Getting Through the Toddler Tantrums While Moving House

By Caitlin in Posts

Sooner or later most families have to move houses. It might be an upgrade to a bigger house, to move closer to family or a natural progression after a death or divorce in the family. Whatever the reason, moving house is a big deal to kids. How big it is depends on how old they are.

Children under the age of 6 years are generally the easiest to move. Sure, they might be the most difficult to move on the actual day, but in the long run they will be the least affected. Being so young they have a limited capacity to understand the changes involved. Even still, it is important to help them make the transition with the following tips.

  • Explain the move to them clearly and simply. Photos of the new house, prominent areas in the community and their new school will help to facilitate this. You can even go one step further and use their toys to act out the situation. Just make sure you give them the opportunity to ask you questions.
  • When you pack your child’s toys in boxes, make sure you tell them why you are packing them. Young children might be worried that you are taking the toys away or throwing them out so it is extremely important to explain to them what you are doing. If you can, get them involved and let them help you pack.
  • If your new home is vacant before the day of the big move, it’s a great idea to take the kids for a visit. And make sure you make each visit a positive one. Take their favourite toys, spoil them with candy and ice-cream and play a fun game with them. Creating some great memories and getting them familiar with their new home before they move into it will help improve their transition.
  • When moving into a new house a lot of people take it as a welcome opportunity to redecorate with new furniture. If this is your plan, we would recommend that you hold off on getting rid of your child’s furniture straight away. The old furniture might just provide the sense of comfort they need to adjust quickly in the new house. It is also a good idea to take this one step further and arrange furniture in the new room in a similar way to what it originally was.
  • Just because they are young, doesn’t mean they don’t get stressed so try not to plan any other big events around the time of the move. This may mean putting off toilet training or keeping your child in a crib a little longer.
  • Save yourself the added stress and ask someone to care for your child on the day of the move. That way you can get the job done swiftly.

Moving is never easy for anyone, but with these tips we are sure that your toddler or preschooler will be adjusted in no time at all.


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