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Borrowell Acquires Refresh Financial

By Priyanka Correia
Published on December 15, 2020

Borrowell; a major player in the Fintech industry has grown significantly since their establishment, and are currently on the move to acquire Refresh ...
Leap Financial ⎯ Helping Consumers Take The Leap Into Financial Freedom

By Caitlin Wood

Leap Financial helps consumers in British Columbia take the leap into financial freedom through personalized mortgage solutions.
Bromwich+Smith ⎯ Helping Canadians Rebuild Their Worth

By Caitlin Wood

The Bromwich+Smith team is made up of Licensed Insolvency Trustees and Debt Relief Specialists dedicated to helping consumers take control of their fi...
nesto ⎯ Matching Canadians With the Lowest Mortgage Rates in the Country

By Caitlin Wood

nesto is the first, 100% free digital mortgage solution in Canada. It simplifies the mortgage process while offering Canadians the best rates.
Finally ⎯ Accessible Financial Planning For All Canadians, Regardless of Their Financial Situation

By Caitlin Wood

Finally is a Canadian fintech startup that was created with the sole purpose of bringing affordable financial planning services to all Canadians.
Homewise ⎯ Harnessing Technology to Help Canadians Become Homeowners

By Caitlin Wood

Homewise is changing the way Canadians shop for and choose their mortgages by making the application process more approachable.
Mine ⎯ Helping Consumers Take Control of Their Digital Footprint

By Caitlin Wood

Mine, a smart data assistant, is helping Canadian consumers take control of their digital footprint and reduce their online exposure.
Deeded ⎯ Helping Canadians Close Their Mortgages From The Comfort of Home

By Caitlin Wood

Deeded is a technology-focused law firm focused on modernizing the Real Estate and Mortgage closing experience.

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