The Best Kit Home Designs for a Rural Property

By Caitlin in Posts

If you have just bought a piece of land in a rural area you are likely thinking about building a home. A kit home is a cost effective way of building a home as you can choose to build it yourself, but even if you hire a builder to construct it for you it is still going to cost you a lot less than a conventional home. There are many great designs of kit homes available some that are perfect for a rural property. When choosing one for your new property, consider the type of style that will suit the location and your new rural lifestyle. Having a patio area outside to entertain is a great idea, as it is likely you will have your city friends up to visit often.

Open Plan

An open plan kit home makes a great area for your family to be together and to entertain. If you have made the big tree change it is nice to share your new lifestyle with your city friends and have a great home to entertain them in. An open plan style kit home will also mean that you home is light and airy inside and with larger windows you can create the feeling of bringing the outside, (the garden outside your windows), into your home.


Choose a kit home that has the kitchen as the feature room of your house. It is not uncommon in most houses, but particularly so in a country home, that the kitchen is the one room in the house that everyone all converges. When visitors pop over it is often the back door they come through and the kitchen that is the room they will sit in and chat, have cups of tea and enjoy some freshly baked scones. It is most often the room that families spend the majority of their time.

Make sure that your kitchen is functional, with the stove and oven, the sink and the fridge positioned within easy access of each other. Having plenty of bench space is also a bonus as well as adequate storage space. Don’t underestimate how useful it is having lots of cupboards. Don’t forget you can have overhead cupboards as well which will make better use of you total space.

Patio area

Having an outdoor area to entertain your friends is perfect for a rural property. Some designs of kit homes that are available will accommodate a patio area, particularly a floor plan built in a horse shoe shape.


Many traditional country homes have verandas there are plenty of old rural properties with the traditional colonial home with the wide veranda all the way around the house. The Queenslander is also a traditional Australian style of home that has a veranda running all the way around the house. As well as given these houses their distinct country-look the verandas were included to help keep the homes cooler inside. To help reduce your reliance on your air conditioning system and give your kit home that traditional country look, choose a design with a veranda.


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