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It is, without a doubt, the information age. Between 2000 and 2016, internet usership went from  413 million to almost 3.5 billion people worldwide. With this access to technology came opportunities to make money — it’s also the side-hustle age, after all. Pinecone Research is a company that partners with businesses to acquire consumer data for product development, social programs, and marketing. In return, it pays participants for the data offered. 

Now, the revenue gained from Pinecone Research might not be enough to retire on, but the potential extra few hundred dollars a year is pretty handy. The program is easy to use and it takes little time to start earning. Whether you use that extra cash for snacks or savings, it’s a real convenience. Of course, anytime you consider offering your personal details to a corporation, you must first do your due diligence to make sure your info is in good hands. This review breaks down what you need to know about Pinecone Research, so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Pinecone Research? 

Pinecone Research is based in Cincinnati and is owned by The Nielsen Company, a marketing business in New York. Positioning itself as a brand that enables everyday consumers to influence large-scale decisions, online members are classed as panelists. Based on the information you supply when creating an account, you are flagged as a specific demographic. When companies pay to survey that demographic, you get an email informing you that a survey is available. 

One promising aspect of this company is that it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, accredited since 2010. It’s reputed as a secure application to use, though their repute is something online scammers have attempted to co-opt. But, as long as you use the official site, there are typically no issues. It’s worth mentioning that this site has no Facebook presence and will never ask you for your Facebook login information, a major red flag to notice when fighting against phishing ploys. 

Overall, the company is reliable. It’s trusted by both consumers and corporations alike, largely due to its proven track record of curating reliable information and paying decently. 

How Does Pinecone Research Work?

Open An Account

Pinecone Research is clearly designed for ease of use. It features an intuitive interface, whether you use it on a smartphone or a PC. The process to get started is simple. Provide your email address to initiate the registration process. Keep in mind that, while establishing your profile, the company will ask for personal details. This is to determine the surveys for which your opinion is relevant. A 20-year-old college student is marketed to in a far different manner than someone from the boomer generation, so it will only send you relevant surveys. 

Take Surveys And Earn

Once your account is set up, you can start taking surveys right away. Your profile is ready to earn rewards automatically. Keep an eye on your inbox. Sometimes the emails get filed either into spam or your promotions folder. The more surveys you take, the more you earn. To optimize your earnings, check regularly and take every survey opportunity. Since this is ultimately data collection for corporate entities, it is time sensitive, so be careful to complete the survey prior to the expiration date.

Redeem Points For Rewards

The final step is taking the value of your work and cashing out. Each survey is assigned a point value. You can’t make the same amount on a 3-question survey than you would on a 15-minute questionnaire. By collecting points, you are able to redeem rewards in a variety of different ways. 

How Do You Earn With Pinecone Research?

When you’re sent a survey, it shows up via email. Navigate to your Pinecone portal and take the survey. On average, the questionnaires take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. Once in a while, you may receive a two to five-minute survey, but these don’t garner you any points. Purportedly, on average, you can make around three dollars an hour. Though it’s a small amount, the work is easy, convenient, and cashing out is simple. 

How Do You Redeem Points? 

One of the biggest pitfalls faced by a lot of up-and-coming research companies is the cash-out threshold. As an established business, Pinecone Research has one of the most impressive payout structures around. There’s more than one way to get your money, and you don’t have to earn a massive amount to get your pay. 

Bank Transfer

If you want your money to go directly into your account, this is the best approach. First, login to your account on the Pinecone Research site. Next, click the redeem icon to navigate to the rewards site. There’s a catalog of reward options, and you’ll use the drop-down menu to get to Bank Transfers. Select the amount you wish to redeem. Options include three, five, or ten dollars. If you’ve earned more than that, you can increase the quantity. Add the item to the cart and check out, just as you would with other forms of online shopping. Your order history will update immediately, showcasing the PIN number and wallet site link for your records. 

Prepaid Virtual Cards

The other approach to redeeming your points is by claiming prepaid virtual debit cards. These are useful if you are planning on purchasing something online or over the phone. You can use them at any digital retailer that accepts Mastercards. If you’re dealing with a merchant who requires a matching address, you can update your wallet information through the Pinecone Research site. These are convenient if you plan to use them to pay for Netflix, as they are only functional in the virtual realm. 

Advantages Of Pinecone Research

There’s a lot to like about Pinecone Research, not the least of which is its secure platform. It’s a reputable business with a solid financial backing, meaning you won’t have any issues redeeming your points. With the opportunity to cash out by way of bank transfer or prizes, there’s a lot to gain and no risk associated. All it takes is a few minutes, once in a while, and you can get a bit of spare cash. Plus, with the low threshold for cashing out, you can opt either for instant gratification or save up for an impressive payout. 

The other major benefits of this opportunity are mainly social. Who doesn’t want to learn about up-and-coming products before they hit the shelves? The chance to give feedback and have a voice is a worthwhile opportunity. Participants can impact the future of products, with the information they supply being a pivotal consideration in product development and rollout plans. Your voice matters, and Pinecone Research gives you a chance to be heard. 

Pinecone Research FAQs

Can my Pinecone Research points expire? 

Yes, Pinecone Research points do expire, but it takes quite some time. If your account shows no survey participation, specifically earning activity, for a year — twelve months back to back — your points will expire. That said, since you can cash out at $3.00, it’s not very likely that you will lose your points. 

Is Pinecone Research legit?

Yes, both Pinecone Research and its parent company have A+ ratings through the Better Business Bureau. The only alert notes that many scammers are attempting to imitate the brand fraudulently. While this is a testament to the success of Pinecone Research, it also means you need to be sure you are using the correct domain. 

Where can I use my prepaid virtual cards?

Virtual cards are only accepted in the digital realm. They are useful for making online purchases, paying for products over the phone, or purchasing through mail order catalogs. While you cannot use them at any physical retail location, they are accepted at any virtual marketplace that takes Mastercard. 

Final Thoughts 

Any opportunity to earn extra money that is low-risk and high-reward is worth seizing. It is, of course, important to vet the company, ensuring that it is legitimate and reliable. Pinecone Research lives up to the hype, presenting as a secure way to make spare cash in your spare time. While the earning potential is relatively limited, the work is straightforward and quick. The only cost for the participants is time, and the threshold for earnings is so low that you can redeem change for a coffee or build up hundreds throughout the year and use it to tackle debt.

Pinecone Research is successful because its clients truly depend on the information gathered through these surveys. Information is power, and this research company returns that influence to you, the consumer. By enabling you to have a say in the development of modern products and new innovations, this site lets you change the world one survey at a time. 

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