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Millions of people have pets worldwide. Just in Canada, about 58% of households reported having at least one dog or cat as a pet in 2020. That’s no surprise, considering the fun, love, and affection pets offer. The COVID-19 pandemic brought even more attention to the special bond people have with their pets, as they support us with mental health and quality of life.

However, pets aren’t cheap. Like for a child, you need to spend money every week or so on food and other caring supplies. Additionally, most pets require a couple of vet visits per year. Routine check-ups cost around $100; however, if your pet becomes seriously ill and requires surgery, vet bills can become quite expensive. Tack on emergency pet visits after hours, and you’re looking at a few thousand dollars coming out of your pocket. 

Luckily, there’s pet insurance to support Canadians with the expensive vet bills, like Desjardins Pet Insurance. 

Types Of Coverage Offered By Desjardins Pet Insurance 

Desjardins Pet Insurance offers various types of coverage for your pets.

Accident Coverage 

Desjardin accident coverage covers veterinarian treatment fees for when your pet is injured. Eligible costs include:

  • Veterinary diagnostics and treatment
  • Prescription medications
  • X-rays
  • Hospitalization
  • MRI-CAT scans
  • Chemotherapy

Accident coverage offers protection for each accident, as long as you renew your policy each year. 

Illness Coverage 

This covers the same costs as accident insurance, but only if the cause of the needed treatment was from a newly diagnosed illness. Additionally, this insurance offers coverage per condition.

Dental Coverage 

Dental coverage can be used for both routine cleaning and costs to treat and diagnose gum or teeth conditions. Both the Silver and Gold Paw plans automatically include dental coverage. 

Preventive Care Coverage

This type of coverage is only offered through the Gold Paw plan. It covers the costs of annual exams and preventative medication.

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Additional Coverage Options 

Additional coverage options are offered as an optional add-on for the Silver package, and as an inclusion in the Gold package. There are three categories of additional coverage:

Behavioural Therapy

This coverage includes vet visits to diagnose and treat strange or abnormal behavioural issues in cats or dogs. It also covers treatment costs for a certified animal behavioural therapist, but only if you’re referred to one by your veterinarian. 

Alternative Therapy

This coverage includes therapies like acupuncture, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic services. These services are only covered if your veterinarian prescribes them, or if they are part of treatment for an insured accident or illness. 

Medical Devices

Medical devices improve the quality of life for your pets, though this coverage is subject to approval by Petline Insurance Company.

Desjardins Pet Insurance Deductibles

Your deductible is a fixed amount deducted from your insurance claim, for which you’re responsible. Desjardins based their deductibles on your pet’s age. Moreover, you only have to pay deductibles once per year, and only for those years that you make a claim. 

Here’s what the deductibles are for your pets based on age:

0 to 5 years old$100$100
5 to 10 years old$250$150
10+ years old$350$200

Desjardins Pet Insurance Reimbursement

Desjardins will reimburse you for 80% of eligible expenses with each of their plans. However, the maximum amount for coverage differs between Bronze Paw, Silver Paw, and Gold Paw. 

Co-insurance is the amount of insurance coverage you’re responsible for, excluding the deductible. For Desjardins, that amount is 20%. 

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Desjardins Pet Insurance Plans Overview

Desjardins offers pet insurance under three different plans – bronze, silver, and gold. Each pet owner and pet has different needs that might be better met with one plan versus another. 

The Bronze Paw

The first and cheapest plan is the Bronze Paw. This plan covers up to $2,000 each for accident and illness costs, as well as optional dental care for up to $500 per year. 

The Silver Paw

The Silver Paw offers up to $4,000 each for each accident and illness costs and includes up to $700 in coverage for dental care. The Silver Paw plan also offers optional additional coverages for Alternative Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, and Medical devices, of up to $350 per category. 

The Gold Paw

Finally, the most extensive and expensive option is the Gold Paw. This plan offers unlimited coverage for accidents and illness, up to $1,000 for dental, and up to $350 for each category of additional coverage (various therapies). Additionally, the Gold Paw plan offers Preventative Care Coverage, which isn’t offered by the other two plans. Preventative Care Coverage includes annual exams and preventative medication. 

Here’s a chart comparing the three plans:

 Bronze PawSilver PawGold Paw
Accident CoverageUp to $2,000/accidentUp to $4,000 per accidentUnlimited amount
Illness CoverageUp to $2,000 per condition,
per policy, per year
Up to $4,000 per condition,
per policy, per year
Unlimited amount
Reimbursement Coverage80%80%80%
Annual DeductibleBased on age of animal
– Cats: $100-$200
– Dogs: $100 -$350
Based on age of animal
– Cats: $100-$200
– Dogs: $100 -$350
Based on age of animal
– Cats: $100-$200
– Dogs: $100 -$350
Additional Coverage OptionsNone– Alternative therapy
– Behavioural therapy
– Medical devices
Up to $350 per category, per year
– Alternative therapy
– Behavioural therapy
– Medical devices
Up to $350 per category, per year
Dental Care CoverageUp to $500 per policy, per yearUp to $700 per policy, per yearUp to $1,000 per policy, per year
Preventive Care CoverageNot includedNot includedIncluded

How To Submit A Claim With Desjardins Pet Insurance?

Desjardins has a simple, 5-step process for submitting a claim for pet insurance:

1. Visit Your Veterinarian And Get A Diagnosis

Your veterinarian should give you a medical diagnosis, with written proof, of your pet’s illness. You can visit any licenced veterinarian across North America to be covered.

2. Pay Your Vet Bill

Desjardins will reimburse you within 5 to 10 days for relatively simple vet visits. Your vet can bill Petline Insurance Company directly for more complex cases, though you will still be responsible for the deductible and co-insurance.

3. Complete A Claim Form

Download a claim form, fill it out, and make sure both you and your veterinarian sign it.

4. Send In Your Claim Form

You can either mail, fax, or email your claim form and vet bills to Petline Insurance Company.


Petline Insurance Company

301-600 Empress Street

Winnipeg (Manitoba) R3G 0R5

Fax: 1-866-501-5580


5. Receive Your Payment

Your claim will be processed between 5 to 10 days. Desjardins also offers direct deposit, for your convenience. Keep in mind your claim amount will account for you already having paid your deductible and co-insurance. 

Desjardin Pet Insurance FAQs

Does Desjardins Pet Insurance Cover pets that are 10+ years old?

Yes. Senior pets have access to Desjardins pet insurance. Pets older than 10 years old, however, might require more costly insurance.

Are there any Desjardins Pet Insurance coverage exclusions?

Consistent with other types of medical insurance, your pets’ pre-existing conditions won’t be included with coverage.

Will I still be covered if my pet develops an ongoing condition?

Yes, your pet is covered if they develop an ongoing condition with Desjardins’ ContinueCare Plan, provided you renew the policy every year. This plan is included with all of Desjardins’ pet insurance packages.

Does Desjardins Pet Insurance coverage start right away?

No. The waiting period for accidents is 48 hours, and the waiting period for illness is 14 days. Additionally, there’s a 6-month waiting period for dental coverage. This is true for all levels of coverage.

Bottom Line

While having a pet is fun and can be a great addition to any family, they require mindful care and attention. It’s important to consider your pets’ health and prepare for emergencies, just as you would with a child. Desjardins’ pet insurance offers great and affordable coverage for pet owners across Canada and the United States. 

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