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Who Is Lendle

Lendle is a Canadian lender in the alternative lending industry. It’s based in Canada and serves borrowers across North America (except residents of Quebec). Lendle was established to challenge the traditional lending industry by providing financial products that are more easily accessible, flexible, and affordable for the underbanked. The firm is also one of the few that does not charge interest on personal loans, nor are there any credit checks required. 

As such, Lendle is ideal for those who are just starting to build credit or who are trying to repair damaged credit.

What Does Lendle Offer?

Lendle offers a variety of financial products, including personal loans, credit builder loans and secured credit cards. 

Lendle Personal Loans

Lendle offers personal loans with a twist. Rather than charging borrowers interest on the loan, they’re simply required to pay a one-time administrative fee which is included in their repayments. Borrowers can access between $100 to $2000 with no credit checks to cover any expense they need. Borrowers also have the freedom to choose their repayment schedule. Choose a repayment start date and payment structure. 

  • Payment Frequency – choose between weekly, bi-weekly, twice per month, and monthly payments
  • Loan Term – Choose between a 3-month or 6-month loan term

Lendle Personal Loan Perks

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider using Lendle when applying for your next personal loan:

  • Lendle Loyalty program. You’ll be rewarded if you regularly make timely payments without missing a beat. Once your loan term is completed without any missed payments, you’ll be pre-approved for the same loan amount and can receive the funds in as little as 24 hours.
  • No credit check. Lendle does not perform any hard credit checks, which makes their loans ideal for those with bad or no credit.
  • Accepts government benefits as a source of income. Even if your traditional income through employment is lacking, you may be able to use any government benefits as income sources to help boost the strength of your loan application. 
  • Fast Funding – Loans are approved within 24 to 48 hours and funds are generally provided the same day after approval. The maximum time funds would be deposited into your bank account is 4 days.  

Lendle Credit Builder Loans

Having bad credit or no credit at all can make it nearly impossible to secure loans and credit products, like mortgages, car loans, or credit cards. To help establish or repair credit, Lendle offers consumers with bad or no credit its “credit builder” loan, which is designed specifically to help establish healthy credit. With this loan, Lendle will extend $100 to you, with a payback of $10 per month (for a total payment amount of $120). These payments will help you build your payment history which can give your credit scores a boost. 

The credit builder loan can be a great option to build credit as you don’t need to take out a significant loan amount to build your credit, which can help ease your debt burdens. Plus, you won’t have to undergo a credit check which can negatively impact your credit.

Lendle Personal LoansLendle Credit Builder Loan
Loan Amount$100 – $2,000$120
($100 + $10 payback amount)
Interest Rate0%20% APR
Term Length3- or 6-month terms12-month term
Admin FeeOne-time fee (amount not specified) One-time fee (amount not specified) 
Extra Features– Simple application process takes no more than 5 minutes
– No credit check
– Government assistance counted as income
– No collateral required
– Approval within 24-48 business hours
– Receive your funds within 4 business days
– Simple application process takes no more than 5 minutes
– No credit check
– Government assistance counted as income
– No collateral required
– Approval within 24-48 business hours
– Receive your funds instantly via e-Transfer

 Lendle Revamp Credit Card

The Lendle Revamp Mastercard is a secured credit card that will help you establish or repair your credit. You can use it for everyday purchases and will receive a 0.5% cashback reward with each transaction. Like Lendle’s personal loans, the Lendle Revamp Mastercard comes with zero interest, helping you keep more money in your pocket each month. 

Instead, the card has an annual fee of $120 which is broken into twelve $10 monthly payments. Moreover, these payments are reported as your minimum payment to the credit bureaus, allowing you to carry your credit card balance forward without incurring any interest any penalties for missed payments. 

Lendle Revamp Credit Card Perks 

Lendle’s Revamp credit card comes with the following benefits: 

  • Build Credit. The monthly $10 fee that you pay will be reported to the credit bureau. In turn, these timely payments are counted as debt payments and contribute to your payment history, which can help you build strong credit. 
  • No Interest. You can carry your balance over month-to-month with no interest charges, saving you money that otherwise would go towards high-interest charges typically seen with traditional credit cards.
  • No Minimum Payment. Even if you’re unable to come up with the funds to make a payment towards your full balance, the $10 fee payment that goes towards paying down your total annual fee will be counted as a minimum payment. 
  • Get Pre-approved For A Higher Credit Limit. Regular timely payments make you eligible for an increase in your credit limit. Again, no credit check is required; instead, Lendle will only look at your payment history with the card.
  • Cash back rewards. Unlike many secured credit cards, Lendle’s secured credit card allows you to earn 0.5% in cash back rewards with each expenditure you make using your Revamp card. 
Credit Limit  Not specified
Annual Fee$120
Interest Rate0%
Minimum PaymentNone ($10 per month paid towards $120 annual fee)
Fees0% on balance transfers and cash advances
Cash back0.5%
Extra features– Fraud protection
– Timely payments reported to credit bureaus
– Guaranteed annual credit limit increase of $200+ per year with timely payments

What Documents Do You Need To Apply For A Lendle Loan? 

To be eligible for a Lendle loan, Lendle will look at the following factors:

  • Your age. You must be the age of majority in your province or territory.
  • Your status. You must be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Your income. Lendle will want to ensure that you have a strong income to support loan repayments.
  • Manageable debt. You’ll need to undergo a stress test to make sure your current debt-to-income ratio is low enough to support additional loan payments. 

To help Lendle accurately assess your financial and credit strength, the following documents are required (which can be uploaded online):

  • Government-issued photo identification  
  • Proof of employment (ie. pay stubs; if unemployed, other proof of income is required, such as that provided via government benefits) 
  • Verification of an active bank account
  • Direct deposit form  

How To Apply For A Lendle Loan? 

Applying for a loan with Lendle is easy. Simply follow these steps to apply for a loan with Lendle:

Step 1: Create Your Account

To start the online loan application process with Lendle, you’ll first need to create an account with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Birthdate
  • Create a password

Once you’ve agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, your Lendle account will be the online portal through which to apply for your loan.

Step 2: Fill Out The Application

Complete all areas of the application form and upload all required documents as listed above. Then, you’ll choose your terms and agreement.

Step 3: Get Approved

After you submit your application, it can take up to 3 days before you receive a response. If approved, you’ll receive your funds within the same day or up to 4 business days at most.  

Benefits Of Lendle

There are several reasons why you may want to consider using Lendle for your next loan:

  • Fast and convenient. The entire loan process starts and ends online. You can apply via your Lendle portal and receive funds into your account without having to visit a brick-and-mortar lender or wait weeks.
  • Easy loan approval. Getting approved for a loan with Lendle is relatively easy. No collateral or credit checks are required, and alternative sources of income (such as government benefits) are accepted. As long as your income is reasonably strong and your debts are manageable, you shouldn’t have much of an issue getting approved. 
  • No credit checks. You don’t need a strong credit score or any credit at all to get approved for a Lendle loan. 
  • Quick funding. You should receive your funds within the same day after approval or up to 4 business days at most. 

Lendle FAQs

Does Lendle require a credit check?

No, there is no credit check required when you apply for a loan with Lendle. Lendle simply requires that you have enough income to support the loan payments. 

How do I qualify for a higher credit limit?

Simply make all loan payments on time each billing cycle and you’ll be eligible for an increase in credit each year. 

Is there really no interest on the loan?

Yes, that’s right. Lendle does not charge any interest on personal loans. They simply charge an administrative fee which is combined with your loan payments. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to apply for a small personal loan or want a product that will help you build a healthy credit profile, Lendle has what you need. What’s more, there’s no interest to worry about, no credit checks performed, and everything can be done from the comfort of your home. If you need a personal loan or credit-building card, look into Lendle.  


Offered Services

scroll table
Loan Range
Rate & Terms
Product Details
Requirements & Documents

Credit Builder Loan

  • 100
Interest Rate
  • 20%
Term (Months)
  • 12
Funding Time
  • same day or up to 4 business days after approval
Funding Method
  • e-transfer
Repayment Options
  • Government-issued photo identification
  • Verification of an active bank account
  • Direct deposit form

Personal Loan

  • $100 - $2,000
Interest Rate
  • 0%
Term (Months)
Funding Time
  • 24 hours to 4 days
Funding Method
  • Direct deposit
Repayment Options
  • Automatic debits
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must provide a piece of government photo ID
  • Proof of employment (ie. pay stubs)
  • You must provide a direct deposit form
  • Verification of an active bank account

Reviews & Ratings

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Great Company , Love their Customer service and their ability to resolve your concerns

- Trevor Powell (May 6, 2021)

Great company to deal with. They try to help you when others won’t. Customer service is sometimes slow but other than that a great place to borr... read more

- Lisa K (March 18, 2021)


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