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Some Canadians take a trip or two every year to get away, whether it’s to take a break from work, experience a different culture, or simply for a change of scenery. 

Regardless of which category you fall under, you’ll want to have a travel insurance plan to cover you against unexpected expenses you may incur while travelling abroad. This may include expenses related to medical assistance, baggage delay or loss, trip cancellation and much more. 

 If you fall into the latter category, getting a multi-trip travel insurance plan could save you time and money.

What Is Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

A multi-trip travel insurance plan provides coverage for several trips within 12 months. You can travel an unlimited number of times in a year while still being covered, as these plans do not place restrictions on the actual number of trips taken. 

However, there are limits on the number of days each trip lasts, which will vary from one policy to the next. Once you’ve reached that limit, you’ll need to go back home before you can head back out again to ensure that you are covered. Generally speaking, trips can last anywhere from 10 to 30 days within 12 months, though these time frames may vary by plan. 

What Does Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Cover?

The coverage you’ll get with your multi-trip travel insurance depends on the policy. However, there are several types of coverage most policies will include. 

Travel Medical/Health Insurance

Medical costs can be sky-high, especially when it comes to hospital stays and surgeries. These expenses can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more out-of-pocket. 

But with a travel medical insurance policy in place before you leave for your trip, you can have your medical expenses covered, including a visit to a doctor’s office, medications, hospital stays, and major medical procedures. Typically there is a cap of up to  $5,000,000 depending on your policy. 

Trip Cancellation/Interruption

Most travel insurance policies cover costs associated with the interruption or cancellation of a trip. 

Trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you for travel plans cancelled before the departure date. If something happens that prevents you from beginning your trip, you may be covered, as long as the reason for the trip cancellation is included in your policy. 

Expenses such as flights, hotel bookings, and car rentals can be compensated for if they’re non-refundable. This type of insurance must be purchased before your departure date.

Trip interruption insurance covers you for costs associated with having to return home earlier than your intended return date. It will cover the non-refundable portions of unused prepaid travel costs and can help pay for things such as an early flight to return home. Keep in mind there is always a cap with this type of insurance. The entire cost of your trip will not be covered. 

Flight Delay And Cancellation

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you may find yourself having to cover extra expenses, including hotel accommodations and meals. Flight delay and cancellation coverage will reimburse you for these extra costs incurred as a result of a delayed or cancelled flight. 

Lost Baggage 

Your airline can lose your luggage, leaving you without the things you need every day, including toiletries and clothing. A lost luggage insurance plan will cover you when your checked baggage is lost by an air carrier. 

You’ll be reimbursed for a certain amount for the belongings that were lost so you can get what you need to continue your travels in comfort. 

Delayed Baggage

If your luggage is delayed and you have to head to your final destination without it. Your insurance policy may cover the cost of incidentals until you get your bag back.

Car Rental 

If renting a car and driving yourself is a big part of your travel plans, then a travel insurance policy that covers car rentals should be a top priority. Certain travel insurance providers offer the option to add car rental coverage to your policy. This coverage typically includes collisions, vandalism, fire, and theft.  

Hotel Burglary

If your hotel room is burglarized while travelling, travel insurance may help cover the cost of replacing items stolen. Keep in you’ll likely need proof of forced entry to provide to your insurance company. 

Best Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Providers

We’ve rounded up the top multi-trip travel insurance providers:

Multi-Trip Policy CoverageAvailability
SoNomad  – 7-, 15-, 30-, and 45-day plans available
– Coverage valid for 12 months starting on the date of your first trip.
– COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost
All Canadian residents
TD Travel– Coverage for unlimited number of trips a year.
– Maximum length of trip: up to 60 days, depending on age.
– Multi-trip all-inclusive coverage includes emergency medical services, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage delay, and accidental death & dismemberment.
All Canadian residents
Manulife– Coverage for an unlimited number of trips a year.
– Trip duration options: 10-, 18-, & 30-day trips
– Multi-trip all-inclusive coverage includes emergency medical, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss, & flight/travel accident.
All Canadian residents
CAA-Quebec Travel– 4-, 8-, 15- and 30-day plans available.
– Multi-trip package plan includes emergency medical services, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage, and accidental death/dismemberment.
– COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost.
All Quebec residents
Blue Cross– Coverage for an unlimited number of trips a year.- 4-, 8-, 17-, 31-, 60-, 90-, 120-, 150- or 180-day trips.
– Multi-Trip Annual Package Plus includes emergency medical care, trip cancellation/interruption, and baggage loss/delay. 
– COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost
All Canadian residents


SoNomad is an online travel insurance company that offers several types of travel insurance plans, including multi-trip policies. The tech-driven travel experts behind SoNomad are committed to ensuring a simple, quick, and affordable way for Canadians to get access to travel coverage using innovative technology. 

SoNomad Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Features 

  • 7-, 15-, 30-, and 45-day plans available
  • Coverage is valid for 12 months starting on the date of your first trip 
  • COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost


Manulife has long been in the insurance industry, providing policies to Canadians for over a century. Among its varied insurance products is travel insurance, which provides comprehensive coverage to travellers nationwide.

Manulife offers multi-trip travel insurance, which is a great option if you plan to travel more than once in 12 months and prefer to bundle your plan rather than purchase individual policies. 

Manulife Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Features

  • Coverage for an unlimited number of trips in one year
  • Trip duration options include 10-, 18-, and 30-day trips
  • Multi-trip all-inclusive coverage includes emergency medical insurance, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage loss and flight and travel accident insurance.
  • Multi-trip emergency medical covers urgent medical services. 
  • Covid-19 coverage is available under the multi-trip insurance plan with emergency medical coverage. Manulife also has a separate plan for COVID-19 coverage
TD Insurance Provider

TD Travel

TD Travel Insurance is part of an umbrella of products offered by the company. Canadians in all provinces and territories can access a variety of comprehensive travel insurance coverage, including emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation and interruption, and baggage loss or delay, among others.

If you plan to travel several times in one year, TD Travel’s multi-trip plans could help you save money. You can choose between TD’s Multi-Trip Medical Plan or Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan.

TD Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Features

  • Coverage for an unlimited number of trips in one year.
  • Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan includes emergency medical services, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage delay, and accidental death and dismemberment.
  • TD’s Multi-Trip Medical Plan covers emergency medical services, including dental treatment and transportation home.
  • The maximum length of each trip varies by age. For those aged between 15 days to 59 years old, the maximum length of each trip is 60 consecutive days. If you’re 60 years old or older, the maximum length of each trip is 22 or 30 consecutive days.

CAA-Quebec Travel

CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance provides insurance policies to Quebec residents travelling outside the province or country. In addition to its single-trip and annual-trip insurance travel plans, CAA-Quebec Travel also offers two multi-trip policy options, including the basic emergency medical plan and the more comprehensive package plan.  

CAA-Quebec Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Features

  • 4-, 8-, 15- and 30-day plans available.
  • The comprehensive multi-trip package coverage includes emergency medical services, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage, and accidental death or dismemberment.
  • The multi-trip emergency medical care plan includes emergency medical and dental care, child allowance when a parent is hospitalized, return of your vehicle and baggage, and pet care.
  • COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost.
blue cross

Blue Cross

Blue Cross is a popular insurance provider in Canada and has been protecting Canadians for over 80 years. The company offers a full suite of insurance products, including travel insurance. Multi-trip plans are available to help travellers save money without having to pay for multiple single trips.  

Blue Cross Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Features

  • Coverage for an unlimited number of trips in one year.
  • 4-, 8-, 17-, 31-, 60-, 90-, 120-, 150- or 180-day trips.
  • Multi-Trip Annual Medical plan includes emergency medical care.
  • Multi-Trip Annual Package Plus includes emergency medical care, trip cancellation and interruption and baggage loss and delay.
  • COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost.

Best Multi-Trip Insurance Brokers

You can shop around for a travel insurance policy with individual insurance companies on your own, or you could enlist the service of an insurance broker to do all the comparison shopping for you. This will save you a ton of time and will ensure that you get the best multi-trip policy at the lowest price available.

Here are a couple of the best online insurance brokers available that can help you find the right multi-trip travel insurance policy for your next round of trips:

Types of Travel Insurance OfferedGeographical Availability
PolicyAdvisor– multi trips- single trips
– snowbird
– travel insurance for students
– travel insurance for visitors
– super visa
Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta
Insurdinary– multi trips
– single trips
– snowbird
– lost luggage
– trip interruption or cancellation
– rental car damage or theft.
All of Canada– single trips
– multi trips
– covid-19 travel insurance
All of Canada
Insurance Hotline– single trips
– multi trips trip cancellation
– all inclusive travel insurance
– travel insurance for students
– travel insurance for visitors
– snowbird travel insurance
super visa insurance
All of Canada


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your travel insurance needs, then PolicyAdvisor is a great option. PolicyAdvisor is an online platform that is partnered with over 30 insurance companies in Canada. Based on your application, they’ll provide you with a list of plans from various providers. You can then choose a policy that best suits your needs. 

PolicyAdvisor does not charge any commissions and can help you find the lowest rate. 

Insurdinary logo


Insurdinary is an online insurance comparison site that strives to help Canadians find the best insurance policy at the lowest rate. By allowing you to quickly compare multiple insurance quotes from various providers, they ensure you your decision is an informed one.

You can not only compare costs and coverage, but you can also see where to find the provider and how to apply online. They currently offer a multitude of insurance products including life insurance, travel insurance, health and dental insurance, etc. 

Ratesdotca logo 

One of the more popular online insurance brokers is, a leading rate comparison platform that Canadians can use to quickly find and compare policies. 

The company networks with a wide range of insurers, ensuring a vast selection of travel insurance products available on the market. You can instantly compare travel insurance quotes based on the coverage you need, then connect directly with your selected insurance provider to secure your rate.


Insurance Hotline

Insurance Hotline is an online insurance rate comparison marketplace that allows Canadians to compare insurance quotes from dozens of insurance companies quickly. The platform lists insurers, travel insurance policies, and rates in an easy and clear format to help you find the best plan. 

By comparing different quotes from various insurance companies across the country, you can quickly find the lowest rate to help you save on your multi-trip travel insurance policy.

What’s Cheaper: Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Or Credit Cards With Travel Insurance?

If you already have a credit card that provides travel insurance coverage, you may not have to purchase additional coverage. In this way, you’d be saving with your credit card’s travel insurance plan, since there’s no additional policy to purchase. 

However, it’s important to check the type of coverage that your credit card plan offers to ensure it’s enough for what you need. Depending on your card’s plan, you may find that its limitations may leave you vulnerable based on your needs. In this case, you’ll likely need to buy a separate policy. 

  • Generally speaking, a credit card travel insurance plan typically covers emergency medical expenses, as long as your trip is no longer than the plan’s specified maximum trip length. That said, the maximum coverage amount is often less than what you would get on a separately purchased travel insurance policy.
  • Credit card plans also usually cover trip cancellations and interruptions, though you will need to purchase your entire travel plans (such as your flight or hotel) with your credit card for this type of coverage to be valid. 
  • Similarly, any rental car insurance coverage under your credit card’s plan will require that you pay the entire rental with the card to take advantage of the insurance coverage. Do note, for your credit card insurance to take effect you must decline the car rental insurance offered by the car rental agency when booking. Similarly, it’s also important to that credit card car rental insurance generally does not include liability insurance

To make sure you’re adequately covered, consider things like the length of your trip and if you require specialized coverage. Oftentimes, pre-existing conditions are not covered under credit card travel insurance. In such cases, buying a separate multi-trip insurance policy may be better if the policyholder meets the stability clause. Otherwise, you could find yourself slapped with a hefty bill that will be far more expensive than a multi-trip travel insurance policy.

Best Credit Cards With Travel Insurance

Travel Benefits
Neo Credit (With Travel perks)– emergency travel medical
– trip cancellation and interruption
– car rental protection
– flight delay
– delayed and lost baggage
– hotel and motel burglary
– purchase security and extended warranty
National Bank Platinum Mastercard®– out-of-province medical
– trip cancellation and interruption
– flight delay
– baggage delay/loss/theft
– car rental insurance
CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa* Card– out-of-province emergency travel medical insurance
– flight delay and baggage insurance
– auto rental collision and loss damage insurance
– common carrier accident insurance
– purchase security and extended protection insurance
– hotel burglary insurance
TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card– travel medical
– trip cancellation/interruption
– flight/trip delay
– delayed and lost baggage
– common carrier travel accident
– rental car collision/loss damage
Scotiabank Passport® Visa Infinite* Card– travel emergency medical
– trip cancellation
– trip interruption
– flight delay
– travel accident
– baggage delay/loss/theft
– rental car collision/damage
– hotel burglary
American Express Gold Rewards Card– Emergency Medical Insurance
– trip cancellation
– trip interruption
– flight delay
– baggage delay/theft or loss
– travel accident insurance
– Car rental theft and damage

Credit Cards vs. Multi-Trip Policy 

To help you understand the differences between a credit card’s travel insurance plan and a separately purchased multi-trip insurance plan from an insurance company, let’s compare what you would get and what it would cost you for a plan from Manulife versus the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite credit card: 

ManulifeScotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card
Coverage Cost– Multi-Trip All-Inclusive: $223.56
– Multi-Trip Emergency Medical: $73.80(Based on 50-year old & 10-day trips)
Travel Insurance Types Included – Emergency medical
– Trip cancellation/interruption
– Baggage loss, delay & damage
– Flight & travel accident
– Emergency medical coverage up to $10 million
– Emergency medical
– Trip cancellation/interruption
– Flight delay
– Baggage loss and delay
– Rental car accident loss/damage
– Hotel/motel burglary
– Travel accident
– Baggage loss, delay & damage
– Flight & travel accident
– Emergency medical coverage up to $2 million
Days covered  – 10-, 18-, & 30-day trips– Under age 65: up to 25 days/trip
– Age 65+: up to 3 days/trip

Pros And Cons Of Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

There are plenty of perks associated with having a multi-trip travel insurance plan in place when you travel, but there are a few drawbacks to consider as well. 


  • Cheaper per trip. If you travel three or more times in a year, you’d be saving money with an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy as opposed to buying individual policies per trip.
  • Save time and get peace of mind. With a multi-trip travel insurance plan, you know that you will always have one in place. You won’t have to worry about purchasing a plan whenever you decide to take another trip. 
  • More comprehensive than credit card insurance. If you travel frequently then a multi-trip plan will likely provide more comprehensive coverage than your typical credit card insurance. 


  • May be difficult for older people to get. Multi-trip travel insurance policies may be more difficult to secure for those who are over the age of 60.
  • Not suitable for infrequent travellers. If you only plan to travel once or twice a year, then you’ll be paying more for a multi-trip travel insurance policy. 
  • Potential limit on trip length. Certain policies may limit the number of days you’re allowed to travel per trip. 

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance vs. Single-Trip Travel Insurance

A single-trip insurance policy covers you for one trip outside of your province or Canada. As soon as you return home from your trip, the policy will end and you will no longer be covered. If you leave for another trip, you’ll have to take out another policy, as the single trip plan will only apply for one trip. 

A multi-trip travel insurance policy covers you for several trips made within a single year. These plans are also known as “annual plans” and will protect you within 12 months, regardless of the number of trips you take. 

However, multi-trip plans typically have limits on how long your trip can be. Anywhere from 10 to 30 days is typical, though you may find plans that offer coverage for a longer period. 

Should You Buy Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Or Single Trip Travel Insurance?

Certain factors should be considered before choosing a single-trip or a multi-trip travel insurance plan. Use this chart to help you choose.

Single-Trip Travel InsuranceMulti-Trip Travel Insurance
You only plan to take 1 or 2 trips within a year,You plan to take several trips within a year
You’re a snowbird and don’t plan on returning to Canada during your winter away.You’re a snowbird and plan to return to Canada frequently throughout your winter away.
You travel frequently (for business or pleasure) and want to save money.
You like to take last-minute trips and want an insurance plan in place. 

Final Thoughts

Leaving the confines of Canada’s borders will leave you vulnerable if you don’t have some sort of travel medical insurance policy to back you up. And when you do apply for a policy, make sure it suits your needs. More specifically, if you plan to go away a few times in one year, a multi-trip travel insurance plan may be best.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance FAQs

Do I really need travel insurance?

When you travel outside the boundaries of your province or country, you won’t have the same level of coverage that you would have at home. This is especially true if you travel internationally. Once you are outside of Canada, you will not be covered for any medical care unless you take out a medical insurance policy. If you plan to travel outside of Canada, it’s recommended you get a travel medical policy to ensure that you are adequately covered. That way, you won’t have to pay for any medical expenses out-of-pocket.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Many travel insurance companies such as SoNomad and Blue Cross provide free coverage for medical issues stemming from COVID-19. However, some companies may require you to purchase an add-on for COVID-19 coverage. When comparing travel insurance policies, make sure to ask questions to find out exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

Is it cheaper to buy annual/multi-trip travel insurance?

That depends on how many trips in a year you plan to take. If you plan to go away only once or twice a year, you’re better off taking out a single-trip travel insurance policy, which will cost you less. But if you plan to go away multiple times per year, you’ll save money with an annual travel insurance plan that can be used to cover all trips taken in 12 months.
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