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Unsecured Loan Services

  • Personal Loans Icon
    Personal Loans
  • Private Loans Icon
    Private Loans
  • Private Loans over $5000 Icon
    Personal Loans over $5,000
  • Private Loans under $5000 Icon
    Personal Loans under $5,000
  • Rent and Utility Loans Icon
    Rent & Utility Loans
  • Unemployment Loans Icon
    Unemployment & Emergency Loans
  • Dental Work Loans Icon
    Dental Work Loans
  • Holiday and Vacation Loans Icon
    Holiday & Vacation Loans
  • Injury Loans Icon
    Injury & Medical Assistance Loans
  • LASIK & Optometry Loans Icon
    LASIK & Optometry Loans
  • Plastic Surgery Financing Loans Icon
    Plastic Surgery Financing
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    Tax Loans
  • Traffic Ticket Payoff Loans Icon
    Traffic Ticket Payoff Loans
  • Lease to Own Icon
    Lease-to-Own & Consumer Financing

Auto Services

  • Car Loans
    New and Used Car Financing
  • Auto Repair Financing Program Icon
    Auto Repair Financing Program
  • Car and Auto Insurance Icon
    Auto Insurance

New Purchase Financing

  • Recreational Vehicle Icon
    Recreational Vehicle Financing
  • Motorcycle Icon
    Motorcycle Financing
  • Trailer Icon
    Trailer Financing
  • Snowmobile Icon
    Snowmobile Financing
  • Jewelry Icon
    Jewelry Financing
  • Antique Icon
    Antique Financing
  • Boat Icon
    Boat Financing
  • Marine Vehicle Icon
    Marine Vehicle Financing

Credit Improvement and Debt Management

  • Debt Consolidation Icon
    Debt Consolidation
  • Consumer Proposal Icon
    Consumer Proposal
  • Bankruptcy Icon
  • Credit Card Icon
    Improve your Credit with a Credit Card
  • Debt Settlement Icon
    Debt Settlement
  • Credit Rehabilitation Savings Program Icon
    Credit Rehabilitation Savings Program

Asset-Based (Title) Loan Services

  • Asset-Based Financing Icon
    Asset-Based Financing
  • Tractor Loans Icon
    Tractor Title Loans
  • Vehicle Title Loans Icon
    Vehicle Title Loans
  • Boat Loans Icon
    Boat Title Loans
  • RV and Mobile Home Loans Icon
    RV & Mobile Home Title Loans
  • Trailer Loans Icon
    Trailer Title Loans
  • Truck Loans Icon
    Truck Title Loans

Mortgage Services

  • Mortgage and Home Equity Loans Icon
    Mortgage and Home Equity Loans
  • Mortgage and Home Equity Loans Icon
    Second Mortgages
  • Home Renovation Loans Icon
    Home Renovation Loans
  • Rural and Land Title Loans Icon
    Rural Mortgages & Land Title Loans
  • Rent to Own Homes Program Icon
    Rent to Own Homes Program
  • Short Term Mortgage Financing Icon
    Short Term Mortgage Financing
  • Multiple Collaterals Mortgage Icon
    Mortgage Loans Using Multiple Collaterals

Business Services

  • Business Loans Icon
    Business Loans
  • Commercial Mortgage Loans Icon
    Commercial Mortgage Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advances Icon
    Merchant Cash Advances
  • Commission Advances Icon
    Commission Advances
  • Payment Processing Services Icon
    Payment Processing Services
  • Commercial Leasing Icon
    Commercial Leasing
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    Farm Equipment Loans
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    Legal Docs & Forms

Your one stop shop for everything finance.

Loans Canada is your go-to firm for all your financial requirements. Our partner services cater to both individuals and businesses and go beyond just loans.

What advantages do you benefit from when you use Loans Canada?

It’s quite simple, actually.

We’re a great alternative to traditional institutions.
What’s the difference between working directly with traditional institutions and working with Loans Canada? It’s simple! Loans Canada and its partners works for YOU and we aim to help you find the best product to meet your needs.

Volume, size, and experience.
You might be asking yourself how we’re capable of beating the banks, and that’s a great question! Through our large application platform and referral network we can leverage better products that are not publicly available. You might call it VIP service, we call it the bare minimum we would ever offer.

We do the work for you.
When you deal with Loans Canada, you don’t have to worry about a thing. After you speak with one of our customer care agents we’ll worry about the rest. This means that we’ll connect you with our best partner who will leverage their experience and will get the job done faster.

The best customer service.
Beyond our lighting-fast file turnover time, we’re available to our clients 24/7 through phone, email, Facebook and Twitter.

More, more and more.
Loans Canada and its partners can you help get financed by institutions beyond just the banks. We can connect you with investment banks, private lenders, co-ops and other lending institutions. What does this mean for you? More options, more products, better rates and more saving!