Rural Mortgages and Land Loans

In medieval Europe, wealth and land ownership were directly linked. We live in fairer times now, but that doesn’t mean that your rural property or acreage is without value. Selling off your family’s old farm or the hunting retreat you bought years ago may seem like the only way to solve your financial woes. Before you go and put it on the market, consider your options for taking out land title loans instead to solve your problems without giving up the rural land and all that it represents to you.

Putting Your Patch Of Ground To Good Use

Whether you hold acres of farm land or untouched wilderness, it has an assessed value. Discovering what an assessor says about the value will give you a rough idea of how you can use rural mortgages to your advantage. Even small parcels may have great value if there are water or mineral resources found on them. Any investing you did in the past could be put to good use now to get the start-up capital for a new business. If you need to finance house repairs on your suburban home, consider land title loans on that remote rural property you rarely visit.

Working Around Challenges

These bad credit title loans are great if you don’t have a stellar credit history. Low credit scores can lock you out of unsecured lending opportunities, but they shouldn’t block you from borrowing at all. Put your fixed assets to work by using land as collateral on a loan. You can take a mortgage out against a fully paid-off property, but anything with a lien or loan still outstanding on it won’t work. You must stick with properties you own in full for your borrowing purposes.

Get the financing you need today with a land title loan. Discover how much you could borrow against a remote parcel of land by discussing your options with our experts.


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