Do You Bank Online? Are You Sure Your Computer is Safe?

Do You Bank Online? Are You Sure Your Computer is Safe?

In collaboration with our partner FixMeStick.

Do you use online banking? Do you think you’re secure because you already have an antivirus program? Think again. Consider the seatbelt and airbag in your car – they both work in conjunction to keep you safe, one without the other could leave you vulnerable. Here are 3 reasons why you need more than just antivirus.

#1. New viruses are created every day

CNN, Trend Micro, and AV-Test all estimate that 1 million new viruses are released every day. Traditional antivirus response times are just too slow, and viruses are becoming too smart. You need an external device to scan your computer while it is asleep and remove viruses that are designed to hide from antivirus software.

#2. You don’t have to click to get hit

We continue to see new attack vectors like malvertising. It is an advanced new way criminals hijack advertisement often on legitimate websites that you use every day. The scary part is you don’t need to click on the advertisement to get infected. Simply being on a good site on a bad day puts you at risk.

#3. Targeted attacks can bypass blacklisting

Traditional antivirus programs work by identifying threats and blacklisting them; however, hackers can get around antivirus blacklisting by creating custom malware — these all go undetected past your antivirus.

In today’s world, we do so much online – from taxes to banking, to applying for loans. But unfortunately, real-time antivirus software is no longer enough – you need a second layer of security. Similar to how you have a lock on your door plus an alarm system.

Peace-of-mind comes with additional layers of security. FixMeStick is your second line of defense. It is an external device that scans your computer while the viruses are sleeping so they can’t run and hide as they do from antivirus. In 2017, FixMeStick found malware on more than 80% of computers scanned, while 99% of their customers run antivirus software.

Run a monthly deep clean with FixMeStick so you know your computer is safe and your files are protected.

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The FixMeStick® is the simple, safe and effective way to clean your computer of viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, and other malware from the comfort of home.

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