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Cash Depot

Offering a number of short term financing solutions, Cash Depot is a small-time lending company that’s based in Montreal and provides small loans of $300-$1,500 to any Quebec resident. One of the benefits of choosing Cash Depot is that their rates are lower than many other short term lenders in Canada. They also sell secured credit cards, credit consolidation solutions, bad credit loans, and even loans that don’t involve credit checks at all.

Business Hours
Monday to Friday (10am - 6pm)

Support Offered

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Conditions & Rates

  • Interest rate:
    32% APR
  • Amount:
    $300 - $1,500
  • Term:
    3 - 5 months

Eligibility & Documents

  • Who is eligible:
    Must have a chequing account active for at least 3 months
    Must have a full-time source of employment for at least 6 months
    Must have lived at the same address for at least 9 months
    Must have an income received via cheque or direct deposit
    Must not be involved in active bankruptcy or wage garnishment
  • What you need to provide:
    2x pieces of photo identification
    Social insurance number
    Proof of address (utility bill, etc.)
    2x most recent pay stubs
    Voided cheque or pre-authorized debit form
    Bank statement from the previous 90 days

Repayment & Issuance

  • How fast can you get the money
    Within 24 hours
  • Funding method
    Direct deposit
  • How does repayment work

Reviews & Ratings

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