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CMHC: The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Has Been Discontinued

By Maidina Kadeer, BA
Published on March 6, 2024

Have you heard the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive is being discontinued? Find out how this may affect you and your homeownership goals.
Class Action Lawsuit Against TD Exposes Big Bank’s Predatory Practices

By Maidina Kadeer, BA

Find out if you're eligible to receive part of the class action settlement with TD and how this case has exposed big bank predatory practices involvin...
Might A Lowered Maximum Interest Rate Negatively Impact Credit-Constrained Canadians?

By Caitlin Wood, BA

In the 2023 Budget, the Government of Canada proposed to reduce the criminal interest rate from 47% APR to 35% APR.
New CMHC Report: Record Low Vacancy Rates And Higher Average Rent Prices In 2023

By Maidina Kadeer, BA

Homeownership is not only unaffordable in Canada, so is renting. Rental vacancies have hit a record low, causing rent price to skyrocket.
Newfoundland Joins Four Other Provinces With New High-Cost Credit Regulations

By Lisa Rennie

Newfoundland is the fifth province to implement regulations that help protect consumer from high-cost credit lenders. Find out
GIC Rate Alert: EQ Bank Lowers 1-Year GIC Rate by 10bps To 5.00%

By Cris Ravazzano, BComm

Effective today, EQ Bank has lowered its 1-Year GIC rate down to 5.00% from 5.10%. EQ Bank’s 15 Month, 2 Year and 27 Month GIC rates have also d...
Loans Canada CEO, Scott Satov, Talks Debt Management, Interest Rates, and BNPL On BNN Bloomberg

By Maidina Kadeer, BA

Joining Jon Erlichman on BNN, Loans Canada CEO Scott Satov delves into strategies Canadians can use to navigate their debt and maintain financial stab...
Nyble ⎯ Challenging Traditional Financing With Interest-Free Credit Lines

By Caitlin Wood, BA

Nyble’s is on a mission to enable affordable access to credit for people who are left behind by the financial system.

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