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Finding real estate in Canada’s competitive market can be challenging without the right tools. With countless listings nationwide, buyers need an efficient way to search for and analyze properties. This article compares Canada’s best real estate apps to identify your options. It provides an in-depth analysis of the leading apps’ features, user reviews, and functionality.

From comprehensive databases like to innovative valuations with HouseSigma, buyers now have mobile access to critical information for their home search. This guide highlights the stand-out apps to simplify your real estate process. Whether you want access to listings or need valuation insights, this review has you covered.

Best Real Estate Apps In Canada: A Comparison

REALTOR.caProperty search and real estate services4.3 (iOS)
3.5 (Google)
HouseSigmaMLS information, AI home valuation4.8 (iOS)
4.9 (Google)
ZoocasaHome price estimates, listing information4.4 (iOS)
4.0 (Google)
ZoloMost up to date listing information 4.1 (iOS)
4.3 (Google)
REALMmlpMLS data, client communication for agents4.6 (iOS)
N/A (Google)
Canadian Mortgage AppMortgage calculations4.8 (iOS)
4.7 (Google)
Free, Paid plans from $995 to $2,495 annually
Rentals.caRental listings4.2 (iOS)
3.2 (Google)

Best Real Estate Apps In Canada 2024



The REALTOR app is the official Canadian real estate app. Given its popularity, it’s necessary for any real estate toolkit. Developed by the Canadian Real Estate Association, it contains Canada’s largest database of real estate listings. 

You can search for properties to rent or buy across all property types. This includes single-family, apartments, townhomes, and even commercial real estate. In addition to the database, the free app has many add-on features. For example, you can review neighbourhood insights, calculate mortgage payments, and connect with a REALTOR if desired. 

While there aren’t recent reviews on the iOS app store, historical users cite a clunky experience. Meanwhile, Google Play reviews are more up-to-date, where users complain about agents relisting properties. This is a common trick agents use to decrease the days a property is on the market. However, it triggers notifications within the app, so you see the same property multiple times. 

  • Key features: browse and filter listings, view neighbourhood information, mortgage calculator, connect with Realtors
  • Ratings: 4.3,‎ 45,099 reviews (iOS) | 3.5, 7,320 reviews (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free


HouseSigma unleashes critical MLS information that real estate agents have historically gatekept. It caters to residents of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. A key feature is comparable data, which is necessary to value your home accurately. HouseSigma leverages this data with an AI home valuation tool. The app’s watch features let you monitor listings in your areas of interest. 

If you find exciting deals, HouseSigma is also a full-service brokerage. Notably, their brokerage has a 4.9-star review on Trustpilot, with around 300 reviews. The reviews highlight the agents’ knowledge, responsiveness, and dedication to making the real estate process smooth and successful. Users feel HouseSigma agents meet and exceed expectations.

  • Key features: AI home valuation, comparables data, browse and filter listings, school ratings, full-service brokerage
  • Ratings: 4.8, 16,275 reviews (iOS) | 4.9, 4,700 reviews (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free


Zoocasa is another popular real estate app in Canada. Similar to the REALTOR app, it’s a database that provides listing information. It also offers a full-service brokerage, similar to HouseSigma.

The primary difference is that Zoocasa estimates your home price using their internal algorithm. Their brokerage service reviews are unestablished. Despite no reviews, they maintain an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. App Store reviews show users appreciate Zoocasa’s strong filters and intuitive user interface. However, recent reviews highlight frustrations with crashing and issues with the map zoom functionality.

Since the apps show similar information, the best depends on your preference for their user experience (UX). As such, we recommend downloading and testing all of them. 

  • Key features: browse and filter listings, AI home valuation, full-service brokerage
  • Ratings: 4.4, 1,299 reviews (iOS) | 4.0, 69 reviews (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free

Zolo Real Estate & Apartments

Zolo promotes the most accurate listings. With 15-minute intervals, you’ll have up-to-date information on sales, price drops, and new listings. Otherwise, the app is similar to alternatives since the data is derived from MLS. Zolo also has Realtor partnerships across Canada to help you find a home.

Users appreciate Zolo’s comprehensive listings, user-friendly interface, and detailed property information, including school ratings and neighbourhood amenities. However, they mention encountering bugs, such as map search and filter issues, and express frustration over the app’s tendency to freeze and crash.

  • Key features: browse and filter listings (updated every 15 minutes), view neighbourhood information, mortgage calculator, Realtor partnerships
  • Ratings: 4.1, 113 reviews (iOS) | 4.3, 4,480 reviews (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free


REALM is the app real estate agents use. Formerly known as Stratus, this new version enhances client communication with tracking and analytics. It also boasts improved comparable market analysis (CMA) capabilities.

Although the app is rated strongly, vocal users critique frustration with frequent timeouts. This results in the need for frequent logins. 

  • Key features: browse and filter listings, CMA capabilities, client communication center with tracking and analytics
  • Ratings: 4.6, 1,931 reviews‎ (iOS) | N/A (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free

Canadian Mortgage App

The Canadian Mortgage App is a classic. It caters to homebuyers and mortgage professionals with a series of easy-to-use calculators. Notable calculations include stress testing, home ownership costs, CMHC premiums, and more.

They tout rigorously tested calculations that avoid rounding errors commonly experienced by web calculators. As such, it’s a hyper-accurate tool.

Users appreciate the app’s improvements and updates, which consistently enhance its functionality and user experience. It is recognized as an essential tool for mortgage calculations, offering real-time data and personalized options to cater to individual needs. The app’s ability to simplify complex mortgage scenarios and provide precise, concise analysis is particularly valued.

Overall, the Canadian Mortgage App is celebrated for its effectiveness, ease of use, and the value it brings to its users in navigating the Canadian mortgage landscape.

  • Key features: real-time mortgage rates, calculate mortgage payments, property taxes, stress testing, and more
  • Ratings: 4.8, 10,890 reviews (iOS) | 4.7, 3,830 reviews (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free, PRO plans from $995 to $2,495 annually

As you can guess, specializes in rental listings. The app focuses on design, speed, and convenience to help you reduce stress while finding a place to call home. Notable features include a robust database vetted by staff. It also enables search filtering and desktop compatibility for a seamless user experience.

Despite positive overall reviews, a vocal few users cite technical issues. Historical complaints mention frequent crashes, login problems, and errors in communication with landlords.

  • Key features: browse and filter rental listings, everything is screened by the team
  • Ratings: 4.2, 1,246 reviews (iOS) | 3.2, 710 reviews (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free
real estate app

addy: Other Ways To Invest In Real Estate

We all know how expensive real estate is in Canada. This makes quality investment opportunities out of reach for most Canadians. However, addy is decreasing barriers to entry through its fractional real estate investing platform. For as little as $1, you can own residential and commercial properties.

Notably, addy analysts screen deals on your behalf. The deals then go through a crowdfunding round within their platform. If they meet funding requirements, addy will acquire and manage the property on your behalf. 

The primary drawback is a need for more liquidity. While you’ll receive distributions, exiting your investment is challenging unless the property is sold entirely. This means your money is locked up.

  • Key features: fractional real estate investing
  • Ratings: 4.8, 237 reviews (iOS), N/A (Google Play)
  • Cost: Free, or $50 annual addyONE membership

How To Use Real Estate Apps To Buy A Home

Canadian real estate apps allow you to filter through information. Their powerful tools include research, alerts, and brokerage services. However, you can only maximize the apps if you know what to look for. 

  1. Mortgage pre-approval: Knowing how much home you can afford is a great place to start. The calculation involves analyzing your income, debts, and credit score. You’ll then receive a maximum mortgage limit, which you can input into your real estate app. A great place to start is our guide on how to get approved for a mortgage
  2. Neighbourhood research: Many real estate apps provide neighbourhood data if you still need to determine where you want to live. This includes school ratings, regional trends, and more. You can cross-reference average home prices since you know your maximum mortgage amount. 
  3. Advanced filtering: Next, you can use filtering features to screen homes of interest. For example, bedrooms, square footage, and property type may interest you. 
  4. Notifications: Some apps offer alerts when a new listing meets your criteria in chosen neighbourhoods. This feature is handy in hot markets where properties can be sold in days.
  5. Home analysis: Apps like HouseSigma and Zoocasa estimate AI valuation. This helps you get a second opinion on the home’s value. Otherwise, they may include virtual tours to save time. 
  6. Connect with agents: Almost every real estate app can connect you with an agent. This helps you finalize the home-buying process. 

Bottom Line

The real estate landscape offers a suite of mobile apps to empower your property search. Leaders like provide unmatched access to listings across the country. Meanwhile, innovative tools from HouseSigma and Zoocasa leverage AI for home valuations. For those needing specific criteria, apps like and addy cater to renters and investors. 

Real Estate App FAQs

What are the best real estate apps in Canada that are free?

Some excellent free real estate apps in Canada include, HouseSigma, Zoocasa, and These apps provide listing search, AI valuations, rental databases, and other critical features without subscription costs.

What is the best REALTOR app to use?

The official REALTOR app is great to use. With over 45,000 reviews, it provides country-wide access to property listings that cover the MLS database.

Is the HouseSigma app good?

Yes, the HouseSigma app offers an excellent real estate search experience. With a 4.8 rating and over 16,000 reviews, users benefit from AI-powered valuation tools, to list insights like school ratings and comparables. The full-service brokerage offers a seamless transition from search to working with an agent.
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