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One of the most basic purposes of a bank is to provide a safe place for Canadians to store their money. But today’s banks do a lot more than that. From banking, to lending, to providing coverage through insurance products, financial institutions have become a one-stop shop for everything in the world of finances.

Among the many big banks available to Canadians is Desjardins, a Canadian financial service company and the biggest federation of credit unions in North America.

Let’s take a closer look at the financial institution and the products and services it offers.

What Kind Of Products And Services Does Desjardins Offer?

Desjardins offers a wide range of banking products, including bank accounts, loan products, and investment accounts and tools, among others. The following charts break down each of Desjardins’ bank accounts, along with the costs and features of each.

Desjardins Bank Accounts 

Desjardins offers a wide range of bank accounts, including a variety of chequing accounts with various rates and features for everyday transactions.

Account Type Monthly Account FeeFeatures
Everyday Transaction Account Unlimited Plus$21.95
$0 if minimum monthly balance ($5,000) is maintained
– Unlimited transactions
– Personal and certified cheques
Everyday Transaction Account Unlimited $13.95
$0 if minimum monthly balance ($2,000) is maintained
– Unlimited transactions
Everyday Transaction Account Intermediate$8.95
$0 if minimum monthly balance ($2,500) is maintained
– 30 free transactions
Everyday Transaction Account Basic$3.95
$0 if minimum monthly balance ($1,500) is maintained
– 12 free transactions
$U.S. Build-Up Savings Account $0 with minimum $1,000 balance (fees apply under minimum balance)– Make transactions in US dollars
– Earn interest on deposits

Youth/Student Accounts 

If you’re still in school, you’ll appreciate bank accounts that cater to your unique financial needs as a student. Desjardins offers a couple of handy accounts designed specifically for youth and students.

Account Type Monthly Account FeeFeatures
Youth Profit Account
Free with unlimited transactions– For youth age 21 and under, & full-time college, CEGEP & vocational students ages 22 – 25
– Interest rate: 0.05% to 0.10%
Student STRATEGIC Account (University level)Free with unlimited transactions– For full-time university students
– Interest rate: according to current rates

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are meant to offer a safe place to stash your cash. While it’s in there, you’ll want your money to grow with interest. Desjardins offers several types of savings accounts to help your money work for you including;

  • A high-interest savings account with a regular interest rate of 1.30% + bonus of 2.70%
  • A TFSA with an interest rate of 1.00% 
  • A regular savings account with varying interest rates between 0.05% to 1.30%
  • An enhanced investment account with an interest rate of 1.30% + bonus of 2.70%

Desjardins Credit Cards

Desjardins offers a full suite of credit cards that come with a variety of features to suit your needs. 

Account TypeProduct NameAnnual Fee
Low Interest RateFlexi Visa$0
Cash Back RewardsCash Back Visa$0
Travel PerksOdyssey Gold Visa $110
StudentsBonus Visa$0

Best Credit Cards

Given how many different credit cards Desjardins offers, it can be tough to pick just one. To help make your decision a little easier, consider one of the following top 3 picks:

Flexi Visa 

The Desjardins Flexi Visa is a top pick for a few reasons. For starters, the interest rate on balances carried over is extremely low at 10.9%. If you have trouble paying your credit card bills in full every month and tend to carry a balance, the low rate will make credit purchases much more affordable. 

The card also comes with no annual fee, which will leave more money in your pocket. Plus, you can take advantage of the installment payment program for more expensive purchases. You’ll also get some basic coverage for travel insurance and your mobile device, along with small discounts for car rentals.   

Cash Back Visa

With Desjardins’ Cash Back Visa, you’ll earn 2% cash back for every purchase you make for restaurant purchases, entertainment, alternative transportation, and pre-authorized payments. For all other purchases, you’ll earn 0.5% cash back.

The Cash Back Visa also comes with similar perks to what you’ll find with the Flexi Visa, including no annual fee, an installment payment program for purchases of $200 or more, up to $1,000 coverage for loss or damage to your mobile device, up to 3 days’ worth of travel insurance, and up to 15% discounts on car rentals.

Odyssey Gold Visa 

Avid travellers may want to consider the Odyssey Gold Visa, which can help save you money on all the added expenses associated with travel, including the following: 

  • Up to 60 days of travel insurance coverage
  • 50% discount at Desjardins Odyssey Lounge at Montreal-Trudeau airport
  • 48 days car rental collision/loss/damage coverage
  • Up to 55% discounts for car rentals at eligible rental companies

Plus, you can earn up to 2% cash back on purchases in BONUSDOLLARS. 

Desjardins Investment Products

If you’ve got big plans for the future that require a sizable investment, such as buying a home or paying for college, Desjardins has a variety of investment products to help you reach your goals. 

  • SocieTerra Funds and Portfolios
  • Market-linked guaranteed investments
  • Guaranteed investment funds – RI Helios2 Contract
  • Responsible annuities
  • Tax-sheltered plans
  • Federation capital shares
  • Desjardin Funds

Desjardins Insurance Products

Having insurance coverage for a variety of purposes, such as life, auto, or home insurance, can help protect you and your family for unforeseen events. Desjardins offers a handful of products to keep you covered: 

  • Life insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Loan insurance
  • Credit balance insurance

Desjardins Loans

Certain purchases may be too much for your bank account to cover, such as the purchase of a home or car. In these cases, a loan may be just what you need to bridge that financial gap and Desjardins offers a host of loan products to help:

  • Personal loans
  • Mortgages
  • Auto loans
  • RRSP loans
  • Student loans
  • Lines of credit

Desjardins General Fees

Depending on the Scotiabank product you use, the fees associated with it will differ. However, here is a table of some common fees to consider. 

Credit Card Annual FeeVaries between $0 – $110
Bank Account Monthly FeeVaries between $0 – $21.95
International Transfer Fee~$0 – $8 per transfer (varies by account type)
Account Closing Fee (within 90 days of opening)$20
Account Inactivity Fees$15 – $50
Stop pre-authorized debit or cheque payment$12 to $20 
NSF Fee$45
Overdraft Protection$5

How To Get A Desjardins Void Cheque?

You can access a void Desjardins cheque by logging into AccèsD, then click “More options”, then “Void cheques”.

You can also access the bank information that’s displayed on the bottom of a Desjardins cheque by clicking on the “Transactions/Operations” tab, then on your folio number (followed by -PCA) in the Account column. The information you need will be under “Account details”.

Desjardins Basic Numbers

All Desjardins account holders should be familiar with the bank’s basic numbers, including Desjardins’s transit numbers, institution numbers, and routing numbers. 

How Do I Find My Desjardins Transit Number?

Like all other financial institutions in Canada, Desjardins uses a unique 5-digit transit number to identify its branches. 

How Do I Find My Desjardins Institution Number?

While the transit number identifies your specific bank branch, the institution number identifies the bank itself. The institution number is made up of 3 digits. For Desjardins, that number is 815. 

How Do I Find My Desjardins Routing Number?

Your Desjardins routing number is a combination of the 5-digit transit or branch number and the 3-digit institution number. 

You can find all three of these numbers in the following ways:

  • On the bottom of your Desjardins cheque
  • By logging into your online account 
  • On the Desjardins website

Desjardins International Transfer Information

If you wish to transfer funds outside of Canada, you can do so anytime and from anywhere with AccèsD. But before making an international transfer, you’ll first need to set up this capability on AccèsD by calling 1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737). 

You can send international money transfers in the following ways:

There are several countries and currencies available, and recipients will receive their funds quickly. Sending your money this way helps you avoid sending physical bank drafts or money orders, making every transfer secure and protected.

Desjardins Rewards Program

Desjardins offers its BONUSDOLLARS program, a unique cash back rewards program that lets you earn points every time you make a purchase using your Desjardins credit card. Each BONUSDOLLAR is equal to $1.

You can redeem your BONUSDOLLARS in 8 different categories:

  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Financial products and services
  • Gift cards
  • Alternative transportation
  • Donations
  • Account credit

When you’re ready to redeem your BONUSDOLLARS, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Online at 
  • By logging into your AccèsD account
  • By telephone at 1-800-363-4345
  • In-person at a branch

How Can You Access Your Desjardins Accounts?

You can access your Desjardin accounts in the following ways:

To use AccèsD online or by telephone, you must have an access code, which is made up of the last 12 digits of your Desjardins Access Card. The first time you use AccèsD, you’ll be asked to choose a password, which you will use for all future attempts to access your accounts. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to keep all of your banking in one place, Desjardins may be a viable option. With its wide array of banking products and services, you’ll likely get everything you need in one place.

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