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Searching for employment is as old a task as civilization itself — but the process has certainly grown easier. Where, at one point, it was a matter of legwork, printing resumes, getting references, and time sunk into seeking out work. Back then, there was much less opportunity to find a quality job fit, especially considering how long it could take to gain employment. In came the internet, enabling job-seekers and recruiters to coordinate efforts to match people with the ideal employment. When it comes to job hunting, digital platforms are your friend, and Jobboom can become a powerful tool in your search. 

Who Is Jobboom?

A Quebec-based company, Jobboom has over 15 years of experience in coordinating a service that connects employers and prospective employees. Enabling you to communicate with prospective employers who are actively seeking workers, job boards like Jobboom take the mystery out of job searching by offering a range of helpful features. When both the employer and job hunter are transparent about their goals, it improves retention rate, helping both parties. 

Jobboom offers access to all types of employment, ranging from contract work to full-time positions. By fleshing out its offerings with advice and training opportunities, it positions itself as one of the more comprehensive job search companies. 

Jobboom Features

As you likely know, there’s a plethora of job search sites available, each varying slightly in its offerings. To this accord, Jobboom offers multiple features to facilitate the employment search process. Its many features include:

Filter Options

By allowing you to narrow down your search by location, the date when the post was made, and by specific industries. The filter not only narrows down your search, but it gives you a good picture of the number of jobs posted in each industry. Having a bigger picture understanding of the local market is helpful in identifying where to look for work.

Keyword Search

Whether it’s by a job title, industry, or specific phrase, this enables you to see employment as it applies to your experience rather than role. Consider an underwriter, who may not look for insurance jobs, but would qualify for an available role. This lets you specify your skills and look for a match.

Industry Searches

While most industries intersect in some regard, chances are that your experience falls into two or three categories. By narrowing down searches using the industry filter, you can see both the job market and where you fit into it.

Employer Directory

If you have your sights set on a specific employer, such as a corporation with positions in multiple areas, this feature is surely helpful. It can be used when you want to work your way up the ladder at a specific place.

Personal Dashboard

This gives the site a more personalized connection with the Jobboom system, letting you keep track of the job market as it applies to you. It makes the site more intuitive and lets you quickly handle the task of checking in.

Job Alerts

It never hurts to be the first to know. If you set up an alert on a position, location, or company, the quick access to information can give you a competitive edge. The digital age moves quickly. Applying early can help you be noticed, not to mention helping you avoid missing a closing date.


Regular communications, focused on the ever-evolving job market, help you stay informed. It helps you stay in touch with the system in which you are searching for work. Being up-to-date on everything from cover letter format to expectations in job interviews goes a long way to landing that dream gig.


Split into three main components: resumes, job interviews, and job searching, the advice section takes a first-person-perspective approach to helping. By using a blog, broken into categories and subcategories, you can find relatable and relevant content. The opportunity to learn from the successes and pitfalls of others helps you sidestep faux pas and get the job you truly desire.

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How Do I Create an Account on Jobboom? 

Making an account with Jobboom follows a streamlined process, where you can either use your Facebook credentials or your email account. Facebook adds convenience, but has been cited in various data leaks. The Jobboom site notes that it will not publish information to Facebook, but the data remains. 

Email is equally straightforward, simply requiring confirmation through your account. For either, you will need to accept the terms and privacy policy. Through a series of prompts, you supply the relevant information and get set up with any alerts relevant to you. From there, it’s a matter of interacting with the site to pursue work.

How to Apply for a Job on Jobboom?

The process of job applications through this site is fairly straightforward. Simply login to your account by clicking the icon that looks like a person, located in the top right corner. From there:

  • Navigate to the job post to which you want to apply
  • Click on the apply icon and the site redirects you to the application form
  • The digital paperwork varies based on the employer and role
  • Once you’ve completed the application, click on the send application icon
  • You will receive an email confirmation for your records

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Tips on Finding a Job

There are quite a few things you can do in order to land that ideal position. The most important of them is putting in the work. Even with the help of digital platforms and the efficiency they offer, there is much you can do to facilitate the process. Methods include:

Update Your Cover Letter

Ensure that it matches the positions you are seeking. Think of it as your elevator pitch. You get a brief amount of time to sell yourself as a prospective employee. A cover letter that catches the eye not only shows that you take initiative, but that you also stand out. 

Customize Your Resume 

It doesn’t feel great when big corporations treat you like a number, and that feeling is reciprocal. If you send out blanket resumes, not tweaked to address the specific needs of the employer, it shows. Take a few minutes to research their mission statement and position requirements. It shows that you take the extra effort, and the attention you pay is likely to be reciprocated. 

Narrow Down Your Search

You, better than anyone, know the skills, experience, and uniqueness you bring to the table. The trick is finding the right place to direct it. By taking an honest account of your skills and shortcomings, you can direct your energy at the best possible places.

Use All Your Resources

Don’t neglect other opportunities, simply for the ease of job boards. Jobboom works in conjunction with the legwork that goes into getting a job. Be sure to seize all the resources available to you, including career fairs and company website job postings. Apply your social savvy to networking. Science shows that all people are separated by six degrees of connection. Reach out to your friends, old colleagues, and acquaintances. You might be surprised at the doors it can open. 

Ace The Interview

Interviewing performance and etiquette is critical. You get one first impression, and taking the time to look into the company’s policies, dress code, and culture gives you an extra edge. Showing up over- or under-dressed, failing to ask questions, and not following up are common pitfalls. You can use the job search advice section on Jobboom to learn about side-stepping these issues. 

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Jobboom FAQs

What is Jobboom’s employment profile?

The employment profile is another way of referencing the site’s job alert section. The site recommends setting up an employment profile to remain informed through prompts. Because of the efficiency, if you act on the job alert quickly after receipt, it goes a long way to increasing your likelihood of landing the gig. The employment profile is not automatic, however, and must be set up manually after you’ve registered with the site.

Can I set up job alerts on Jobboom?

Either on the mobile or desktop site, all you need to do is login, making sure to go through the candidate portal. Once you’re in the system, navigate to the dropdown menu connected to your name (on the top, righthand corner). Scroll to the icon for alerts and newsletters. Indicate that you wish to receive the specified job alerts. Start by choosing an industry in which you want to work, referred to as an employment field. You are able to choose more than one industry, enabling you to get a full cross-section of the available positions. Click add for each section you desire. From there, you note the position you seek, with the opportunity to select more than one.  It narrows down further into tasks, helping you highlight experience and know that the jobs you’re receiving alerts for are relevant to your expertise. Move on to the specific area in which you are searching. Once you are done, click save. You will receive automatic job alerts through your email. Keep in mind that, while it might be tempting to check all the boxes, this service works best when you streamline your approach. To avoid inadvertent spam, keep your alerts simple and true to your goals.

Is Jobboom free to use? 

The site is free to use, including registration and job application. Keeping true to the mission statement of connecting employers with workers, it eliminates the potential expense of applying for work. With an average yearly job posting count of 131,000, when used correctly, this site can help you shore up quality employment.

Final Notes 

Gainful employment is about more than making mortgage payments and general household commerce. According to the widely-accepted Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, evolving as a person is a movement towards self-fulfillment. By using your gained skills in a position that you find rewarding, you can both improve your finances and your overall happiness in life. Digital platforms such as Jobboom give you the opportunity to streamline your job search. Focusing on your goals and taking real steps towards achieving them, while using all resources available to you, helps you find happiness in your work. 

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