What Is Super Visa Insurance And Do I Need It To Come To Canada?

What Is Super Visa Insurance And Do I Need It To Come To Canada?

Written by Corrina Murdoch
Fact-checked by Caitlin Wood
Last Updated October 6, 2021

It’s estimated that, by 2036, roughly 44% of Canadian children will have an immigrant background. This showcases how much of our national population consists of those with ties abroad. Immigration is a time-consuming process; where, in most cases, a whole family unit cannot necessarily come to Canada simultaneously. In order to offer the chance to reunite families, the Super Visa program is available to permanent residents. 

Through this program, Canadian residents are able to sponsor a grandparent or parent, living internationally. Once approved, it allows that person to come to the country, whether to take refuge, attend school, or seek employment. This program is structured in a way that provides opportunities for immigrants while establishing requirements to mitigate risk on tax-payer dollars. One of the most significant approaches to minimizing risk is necessitating Super Visa insurance. 

What Is A Super Visa?

Depending on the reason for coming to Canada, there are different eligibility requirements. A Super Visa is a popular method of obtaining entry to Canada, mainly due to its efficiency and accessibility. The application requires the support of either a grandchild or child, who indicates the willingness to support the applicant financially. Once approved, a Super Visa is a multi-entry visa that enables the applicant to stay in the country for as long as two consecutive years per entry, for a period of up to 10 years. Compared to some of the other methods of getting to Canada, this is one of the quickest. 

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Requirements To Enter Canada Using A Super Visa

Though Super Visas are relatively straightforward, there is still a burden of proof on both the applicant and the sponsoring child or grandchild. In order for your application to get approval, it must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be either a parent or grandparent of a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen. An applicant can only be sponsored by a familial relation for this program, and that is restricted to children and grandchildren. 
  • The sponsoring child or grandchild must provide a signed invitation. Included in the letter is an explicit indication of the sponsor’s willingness to support you. To verify the claim, the application must include a copy of the sponsor’s citizenship or residency documentation. 
  • Prove that you have financial support from the party sponsoring you, or a member of their household. There is a threshold for the minimum income necessary. The bare minimum amount is $25,921 yearly gross income, provided it is only the applicant and the sponsor in the household. Earnings must be proven through approved means, including pay stubs, bank statements, EI stubs, tax return paperwork, or notices of assessment. You can also use a signed letter from your employer, including salary and hiring date. 
  • Submit the application in good faith, meaning one of the factors in whether an application is approved is your willingness to depart voluntarily when the Super Visa expires. Among the considerations are home-country ties to family, visit purpose, financial situation, home-country political climate and stability. 
  • Take an immigration medical exam to showcase that you are in reasonable health and are eligible for medical insurance. There are specific protocols for applicants, including the need for a panel physician to approve the application. Included in the exam is a medical history, standard visual and physical test (including weight and blood pressure). You may be referred for additional tests, and the application will be delayed until these are completed and interpreted. Keep in mind that you reserve the right to have a chaperone during the medical exam. Be sure to retain a physical copy of the exam records. 
  • One of the major factors in getting approval for the Super Visa is having medical Super Visa insurance from a Canadian insurance company. This is to prevent medical tourism. It must be valid for a period no shorter than one year, starting on the date of entry. The coverage has a minimum threshold of $100,000 and you must be able to provide proof of payment. Though one year is the minimum, it’s important to note that your sponsor is responsible to pay for any medical care during your stay. If you plan to use the two years back-to-back, most opt to insure the full two years. 

Provided you meet these requirements, and are able to verify them, your application is eligible for review. 

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What Is Super Visa Insurance? 

Super Visa Insurance is a form of travellers insurance, focusing on medical coverage for visitors Unlike standard travel insurance, Super Visa stays are often far lengthier. As a result, the insurance plans are relatively unique. It’s essential both for the legal side of your application and the practical aspects of it. The child or grandchild supporting your application is held fully responsible for your treatment cost while in the country. If your insurance voids, then they are one the hook. 

From ambulance to hospital fees, or even just a sprained ankle, the costs of care can add up. It is the legal obligation of the medical system to provide care to anyone in need. However, that care is not free of charge. To operate hospitals and clinics, tax-payer dollars are necessary, often combined with surcharges for services. While it’s easy to forget the cost of care, hospital visits can be in the thousands. Having a plan to ensure your wellness (and your family’s financial health), Super Visa insurance is a must. 

What Are The Super Visa Insurance Requirements?

In order to qualify as insurance for your Super Visa application, the plan must meet strict criteria. The coverage must be for at least $100,000, though it can be for higher amounts. The plan must be effective for a full year from the date of entering Canada. You must be able to prove that you have paid for the coverage in full at the time of the application. 

The insurance must be available for renewal after the end of the year’s term. Perhaps the most significant caveat is that the insurance company must be Canadian. Provided it meets all these criteria, the insurance is viable for your application. 

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What Does Super Visa Insurance Cover?

As with any other type of traveller’s insurance, the coverage specifics vary based on the plan. However, there are some standards you can expect. These include:

  • Emergency medical services
  • Emergency dental care
  • Hospitalization coverage
  • Prescription coverage
  • Repatriation of bodily remains

Within these criteria, the amount of coverage and the deductible vary. The higher upfront cost of the insurance, the lower the deductible and more comprehensive the services. Keep this in mind when determining which plan is best-suited for your needs. 

How Much Does Super Visa Insurance Cost?

Insurance is a matter of risk management, not just for the insured party, but for the company offering the service. To remain profitable, the insurance company must offer a competitive rate without underpricing the service. In order to calculate the risk factor of the applicant, the following are taken into consideration: 

  • Age of the applicant
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Smoker or non-smoker
  • Health history
  • Prescription medication

These offer a picture of the medical needs of the applicant into the future. Naturally, the more likely you are to need the insurance, the more it is going to cost. Other factors include the duration of the insurance policy, along with the specific coverage amount. The average cost rings in at roughly $150 every month, though this will vary based on the individual applying. 

Where Can You Purchase Super Visa Insurance?

The insurance industry, in Canada alone, is estimated at 49.3 billion dollars against the American dollar. While regulated, the industry still has a large number of competitors. This results in multiple competitors, each striving to offer the best cost and service (while still turning a profit). The essential criteria to keep in mind is that the company must be Canadian. Doing thorough research can help you find the best possible rates without compromising on service. 

The Cooperators

Among the perks of getting insurance through The Cooperators is the programs available specifically for Super Visa applicants. There are plans available for visitors as old as 89 and enables the insured party to return home during the Super Visa stay while retaining coverage.  The plan has no expiration date clause and offers coverage options for the full 365 days. You can choose from four deductible plans, ranging from $100 to $3,000. Because there are so many options, you can easily find an affordable agreement that works for your needs. 

Allianz Global Assistance 

Another competing insurance company is Allianz, a company that offers Super Visa insurance with no deductibles. To get a quote, there is no need for a medical questionnaire, though the medical is still necessary to get the Super Visa itself. Returning home during the term of the Visa doesn’t compromise the coverage, allowing you to come back to Canada or get a refund on the unused premiums. Plus, this plan comes with emergency assistance around the clock; so, not only can you pay for the healthcare, you can easily access it as well. 


Especially if your priority is price, this site offers a whole host of advantages. Unlike an actual insurance agency, this website compares different plans. It allows you to see the various prices available, along with the services offered. This enables you to make an informed decision on your Super Visa insurance, while also helping you source insurance from a reputable vendor. 


Quick and straightforward, using this website helps those seeking a Super Visa connect with different vendors. Through four simple steps, you can access quotes from a range of vendors, compare prices, and even activate the insurance through the site. It operates similarly to other sites contrasting insurance policies and is best used in conjunction with another site (like Rates.ca). By pooling your resources, you can be sure that you are getting quotes as competitively priced as possible. 

Super Visa Insurance FAQs

Do I have to get Super Visa insurance?

Yes, health insurance for your Super Visa is a mandatory requirement. It must last 365 days minimum, be eligible for renewal, and offer at least $100,000 of coverage from a Canadian company.

Can I apply for Super Visa insurance for my parents visiting?

The Super Visa insurance must be under the name of the party getting the Visa. If you are the child or grandchild sponsoring the application, while you can help them find insurance, you cannot get it under your name. Because of language barriers, most insurance providers allow family members to submit the application. 

Will I be refunded for the unused Super Visa insurance if I leave earlier than expected?

Every company has different underwriting, though most offer prorated refunds for unused services. If a Super Visa gets rejected, you will receive a full refund. Provided you have made no claims and you leave before the insurance expires, returns are usually available. 

What happens if I pay for my Super Visa insurance and then get denied a Super Visa?

If your application gets denied, then the company will offer a complete refund. Keep thorough records and provide the proof of denial to the insurance company to access the refund. 

Can I get more than the required $100,000 coverage?

You can get insurance from a minimum of $100,000, though many choose to get a higher amount of coverage. The insurance maximum is $2 million, similar to liability insurance for Canadians. Every situation is different, so consider all your options before choosing. 

Final Notes

Super Visas offer ample opportunity for visitors to see Canada and reunite with family. Though it is not guaranteed that your application will be improved, insurance is key. There are many criteria used to consider whether or not you will get the Super Visa, among which is the insurance you get. Not only is it essential to your being eligible for a Super Visa, but the insurance is also there to ensure you have access to affordable health care. By choosing a reputable insurer, you can rest easy knowing that, while visiting Canada, you have access to care.

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