days of receiving it. If all eligibility requirements are met, as described above, you’ll both earn a referral reward.

The referral process is complete once the referred individual activates their Fido mobile service and submits their new Fido phone number on their referral page. It usually takes between two or three billing cycles for the referral process to be completed, after which you and the person you refer will receive your rewards.

The more people you refer who become Fido customers, the more you’ll be rewarded. You can receive up to 5 months of free service every year.

Final Thoughts On Fido’s Refer-A-Friend Program

If you’re already a client, consider enrolling in the Fido refer-a-friend program. If you’re happy with the service, tell your friends and family about it, and you can be rewarded for your referrals.

Fido Refer-A-Friend Program - FAQs

How do I contact Fido about their referral program?

To get in touch with customer support at Fido, fill out the form on the Fido Contact Page.

How many rewards am I able to earn?

You can earn up to 5 referral rewards each year, starting on the date you received your first reward.

What happens if I cancel my Fido service?

If you cancel your Fido service and stop your Data, Talk and Text plan or Talk and Text postpaid plan, you are not eligible for the Refer-a-Friend program.

Do Fido referrals expire?

Yes, referrals expire after 45 days.

How can I check a referral status?

You can quickly and easily check the status of a referral by visiting and choosing “Check status.”
Should I finance my cell phone?
Financing your cell phone is a popular option. Fido and other mobile networks offer financing plans, usually on a 2 year plan. You can also pay for your cell phone with a personal loan or on a credit card and pay it off slowly.
Does a prepaid cell phone plan help build my credit score?
A prepaid cell phone plan requires you to deposit money into the plan in order to use it. You use your own money and don’t borrow on credit like you would with a postpaid/monthly payment plan. A prepaid phone plan does not have any hard credit check and does not affect your credit score.
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