What I learned About Money From Lil Dicky’s $ave Dat Money

By Caitlin in Money
What I learned About Money From Lil Dicky’s $ave Dat Money

With the recent universal trend of rapping about spending money on high-end labels, drugs, and flashy cars, rapper Lil Dicky takes a different approach towards spending his hard-earned money. While the majority of mainstream rappers brag about “blowing” their money on insignificant, valueless items, Lil Dicky raps about saving his money. Not only is this smart, but very much needed in a society where everyone is obsessed with spending money on materialistic, “boujee” items. With small suggestions and recommendations that may seem ridiculous, the rapper points out smart, effective ways of saving money. Even though some of them are extreme and slightly unrealistic, most of them are true. While the song may seem humorous and unserious, Lil Dicky actually presents some very smart, clever ideas about saving.

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The rapper mentions revising restaurant bills to ensure he’s not getting robbed, or taken advantage of. He also admits that he started saving money when he was just thirteen, booking flights in advance to save money, and using his cousin’s Netflix so he doesn’t have to pay for his own. All of these things may be slightly dramatic, but they’re still effective ways of saving money. While the majority of people don’t like acting or looking cheap, Lil Dicky is proud of it. That’s because, at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with saving money or looking “cheap.” The sad part is, all of these things don’t make you cheap, just financial savvy. However, due to the societal pressures to spend money and keep up with fancy, trending items, not paying for some of these objects may make you seem “cheap,” when really, you’re not. The word cheap is overused and has lost its true meaning. Or is it just time that has changed? If you don’t want to pay $4.00 for a Starbucks coffee, you’re considered cheap. Yet, 15 years ago, you would be considered crazy for paying that much for coffee. That being said, Lil Dicky is certainly not cheap, he is just smart.

When someone asks where the dough at, he says, “in the bank, I’m not trying to blow that.” This is the wise thing to do because all the other rappers are spending money on designer clothing and cars, which lose value and are essentially a waste of money. They’re not making any investments or saving. That being said, when these rappers who blow all their money lose the spotlight, they’ll be left with a few hundred pairs of Gucci shoes and whatever other junk they chose to buy. However, when Lil Dicky loses the spotlight, he will have a full stack of cash to fall on because he saved his money.

Here are some of the saving recommendations you can use from the song:

  • Turn off the lights before you leave the room
  • Only cut your hair every few months, when required
  • Airbnb your house if you’re never there in order to make some extra cash
  • Taking advantage and going out for happy hour
  • Buying winter clothes in the summer when they’re on sale, admitting others are simply overpaying for them. He doesn’t feel or sound cheap because he’s being realistic. There is nothing wrong with buying items on sale, especially if they’re overpriced, to begin with.
  • Using the free trial membership but never actually joining
  • Using fans instead of paying for air conditioning
  • Double check the bill to make sure you weren’t overcharged
  • Use someone else’s Netflix instead of paying for your own
  • Book flights in advance to save money
  • Start saving young, the younger the better
  • Use hand-me-downs

Learn how to save more and spend less on your own terms.

Considering the fact that almost every hip-hop or rap song talks about spending money on materialistic objects, it can have a strong, direct impact on people’s spending habits. Without even realizing it, people are more prone to spending money on brand name items. For instance, when was the last time you saw someone using a flip phone? This is partly because of the lyrics in rap songs and the influence it has on people’s spending decisions. Listeners around the world hear this message, which includes having the latest pairs of Gucci sneakers or Goyard bags. Even though it may not be voluntary, hearing rappers (or anyone really) boast about lavish lifestyles and fancy, expensive objects may lead you to develop these desires. We all like the nicer things in life, who doesn’t? The only problem now is people who can’t afford these things are buying them. It’s important to know what your financial situation is and to not overextend yourself so that you can still achieve your financial goals. This way, you won’t get caught up in the flashy lifestyle scene or lose sight of your priorities. It’s critical to make your own financial decisions based on your own personal life because letting others dictate how you spend your money, can and will, lead to wasted money and possibly even debt.


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