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When you run a business, at some point or another you’re bound to run into some problems. In addition to market changes, growing competition, and cash flow shortages, businesses also have to face other challenges and mishaps that can have severe consequences on their finances. In particular, businesses must learn how to protect themselves from situations that can result in lawsuits. This can happen when someone gets hurt on your property or when you make a mistake that causes your customer financial loss. 

Instances like these can lead to great financial loss. To help protect your business and yourself against any unforeseen circumstances, it’s important to purchase business insurance

Who Is Zensurance?

Zensurance is an online Canadian business insurance brokerage that allows business owners to get an insurance quote online at any time of day without speaking to anyone. Instead of having to speak to multiple insurance carriers, Zensurance does all the heavy lifting and presents a list of insurance policies that could work for you.

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Types Of Insurance Offered By Zensurance

Zensurance offers a number of types of insurance:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL): Commercial General Liability insurance protects you against common day-to-day business risks. For example, if someone gets hurt on your business property. If you are sued, you are usually covered for any compensatory damages or legal costs you incur.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: This kind of insurance, which is also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, protects your business if a client claims that they incurred a financial loss because of a service that you provided. If they file a lawsuit claiming that you were negligent, engaged in misconduct, or failed to deliver products or services as promised, you are also covered with this kind of insurance.
  • Product Liability Insurance: With Product Liability insurance, you are covered against claims of property damage or bodily injury for products that you produce, sell, or distribute.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial Property insurance covers physical damage or loss to your property due to external factors including vandalism, fire, or theft.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: This kind of insurance protects your technology systems and customer data against cybercrime. For example, if customer data gets leaked as a result of a hack.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance: Directors and Officers insurance protects individuals who serve as a director or officer for the board of a corporation. They are covered for the costs of losses, harm, and legal defence.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Business Interruption insurance covers net income that is lost after a property loss. It may also cover any overhead costs that your business incurs while you are recovering from the loss.
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance: Builder’s Risk insurance protects a building and its liability for as long as the building is being developed. It is usually needed when a new building or major addition is being constructed or there are major renovations taking place.
  • Malpractice Insurance: Malpractice insurance covers medical professionals such as doctors or nurses against claims or lawsuits based on their work, including negligence or any injuries.

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Types Of Industries Covered By Zensurance

Zensurance covers many different kinds of industries. It covers everything from accountant insurance to yoga insurance. Some of the more noteworthy industries that Zensurance covers are:

  • Contractor insurance
  • Consultant insurance
  • Daycare insurance
  • Health and wellness insurance
  • Home-based business insurance
  • Non-profit insurance
  • Nurse malpractice insurance
  • Retail insurance
  • Vendor insurance

Cost Of Zensurance Business Insurance

How much Zensurance Business Insurance costs depends on a number of factors, including the size of the business and its location, how many employees the business has, and any insurance claims history. The bigger the business, the fewer years it has been in business, the more employees it has, the higher the business’ projected and annual gross revenue and the more insurance claims the business has made, the more insurance will cost.

Generally, it costs around $650 a year on a $2M General Liability policy for most small- to medium-sized businesses if they buy their policy from Zensurance.

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Benefits Of Choosing Zensurance

There are many advantages to using Zensurance:

  • Over 50 Partners: Since Zensurance has over 50 partners, you can get a lower rate on your insurance policy.
  • Does The Research For You: Zensurance searches insurance policies from over 50 insurance providers and compares them for you, saving you a lot of time and effort.
  • Customer Support: You can request quotes online 24/7, and can also speak with a Zensurance customer support agent if you have questions.
  • Simplified: Instead of having to make a number of phone calls to different insurance providers, Zensurance is a one-stop shop where you can get insurance quotes online.
  • Safe: Only the insurance provider sees the encrypted data that you provide.
  • Free Quote: Zensurance gives you a quick, free quote on your insurance policy.

How To Make A Claim With Zensurance

To make a claim with Zensurance, the first thing you have to do is call one of their Canadian toll-free numbers. If you’re calling between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST, call 1-888-654-6030 and speak to an insurance broker. Make sure to have the business’ name or the full name of the business owner, a police record (if there is one), a description of events, and any video or photographic evidence documenting the damage if applicable.

If it’s after business hours, call 1-833-780-8046 and leave a message. You’ll have to leave a message which includes the business name and a number that you can be called back at. Next, find the name of your insurance provider on your insurance policy, click on their logo on this page, and follow the instructions the website gives you.

When you submit a claim, you’ll be assigned an adjuster from the insurance provider. They will investigate, evaluate, and process your claim from start to finish. They can also answer any questions you may have about the claim process. Your adjuster may also ask you for further information that will help them to process your claim.

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Zensurance FAQs

Is Zensurance safe to use?

Yes, Zensurance is safe to use. The business has been around for about five years and has served over 50,000 customers. All the information that you give to Zensurance is encrypted, and only shared with the insurance provider you choose.

How do I pay for my insurance with Zensurance?

Zensurance offers flexible payment options. Most customers pay by direct deposit. You can also pay monthly or annually.

Do I need business insurance if my office is at home?

Yes, you should get business insurance if your office is at home. Most personal home insurance policies don’t cover business items, but they might cover personal items that are used for work. Business insurance takes care of this issue.

Bottom Line

Zensurance is a Canadian online business insurance brokerage. What sets the company apart from other insurance brokerages is that you can get a quote online at any time, and the company will do the research to find the right policy for you from over 50 providers. 

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