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Today’s job market is highly competitive and it can be tough to find a source of employment that you actually enjoy, let alone one that pays well enough to live off. Thankfully, there are many resources that can make your job search easier, whether you’re a student, new graduate, immigrant, contractor, freelancer, or general worker.

Even better, many of those resources are conveniently located online. For example, employment-based websites like Jooble are gaining a lot of traction these days. Check out this review to find out if Jooble Canada is the right job recruitment website for you. 

What Is Jooble?

Jooble is an international job-finding website that was created in 2006 by Roman Prokofiev and Eugene Sobakarev. Since then, their network has expanded to more than 70 countries, including Canada. Their services are now available in 25 languages and their website receives over 3 million views daily, as well as billions of visitors every year. 

Using hundreds of thousands of social networks, corporate websites, classifieds and other resources from across the globe, Jooble accumulates all sorts of local and remote job opportunities, then stores and displays them all in one helpful database. 

Within the last 10 years, Jooble has taken on some notable partners, such as Google and LinkedIn, which further elevated their reputation and put their website on the Top 50 List for the most popular online job recruitment engines in the world.

Jooble Features That Can Help You Find A Job

As part of the Jooble network, you’ll have access to the following features:

Account Features

Although you can use the Jooble search engine to get a basic look at local and remote job offers, the best features will only be available once you’ve created an account:

  • Job Alerts – After you activate your account, you can subscribe to optional email notifications, which let you know when new jobs open up. These alerts are based on your work field, personal preferences, and search habits. At the moment, Jooble receives different offers from more than 29,000 other job websites. 
  • Saved Vacancies – When job searching, you can increase your chances of getting hired by applying for multiple opportunities. However, you may not have time to examine the offer or submit an application, so Jooble allows you to save vacant jobs in your profile. Watch out, most job offers expire eventually.
  • Visited Jobs – Jooble records your search activity, which allows them to modify your preferences and job alerts. Don’t worry, your history is only stored on your dashboard and isn’t displayed publicly. Once logged in, select “Your Job View History” at any time to see the positions you inquired about in the past.   
  • My Applications – When you’re logged into your Jooble account, you’ll be able to see all the positions that you applied for recently too. That way, you can use your old applications to improve your new ones and revisit companies or employers to find out if they’re still hiring for a position you saw in the past.
  • My Resume – When creating your account, you’ll also have the option of uploading your CV to your profile, which is always recommended. Then, when you apply for jobs, you can attach your resume to your application and save a bit of time. Plus, a well-crafted CV is one of the keys to scoring a good job.  
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Lookout Having Your Credit Checked For A Job In Canada
Having Your Credit Checked For A Job In Canada

Advanced Filters 

Jooble works with thousands of employment resources worldwide, which means there could be thousands of different opportunities to sift through in your desired field at any given time. Luckily, their search engine has filters that allow you to look for jobs by:

  • Wage/Salary – The Jooble engine features several pay grade options to help narrow down your search (but not all employers will list exact pay figures). 
  • Date of Posting – Jooble allows you to search jobs by time period too. You can look at jobs that were posted within the past 24 hours or weeks ago.  
  • Work Experience – You can also choose what type of work experience you’re looking for, such as internships, contracts or more general positions. 
  • Location – These days, many jobs can be done remotely but others require you to stay near the office, which is why Jooble gives you both search options. 
  • Employment Type – Whether you’re looking for part-time hours, full-time hours or a temporary position, Jooble can help you find a job that fits your lifestyle.   
  • Keywords – If you’re not sure what kind of job you want, just type titles or other keywords into the search bar and Jooble will provide suggestions for you.

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Job Marketplace

As mentioned, Jooble displays job opportunities from tens of thousands of different companies, employers and social networks. Depending on what you’d like to do for work and where you wish to operate, that means you should stand a good chance of landing some form of employment if you try hard and know where to look.

In fact, according to the Jooble Canada webpage, there are currently more than 120,000 vacant positions listed by over 8000 job sites across the country. So, while you may not find the exact career you want at first, there are plenty of local and remote opportunities available in every major city that can provide you with income until you do.

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How To Use Jooble

Although you can use Jooble to see various job offers in Canada or other countries, you can’t actually start applying for jobs or take advantage of membership benefits until you:

  • Make an Account – Before you get started, understand that you will have to provide certain details to complete the sign-up process, such as your name, citizenship, and postal code. Then you simply add your email address, create a password and click the link in your confirmation email to verify your account. 

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  • Upload Your Resume – Once your account is verified, click on “Create a Resume” to build your CV or go to the “My CV” section of your profile to upload a resume from your computer or mobile device. You can then add your resume when applying for jobs. Keep in mind you can’t create a CV on your mobile device. 
  • Search and Apply For Jobs – After your account is created, you’ll also gain access to every advanced filter that the Jooble search engine offers. From that point on, you just have to look up the jobs that interest you and apply. For better odds of getting hired, don’t forget to add a cover letter with your application. 

Keep in mind that Jooble membership benefits and search engine functionality may differ slightly depending on what country you choose and what device you’re using.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Jooble?

Prior to signing up with any job recruitment service, it’s also a good idea to check out what pros and cons their portal comes with. For instance, the benefits of Jooble include: 

  • Number of Postings – Jooble can connect you with thousands of job offers in Canada or other countries. So, unless the position you want is niche, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding something to help pay the bills. 
  • Advanced Filters – Use your Jooble search engine to narrow down your job selection with custom filters, such as income range, location, and desired work hours. You can even find contracts, freelance positions, and other temporary jobs. 

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  • Simplified Platform – One of the best things about Jooble is how straightforward their webpage and mobile app are. Almost anyone, whether they’re a worker, student, or otherwise can get a basic account and apply for jobs free of charge.  
  • Options For Advertisers – If you’re an employer or advertiser looking to display job opportunities, there are two types of Jooble plans that you can choose from:
  • Organic Traffic Plan – This lower-tier membership allows employers and advertisers to post job information and advertisements for free. However, the Organic Traffic Plan offers less coverage in terms of where an ad or page can be displayed, as well as the amount of traffic it can receive.
  • Premium Traffic Plan – Clients have better coverage and are charged on a pay-per-click or pay-per-view basis. For instance, most employers will choose to be charged whenever their page receives traffic, while many advertisers prefer to pay based on the number of views their advert gets. 

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  • User-Friendly Features – Remember, Jooble provides plenty of easy job-finding tools, like advanced filters that can match you with positions according to your preferences, work experience, preferred work location, and other general details. 
  • Always Improving – Another great thing about Jooble is that its search engine is constantly changing for the better. Not to mention, their company gets larger every year. They even take suggestions from clients on how to further improve.

Jooble FAQs

Who can see my resume on Jooble?

Technically speaking, your CV will not simply appear on the Jooble webpage for anyone to see, nor will it be stored in a database for employers. The only way someone can look at your resume is if you actually apply for a job opportunity they were advertising. 

Is Jooble safe and legal?

Yes, from a general standpoint, Jooble is as legitimate as job recruitment websites come these days. They have been around for more than 15 years, operate in over 70 countries and have decent reviews from clients and employment professionals alike.  That said, it’s always possible that you’ll run into an illegitimate employer or advertiser during your search. Despite all of the benefits they offer their clients, Jooble cannot guarantee that you will end up landing the job of your dreams. 

What is Jooble’s goal?

According to Jooble, their mission is to help clients get hired for jobs, no matter where they come from or what type of work they’re looking for. In addition, creating a basic account and sending job applications is entirely free. All this has made Jooble Canada one of the most popular job recruitment networks in the country to date. 

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Bottom Line

Whether you live in Canada or one of the other 70 countries their services reach, joining the Jooble network can be a great way to find jobs or new employees for your business. Check out the Jooble Canada search engine today to get an idea of what kinds of features they offer and where your next choice of career path could lead you.                    

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