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If you prefer to include precious metals in your financial portfolio, it helps to find a service that makes it easier to trade. Silver Gold Bull is a completely online dealer of gold and silver. Based in Calgary, Alberta, it uses an online catalogue and digital transactions to complete sales. The company goes through proven suppliers and qualified mints to source the precious metals, delivering them to your door directly. Essentially, Silver Gold Bull is a place where you can purchase valuables, enabling you to store your money in the form of tactile goods. 

What Can You Buy Through Silver Gold Bull?

Through the Silver Gold Bull service, you can purchase a range of different goods. The price varies based on market conditions, and the site often features deals on specific products (for set time periods). Among the buying choices are:

Precious Metals

Including gold, silver, and platinum, you can purchase these metals in a range of different quantities. All the metals are sold through reputable online dealerships and come in different forms, such as:

  • Gold. Available in everything from classic bullion bars to Australian and British gold coins or even gold jewelry, you can get this high-grade metal in all shapes and forms.
  • Silver. This metal comes in many forms, ranging from rounds to coins to vintage items. You can opt for anything from silver bullets to silver grain. Within this category, there are different prices based on current market value. 
  • Platinum. Available in the form of both bars and coins, all the products include certificates of authenticity. 


The collectibles section of this website includes certified coins, mint collectibles, a Bible series, and niche interest products such as Looney Tunes. The value is less regulated than the silver and gold market, so while it is a less stable way to store your funds, you can also find ample savings. 


The jewelry styles are fairly classic, including curb and rope necklaces, bracelets, and 24-carat pieces. The company assures customers of the quality of the jewelry, making it a suitable gift and an investment in a fixed asset

Other Products

The company offers several complementary products, ranging from items for storing your goods to other metals of interest. Among its offerings are: 

  • Copper in coin form
  • Coin display boxes
  • Silver water
  • Bullion bars
  • Coin capsules

How To Buy Through Silver Gold Bull

It’s fairly simple to make a purchase with this company since most of the interface is done digitally (except the actual shipping). Navigate to the online store and, if you don’t have one already, create an account. You then load money into your Silver Gold Bull account using one of the payments the company accepts. It takes roughly 2 business days to get the money into your account, at which point you can make the purchase. 

Some options include available discounts, such as the 4% savings using Interac e-transfer or the 3% discount for using cryptocurrency. Once the funds show up in your account, you buy the product, and the company processes your payment before shipping out the goods. After that, you just wait for the shipment to arrive. 

Cost Of Purchasing With Silver Gold Bull

By their nature, precious metals are heavy. That means paying a bit extra to have your goods delivered to your address. To account for the extra shipping costs, the company charges $19.95 per ounce. However, you can qualify for free shipping if you:

  • Spend more than $299.00
  • Purchase $50 of copper
  • Order collectibles

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Silver Gold Bull Return Policy

Silver Gold Bull has a fairly comprehensive return policy, allowing you to return any purchase for an exchange, store credit, or refund. To access the service, contact Silver Gold Bull directly and speak with the support team. They can offer a return quote for shipping and inform you of any market loss due to value fluctuations. You must contact the support staff within three days of receipt to access a refund. Using the quote, send the product back in its original packaging. The company then processes the refund into your account. 

What Payment Options Does Silver Gold Bull Accept?

There are multiple ways to pay for products through Silver Gold Bull. Depending on your approach, you can access significant discounts or reduce the time it takes to make your purchase. 

Payment LimitProcessing Time Discounts
Visa or MasterCard$20,000 per day1 business dayNo discount
PayPal$10,0002+ business daysNo discount
Cryptocurrency via BitPay$250,0002 business days3%
Interac e-transfer$3,0002+ business days4%
Interac Online$2,0002 business days4%
Bill PaymentBased on bank limits2 business days4%
Wire transfer$1,000+1 business day4%
Cheque/Draft/Money Order$25,0004-6 business days4%

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Silver Gold Bull Features

Silver Gold Bull has many features designed to incentivize customers and incline further purchases. Most of these are meant to mitigate the risk of dealing with a digital platform, trading in large amounts, and trading in a volatile marketplace. To make investing in precious metals easier, Silver Gold offers: 

  • Best Price Guarantee. Accounting for the fluctuating costs of precious metals, this company guarantees purchasers access to the best price available. It prevents buyers’ remorse and enforces confidence among participants. 
  • Free Shipping. If you spend over $299, or $50 in copper, you qualify for free shipping. When you buy collectibles, the shipping is also free. Even if you pay to ship, the cost is only $19.95 per ounce; which, when it comes to precious metals, is very low. 
  • 100% Insured. When you are investing in precious goods, quality matters. The company insures your goods so that, if there is a loss or some damage, you can entirely recuperate the cost. 
  • Up-To-Minute Market Pricing. The value of gold can change in an instant, which is why using a reliable digital platform is useful. This service gives you access to real-time information about the precious metals market, so you can make an informed decision about your purchase. 
  • Mint Direct Products. Want to ensure quality? Silver Gold Bull covers this by dealing directly with reputable mints. This ensures that you get a good quality product that is worth what you pay for it. 
  • Experienced Traders. The traders on the site who manage the catalogue have experience dealing in the commodities market. From pattern recognition to accurate pricing on collectibles, this gives you ample advantages when making a fair trade. 
  • Secure service. The platform is digital, which means it needs advanced encryption technology to keep your funds and information safe. Silver Gold Bull uses login authentication and industry-leading data encryption to give its customers peace of mind. 

How To Store Your Precious Metals With Silver Gold Bull 

From humidity to heat to light to particulate, the outside world is always a risk when dealing with precious metals. Now, unless you have a dedicated storage space, it can be very difficult to properly maintain your goods. To account for this, Silver Gold Bull offers in-house storage. Basically, you can choose to get the products delivered, or store them with the company. 

If you decide to store your metals, they go into the company’s high-security storage facility. It’s an entirely free service that gives you access to immediate liquidity and is delivered on-demand. The storage facility is audited and insured, entirely secure, and relies on third-party security that operates outside of the existing banking system 

You can choose from three security locations in Canada, including:

  • Calgary
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

To access the service, simply purchase bullion or use what you already own. Store the physical assets in the facility of your choice. Rest easy knowing there is a zero counterparty risk, and that your goods are safe and remain in optimal condition. 

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Can You Sell Your Gold And Silver With Silver Gold Bull?

You can sell gold, silver, palladium, or platinum in any quantity. There are many perks to selling your precious metals to Silver Gold Bull, thanks largely to the straightforward system, security, and transparency. The major advantages include: 

  • Free Live Quote. This gives you the most up-to-date information on prices so that you can get the best deal. It gives you the current price of the metals; and, if you like the quote, you can close the sale on the phone.
  • Estate And Collection Sale. If you want to sell a series of coins or jewelry in a quick and efficient manner. The buying power offered by Silver Gold Bull lets you offload the supplies quickly, and through a reputable company. Make a list of what you can offer and the company will supply you with a quote. 
  • Prepaid Shipping Label. The buyer (Silver Gold Bull) covers the cost of transportation, supplying you with a shipping label at no cost. 

How To Sell Your Gold And Silver To Silver Gold Bull?

Selling your gold and silver to Silver Gold Bull is relatively quick and simple. You’ll need to follow these three steps:

  1. Lock In Your Price. The first step is calling into the company to get a quote for your precious metals based on current market value. During the call, you can lock in the sale price. The agent emails you a prepaid shipping label for use. 
  2. Ship The Metal. Using the discrete shipment metal with anonymity in the labelling, you can benefit from security and privacy. It includes a tracking feature and a required signature. To add safety, Silver Gold Bull opens the supplies under a camera to ensure the metal’s quality. 
  3. Get Paid The Next Day. Once the quality of the sale goods is verified, you get a direct deposit of funds into your account. It shows up within a single business day, getting you your payment quickly. 

Silver Gold Bull FAQs

Is Silver Gold Bull safe to use?

Based on reviews both on the website and through third parties, yes, Silver Gold Bull is safe to use. The services are insured and ample security measures foster a safe sale and purchase environment. In a cross-section of consumer reports both through business monitoring sites and social media, people are generally satisfied with the service. 

Are Silver Gold Bull shipments insured?

Yes, all Silver Gold Bull shipments are fully insured. This means that, even if something happens during transportation, you will recuperate any investment. 

Can I purchase gold under my registered investment portfolio through Silver Gold Bull?

Yes, you can purchase certain products under a registered investment portfolio, though not all of them. Among your options are gold bars, silver bars, and maple coins (either in gold or silver). 

Can I get a loan through Silver Gold Bull?

Yes, Silver Gold Bull does have a loan arrangement. It allows you to finance as much as 70% of the precious metal value for cash. Basically, you can leverage the bullions you own to access cash quickly. The company has a simple application that you can access through the site. 

Can I store my metals with Silver Gold Bull?

Silver Gold Bull has advanced security facilities to ensure the quality and safety of the precious metals. It is a safe and reliable way to keep your investment safe while still remaining able to liquidate it quickly. 

Final Notes

The gold and silver market has driven the development of society for a long time. Though bank accounts, stocks, and bonds are a great way to invest, many prefer a portfolio with physical goods. Silver Gold Bull is a qualified dealer that offers high levels of security and an impressive series of products. Provided you spend responsibly, precious metals can be a great way to store money. So long as you do your research and choose a trustworthy brand, you can add gold and silver into your investment strategy. 

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